"The Secret of Big Foot" Part 1

(Original air date 02/01/76)


When Steve is sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two geologists, he
stumbles upon a colony of aliens hiding out in the Californian mountains


Writer: Kenneth Johnson

Director: Alan Crosland

A geological survey is under way near the Californian San Andreas fault to test for any potential seismic activity. Expert geologists Marlene Bekey (Penelope Windust) and husband Ivan (Hank Brandt) are sent to plant probes along the fault line that will register any unusual disturbances.

Back at base camp, Oscar introduces Tom Raintree (Donn Whyte) to Steve. He’s a geologist native of these parts who was called in to consult on the current tests conducted in the area.


Meanwhile back in the mountains Marlene observes some puzzling peaks on her seismograph. She reports back to Steve who surmises that a volcano is about to erupt. Tom contradicts his theory but cannot bring any explanation to the strange occurrence.

Suddenly a giant hairy beast emerges from the bushes and lunges at the two geologists.


A rescue team heads up to the area where the couple was last located. Tom stumbles about a giant footprint that puts the fear of God into him. He recalls the legend of the Sasquatch by his people; a tale that Oscar ridicules and considers superstition, but nonetheless Tom is firm in his belief that the creature really exists.


Out of prying eyes Steve takes off at a bionic sprint into the woods to search for the two missing geologists, unaware that a colony of alien is spying on his every move. They find incredible his amazing prowess and vow to capture him to study his strength.

Steve finds Ivan wandering like a lost soul. The confused man barely remembers what happened to him and his wife. As he takes him back to base camp Steve hears a chilling growl in the distance, prompting him to ponder over Tom’s allegation of a Bigfoot creature.


At the campsite Tom brings a mould made out of the Sasquatch’s print. The mere sight of it sends Ivan into a panic. The terror in his eyes is unmistakable. There’s no doubt in Tom’s mind that the man has seen the creature up close.

In the hush of night Bigfoot (André The Giant) drops by the base camp and turns it upside down; breaking everything in his path before disappearing into the woods.


The next morning Steve and Oscar are informed of the incident. Injured men swear that the creature is all too real. Steve picks up Bigfoot’s trail and runs into the woods, hoping the tracks will lead him to Marlene Bekey.

Instead of the girl he comes face to face with the giant beast that he wrestles to the death. He manages to wrench himself free from its deadly grip, tearing off one of its arm in the process. Bigfoot runs away with Steve on his tail.


He follows him to a secret cave hewn out of the rock. Inside he is rendered unconscious and brought to a lab where the aliens put him through an exhaustive examination.


One of the scientists is Shalon (Stefanie Powers) who, after rousing Steve from unconsciousness, assures him that no harm will come to him or Marlene Bekey. Their intentions are simply to study them. She explains that the reason they sent their giant friend and protector to ransack their base camp was to prevent them from locating their hundred-year-old secret hideout. She then disappears before his very eyes.

Back at the campsite, Tom informs Oscar of an upcoming devastating earthquake that is likely to shake a greater part of California. The computer suggests provoking a small tremor in order to lessen the pressure to thus avoid a catastrophe. Oscar gives the green light for a nuclear explosion, but has second thoughts when he learns that the charges will be set in the area where Marlene and Steve disappeared. Seeing how the lives of millions of citizens are at stake, Oscar has no choice but to agree to the operation. With a heavy heart he looks up into the mountains and sends a silent prayer for his friend’s safe return.


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