"Queen Bee"


Logline: A short sequel to "Long Night's Journey Into Day". Will Steve’s fear come true, or will Cassie have just one baby?

Set-up: Everything is concurrent with the show with the exception of the addition of Cassie Miller, Agent 35

  “Oscar!” Steve shouted for the third time that morning. “You know darn well Rudy says Cassie could give birth any day.”

“Steve you should be back long before the baby arrives.” Oscar shouted back.

“Babies. Oscar babies.” Steve told him.

“Come on Steve, Rudy says Cassie is going to have only one baby. Your logic on this is ridiculous.”

“I don’t think so. Oscar it stands to reason. The first time…”

“And Rudy says it’s not possible.” Oscar cut him off. “What makes you so sure that Cassie is going to have triplets?”

“Just a father’s instinct I guess.” Steve knew his thinking was as Oscar had said ridiculous but he just couldn’t help it.

“Look Steve. I really need you on this one.” Oscar’s voice was sympathetic. “I know you’re concerned for your wife and baby, but trust me. Rudy says it could be up to a couple of weeks.”

“I suppose you’re right. Ok I’ll go. I don’t like it very well. Let’s just call it a feeling I have.”

“Steve I promise once you get back I won’t send you out till the baby…”

“Babies.” Steve continued to correct.

“Ok, ok. If you insist I won’t send you out till the babies are born. Although there is only one baby.”

“That’s what you think.” Steve muttered as he walked out of Oscar’s office.

After he left Oscar smiled to himself and shook his head. “I sure hope his not disappointed when Cassie has only one baby.”


Steve sat in Rudy’s office “Oscar is sending me out. You’re sure Cassie won’t have the babies before I get back?”

“Steve you sound as if you want Cassie to have triplets.” Rudy laughed. “Come on, I’ve watched everything very closely Cassie is having only one baby.”

“Those were your exact words right up until the twins were born.” Steve reminded.

“I still say I heard only one heart beat.” Rudy sighed.

“Rudy do you realize if we have three we will have six children. Actually Calvin is looking rather forward to it. He thinks we’ll be the Brady Bunch.”

Rudy started laughing so hard tears rolled down his face. “You better get going before Oscar finds out you haven’t left yet.”

“Yea, I suppose” Steve sighed. “You know where I’ll be?”

“No, but Oscar will. Don’t worry. Cassie is still at least a couple of weeks off.” Rudy assured.

“You said any day though.” Steve reminded.

“Well I didn’t mean any minute.” Rudy was still laughing.

“I’ll see you when I get back then.” Steve left Rudy’s office and headed out of the building en route to his assignment.

‘Now let see.’ Steve thought ‘Oscar said there is a jet warming up for me at Andrews.’ Steve got in his car and headed that way.


At the house Cassie was just getting the children up and ready fort he day. “Mommy” Calvin asked are you ok?”

“Yes, Why honey?” Cassie asked.

“Because you look funny.” Calvin noted.

“I’m ok sweetie, mommy just has a little tummy ache.” Cassie explained.

“Ok” Calvin said as he gathered up the cereal bowls so the could have breakfast “Are you sure you are ok?”

Cassie smiled at her oldest son. “Yes honey, mommy is fine. Just eat your cereal.”

Cassie fixed four bowls of cereal for the children and herself. ‘I really don’t feel well’ Cassie thought to herself. ‘I had no idea Calvin could tell’.


The rush hour traffic was thick as Steve worked his way to Dulles. He picked up his car phone and dialed Oscar’s private number.

“Yes Steve?” Oscar asked picking up the phone on the first ring.

“I’m not even at Andrews, the rush hour traffic is awful. Better inform them at Andrews I might be at least another half hour or better.”

“Ok Steve. I’ll let them know.” Oscar hung up and reached for his other line and called Andrews.

Just as he finished Rudy stepped in. “Did Steve get off?”

“No. He just called he’s stuck in traffic.” Oscar told him.

“He’s still convinced Cassie is having triplets. Frankly I think that’s what he wants.” Rudy laughed. “I just love his logic.”

“Yea I know. Pregnant once one baby, pregnant twice two babies…”

Rudy was still laughing. “Yea I know. Imagine how crowded the world would be if that were the case.”


“Calvin.” Cassie called. “Harrison’s mom is here to take you to preschool.”

“I think I will stay home mommy.” Calvin said coming into the kitchen.

“Oh honey, you need to go to school.” Cassie scolded.

“No mommy. I think I need to stay home with you.” Calvin put his hand on Cassie’s shoulder. “You look sick.”

“Oh sweetie. Ok you can stay home.” She stepped out on the porch and waved Jenny Harrison’s mom on.

