"The Bionic Woman" Part 1

(Original air date 03/16/75)


Steve returns to his hometown of Ojai where he meets
with his childhood sweetheart, Jamie Sommers


Pilot for the hit series of the same name

Writer: Kenneth Johnson

Director: Dick Moder

Perched on a branch, near the Hungary border, Steve observes an influential man named Joseph Wrona (Malachi Throne) and his right-hand man Timberlake (Paul Carr) as they await the arrival of an armoured truck. Steve witnesses the exchange of a $20 money plate, one that was recently stolen in Denver.


As the truck departs, Steve runs after it and clings to the back, ripping the door open with his bionic arm to get inside.


He hops in the back of the truck and removes the strap around the case. Little does he know it's linked to a security alarm that only the driver and his passenger can hear. Wrona takes a peek at Steve and orders Timberlake to double back when the robber runs off with the case containing the plate.

They search for Steve but his bionic sprint already took him farther than they think. Wrona believes he's seen that face before and swears he will not rest until he finds him and kills him.


Days later, Steve breaks free from his duties and heads for Ojai. Oscar calls him on his car phone to inform him that the Secretary of Treasury wants to commend him personally. Steve tells Oscar that he has an important transaction to make and that he'll be proud to accept the honor but only in two weeks, not before. He needs time to himself.


The transaction is a small spread Steve wanted to acquire, the same one he used to play on and go fishing in the creek with the old owner before he passed away. Steve swears to secrecy the real-estate agent, Jon Ellerton (Harry Hickox), from telling his parents just yet. He wants it to be a surprise.

The following days, Steve gets busy mending the farm.


As Steve suspected, Ellerton was unable to keep the secret. One morning Helen (Martha Scott) and Jim (Ford Rainey) drove up to their son's new property to welcome him.

After the embrace, Helen upbraids Steve for not breathing a word of his new acquisition, but he wanted to fix the place before saying anything. His parents offer to help him with the interior.


They all get busy applying the wall paper in the kitchen. Steve believes his mom is preparing a cake mixture and dips his finger into the bowl to have a taste. His face crumples when he realizes that it is glue for the wall paper. They all have a big laugh at Steve's expense.

Helen shows Steve an article on his childhood sweetheart, Jamie Sommers (Lindsay Wagner), who happens to be in town for a tennis tournament. Steve reacts to her picture. She's the woman who stole his heart and that he hasn't seen for four years.


Later, Steve goes to the tennis court to watch Jamie in practice. There he meets with a young fan (Dana Plato) who believes Jamie is the best and that she can beat Billie Jean King in the next tournament. She regards Jamie as the most famous personality they have in Ojai, except for that astronaut...of course. Steve laughs at that cute remark.

Once Jamie beats her opponent, Steve calls her over. She is ecstatic to see him and hurries to meet him outside the court.


They begin walking alongside each other and reminisce over old times. Steve invites Jamie out to dinner tonight but she declines, having already accepted a suitor's invitation. Steve bashfully asks her to break it off but instead, asks him to call her tomorrow.


At his parents' home, Steve flips through a high school yearbook and focuses on a picture of Jamie. Helen has always hoped these two lovebirds would wed and believes it's time to rekindle their romance. His wife getting broody, Jim leaves the house on a pretence and asks Steve to join him.

Outside, Jim tells Steve that his mother is determined to have him and Jamie married. Steve laughs at the thought while Jim enters the convenient store to get some tobacco.

Left alone with his thoughts, Steve casually glances around and spots Jamie with her dinner companion out on a terrace. He zooms in and is hurt to see that she appears to be enjoying herself.


In his office, Wrona looks at pictures of Interpol agents but doesn't find the one of Steve. He asks to see the photos and files of all American government agents no matter how much it'll cost. He wants that man.

The next day, Steve's mind is still reeling over Jamie. He questions his mother about her, wanting to know if she often talks about him when she drops over for visits. Helen is worried about Steve's mood and decides it's time to do something about it. When Steve tells her he's going for a walk down by the river, she picks up the phone and calls Jamie.


