"Midnight Cravings"


Logline: Heath's wife wakes up in the middle of the night with a craving she wants satisfied immediately

  “Mmmm…..” Anna moaned softly as she rolled over on her back. The light from the full moon peeked through their bedroom window, illuminating the room just enough so that Anna could see the shape of her husband beside her. Reaching out in the darkness, she smiled as her hand found and traveled the length of her sleeping husband’s hip. Carefully rolling over and spooning behind him, she listened to his light snoring for a few moments as she slid her hand over him and wrapped her arm around his flat stomach. Reaching up and caressing his chest, she felt the strong beat of his heart under the palm of her hand as she tried to snuggle even closer to him. Burying her face in his soft hair, she breathed in the fresh scent of soap that he’d used to wash it with just before coming to bed. He had just returned from a cattle drive earlier that evening and by the time he’d gotten home, Jasper, the barber in Stockton had closed up for the evening. Therefore, his thick, blond hair, which had grown out quite a bit during the five weeks he and Nick had spent on the cattle drive hung down to his shoulders. Anna loved his hair long like this but she knew he’d be visiting Jasper for a cut the first chance he got.

“Heath….” she whispered softly as she continued to caress his chest. It was two o’clock in the morning and he was exhausted. Anna knew this but she just couldn’t help herself. “Heath,” she said, a little louder. He moaned and snuggled down deeper under the warm covers. Moving her mouth right over his ear, she called his name again as she slowly slid her hand down his abdomen and beneath the covers. “Heath,” she said a little louder. “Mmmmm…..tomorrow Anna…..” he groaned, his words slurring as sleep once again claimed him. Anna briefly considered his request and decided that she couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Giving him a slight nudge, she called his name again and felt him respond to her touch as he sighed warily. “Ok, ok,” he said groggily, as he rolled over on his back. Pushing up on his elbow, he leaned over her and kissed her. His mouth traveled from her soft lips to the smooth curve of her alabaster neck. “Mmmm, that’s nice,” Anna moaned, “but I’d like more cream this time.” It took a few seconds for her words to register and Heath raised his tousled blond head and looked down at her in bewilderment. “What?” he asked, staring down at her in confusion. “With my artichokes, sweetheart,” she said sweetly as she smiled up at him. “I want more cream on top this time.” There was a long pause as Heath lay there staring at her trying to make heads or tails of what she was talking about. Finally he said, “Oh,” as the fog in his head cleared and the meaning of her words sank in. Looking down at her abdomen, he reached up and gently caressed her swollen belly, the reason for his wife’s strange cravings in the middle of the night. “Only one more month darling,” she cooed, “and these cravings of mine will be all gone.” “Yeah, yeah,” Heath said tiredly as he rolled out of bed and put his pajama top on. Anna giggled when he stubbed his toe in the darkness and swore softly under his breath as he made his way to the door. Caressing her abdomen lovingly, she smiled as he closed the bedroom door behind him and made his way down stairs. “How’d I ever get so lucky to fall in love with and marry such a good man like you Heath Barkley?” Anna asked herself happily, “You make me happy every day of my life.”

She wiped away tears of happiness and soon, Heath returned with a plate of artichokes covered with cream. “Mmmm,” Anna sighed as she slowly sat up in bed and reached for the plate.” “Unh uh,” Heath said, as he sat down on the bed next to her. Anna smiled happily as she realized he intended to feed her. Picking up the fork, he scooped up the creamy artichokes and placed the fork in her mouth. Anna closed her eyes and moaned as the heavenly concoction rolled over her taste buds. “Oh Heath,” she sighed, as she swallowed her first fork full, “you certainly do know how to satisfy my midnight cravings, don’t you darling?” A lopsided smile appeared on his handsome face as he scooped up another fork full. “Enjoy it my love,” he said huskily as he watched her eat the next fork full, “cause when you’re done, I’ve got a few midnight cravings of my own that I need satisfied.” Anna blushed as he winked and smiled at her.


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