Jenny stepped out of the car. “Cassie! Are you alright?” She asked.

“I’m fine. I just have a little stomach ache.”

“I’ll stop back by after I drop the kids at school.” Jenny said as she headed back to her car.

“No need really I’m fine.” Cassie grimaced.

“I’ll stop by anyway.” Jenny got in the car and drove off.

“Well.” Cassie began as she looked at her children. “I guess mommy better do the dishes.”

“I’ll help you mommy.” Calvin headed for the kitchen.

“The best way you can help mommy is to watch your brothers.” Cassie was getting a little concerned at the pains she was having.

As Cassie did the dishes her pains came closer and closer together. Calvin watched as she came in and sat on the couch.

“Mommy!” Calvin cried. “Your tummy must really hurt.” The four-year commented.

“Calvin, it’s not a tummy ache. Mommy is going to have your brother or sister.”

Calvin gave her a quizzical look “Have my brother or sister?”

“Calvin, mommy has told you there is a baby in her tummy, well the baby is ready to come out and meet you, me your daddy and brothers.”

Calvin still looked at her strangely not quite comprehending what she was saying.

“Sweetie get the phone for mommy. I need to call Dr. Rudy.”

“Why?” Calvin wondered

Cassie laughed at the child’s innocence. “He needs to help mommy. Just bring me the phone.”

Calvin stepped over to the phone and carried it over to his mother. Cassie dialed Rudy’s number.

Rudy was busy reading files when the phone rang. He lifted the receiver ‘Hello.”

Just as Rudy picked up the phone a strong contraction hit Cassie. She dropped the receiver.

“Hello. Hello!” Rudy called. Felling someone had dialed the wrong number Rudy was getting ready to hang up.

Hearing Rudy’s voice Calvin picked up the receiver. “Dr. Rudy!” He shouted.

Hearing Calvin’s voice Rudy again spoke into the phone. “Calvin? What’s wrong?” Rudy asked.

Mommy says it’s time to have the baby.” Calvin told him. “She says you need to help.”

“Ok Calvin. Tell Cassie, I mean your mommy I’ll send an ambulance along with someone to stay with you kids.”

“Rudy it’s Cassie.” Cassie spoke after she regained her composure “I’ll be waiting. Is there anyway you can get hold of Steve and catch him before he takes off?”

“We’ll try. The ambulance is on the way. I’m sending Lynda to stay with the kids.”

“Ok I’ll be waiting.”

Rudy hung up and headed for Oscar’s office. “Oscar. This is it.”

“It, huh Rudy?” Oscar barely looked up from the brief he was reading.

“I said Cassie is going to have the baby. Can you get Steve back here?”

“He hasn’t even arrived at Andrews yet. I’ll leave word for him to get right back here.” Oscar closed the brief and called Andrews.


Just as the ambulance leaving the OSI Steve pulled into the parking lot. He ran all the way to Rudy’s office.

Oscar was standing outside Rudy’s office. “Go on in Steve.”

“I told you Oscar.” Steve glared at him.

“Let’s argue about that later. Cassie said as soon as you got here she wanted you in there with her.”

Steve stepped into Rudy’s office. “Rudy. How is she?” Steve asked.

“Steve.” Cassie called. “Get over here!!”

Steve stepped over to his wife just as Rudy held Steve’s daughter in his hands. “It’s a girl!” He exclaimed.

Rudy no sooner cut the cord when Cassie again screamed.

Rudy turned toward her. “What’s the matter?” He asked.

“Rudy I have a feeling Steve’s fear is about to …”

Again Rudy turned his attention to Cassie. Steve watched as Rudy held another tiny being in his hands. “Another girl.” He announced.

Again the moment was interrupted when Cassie screamed out.

“Three little girls.” Rudy shook his head. “I just can’t believe it.”

“I told you.” Steve stared at his three daughters.

Rudy stepped out into the hall and announced to Oscar that Steve was the father of three girls.

Oscar stared open mouthed as he entered Rudy’s office and saw Steve hovering over his three girls.

After admiring his daughters Steve walked over to Cassie. Cassie glared at him. “Do you remember what I said was going to happen if I had triplets like you predicted?”

“Not poor Buster’s fate.” Steve grimaced. “I didn’t think you were serious.”

“Oh I’m very serious ‘Buster’.” Cassie hissed.

“What are you two talking about?” Rudy wondered.

Steve and Cassie looked from Rudy then back to one another. They burst out laughing.

After giving it some thought Rudy too started laughing. “I get it.” he laughed. I don’t think we need to resort to such drastic measures.”

“Well we’ll see.” Cassie said.


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