Steve goes canoeing and spots Jamie walking on the riverbank. He paddles up to shore with bionic speed to catch up with her.


They continue their reminiscing but this time, they are constantly bothered by two boys playing touch football.

When Steve and Jamie are about to kiss, the ball hits Steve in the back. Exasperated, he throws a pass at the boys but it ends up feet away much to their surprise. Steve shrugs and blames it on the wind.

Now alone with Jamie, they finish what they started.


The following days, they rekindle their romance by doing all sorts of activities.

Back at home, the turtledoves discuss Jamie's tournaments and how they will affect their relationship, having her travel all over the world and Steve with his job as OSI agent. Can't have a normal life, but Steve is willing to give it a try. Oscar chooses this rather awkward moment to call, but Steve is on cloud nine and has no intention of returning to work just yet.


Steve takes Jamie skydiving. During her freefall, the parachute rips apart, sending her crashing to the ground.


At the hospital, Steve is wearing a hole in the rug waiting for news on Jamie's condition. The doctor (Scott B.Wells) admits that it's miracle she survived thus far. Both legs have countless compound fractures, her right arm and shoulder have been crushed and there's internal bleeding in her right ear. It doesn't look encouraging. Steve is completely shattered and asks to see her.


With tears in his eyes, Steve goes to his sweetheart confined to a bed, half conscious. Swaddled in bandages, she whispers to Steve that it's over but he wants none of that talk.

Feeling helpless, he looks down at his bionic arm. He tells Jamie that there might be a way for her to get through this and asks her to put her trust in him. She feebly nods before losing consciousness.


Steve goes to Oscar and begs him to ask Rudy to fit Jamie with bionic transplants. Oscar is adamantly opposed to the idea stating that there are other factors to consider beside technical success. Steve is irate at the fact that a human life is at stake while Oscar argues the cost of the operation. How could the government justify the funds? For Steve there was a need for an agent but with Jamie, a mere civilian?

Steve proposes to Oscar to make Jamie an OSI agent, but Oscar knows better. Steve is head over heels in love with her and he'd sell his soul to the devil for Jamie. Once fitted with the parts, will Steve agree to let her go on perilous missions?

Seeing Steve's desperation, Oscar yields to his friend's wish.


The green light is given to Rudy (Alan Oppenheimer) for the bionic transplant. Steve and Oscar attend the operation.

Once over, Rudy assures Steve that Jamie is responding well, even better than he did the first time. Steve is relieved but knows he has to tell Jamie about her new powers as soon as possible in order to begin therapy.


The next morning, he visits Jamie in her room and gives her a quick run down on how the bionics work. She panics and lashes out at Steve for not allowing her to die instead. Angry, Steve picks up a chair and shows her that she's no different than he is. When she calms down, he assures her that he will be by her side to help her through her rehabilitation.


Days pass and Jamie starts her physiotherapy.

Steve drops by her room to congratulate her on the progress she's making. As she exercises her fingers with a tennis ball, she accidentally breaks it, realizing for the first time her incredible strength.

They take a walk outside on the hospital lawn for more exercise. Jamie worries that Steve won’t ever look at her the same way knowing what she has become. He throws the ball back into her court by asking her the same question about her feeling towards him, knowing what he is. Touché!


The following weeks, the tests continue. Steve becomes a devilish instructor, pushing her far beyond the limit of her capabilities.


They go on a bionic sprint together, during which Steve asks Jamie to marry him.


Back at the Elgins', they celebrate their engagement over breakfast. Helen is all excited about the upcoming wedding and starts planning.

They propose a toast to the new Mrs. Steve Austin. As Jamie and Steve cling glasses, she accidentally breaks it. Steve suspects that her arm needs at tiny adjustment, like he needed one the first time, and insists she goes see Rudy about the problem.

In his office, Wrona wallows in self-satisfaction having finally unravelled the identity of the mysterious man. In front of him in a newspaper announcing the betrothal and plans to give Steve HIS special wedding gift.


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