Richard Long


     Date of birth:

     December 17th 1927

     Place of birth:
     Chicago, Illinois

     Date of Death:
     December 21st 1974

     Cause of Death:
     Heart ailment

 Movies (Motion picture and Television)

- Death Cruise
(1974) (TV)...Jerry Carter

- The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped (1974) (TV)...Michael Green

- Nanny and The Professor/Phantom of the Circus (1973) (TV)...voice of    Professor Harold Everett

- The Mini-Munsters (1973) (TV)...voice of Herman Munster

- Nanny and The Professor (1972) (TV)...voice of Professor Harold Everett

- The Tenderfoot (1964) (TV)...Paul Durand

- Make Like A Thief (1964)...V. Bartley Lanigan

- Follow The Boys (1963)...Lt Peter Langley

- Tokyo After Dark (1959)...Sgt.Robert Douglas

- House on Haunted Hill (1958)...Lance Schroeder

- He Laughed Last (1956)...Jimmy Murphy

- Fury at Gunsight Pass (1956)...Roy Hanford

- Cult of the Cobra (1955)...Paul Abel

- Playgirl (1954)...Barron Courtney III

- Saskatchewan (1954)...Scanlon

- All American (1953)...Howard Carter

- All I Desire (1953)...Russ Underwood

- Back at the Front (1952)...Sfc Rose

- Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm (1951)...Tom Kettle

- Air Cadet (1951)...Russ Coulter

- Kansas Raiders (1950)...Frank James

- Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town (1950)...Tom Kettle

- The Life of Riley (1949)...Jeff Taylor

- Ma and Pa Kettle (1949)....Tom Kettle

- Criss Cross (1949)...Slade Thompson

- Tap Roots (1948)...Bruce Dabney

- The Egg and I (1947)...Tom Kettle

- The Dark Mirror (1946)...Rusty

- The Stranger (1946)...Noah Longstreet

- Tomorrow is Forever (1946)...Drew Hamilton


"Death Cruise

"Tokyo After Dark"

"House on Haunted Hill"

"Cult of the Cobra"

"Air Cadet"

"Kansas Raiders"

"The Life of Riley"

"Ma and Pa Kettle"

"The Dark Mirror"

"Tomorrow is Forever"

 TV Series (regular)

- Thicker Than Water (1973) Ernie Paine

- Nanny and the Professor (1970) Prof. Harold Everett

- The Big Valley (1965) Jarrod Barkley

- Bourbon Street Beat (1959) Rex Randolph


"Nanny and the Professor" cast

"Bourbon Street Beat" cast

 TV Series (recurring)

- Maverick Gentleman Jack Darby
episode "The Goose-Drowners" (12/13/59)
episode "The Spanish Dancer" (12/14/58)
episode "Shady Deal at Sunny Acres" (11/23/58)
episode "Alias Bart Maverick" (10/05/58)

- 77 Sunset Strip (1960-61) Rex Randolph

"Maverick: Goose-Drowners"
Watch clip

 TV guest appearances

- Love, American Style...Rev. Richard Atkins
episode "Love and the Minister" (3/27/70)

- T.H.E. Cat
episode "Ring of Anasis" (12/30/66)

- Kraft Suspense Major Ben Dawson
episode "Streetcar, Do You Read Me?" (2/25/65)

- The Twilight Uncle Rick
episode "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You" (1/24/64)

- 77 Sunset Charlie Carmichael
episode "The Fumble" (12/13/63)

- The Alfred Hitchcock Eddie Breech
episode "Blood Bargain" (10/25/63)

- 77 Sunset Dick Lynwood
episode "Nine to Five" (3/08/63)

- Going My George
episode "Hear No Evil" (4/17/63)

- Alfred Hitchcock Paul Devore
episode "The Opportunity" (5/22/62)

- The Twilight David Andrew Gurney
episode "Person or Persons Unknown" (3/23/62)

- Morgan Mayberry
episode "No More Horses" (3/01/62)

- Tales of Wells Dr. Jeremy Wilson
episode "Hometown Doctor" (17/02/62)

- Dick Farrington
episode "An Attractive Family" (1/01/62)

- Target: The Bill Burnett
episode "Quicksand" (12/29/61)

- Hawaiian Eye...Rex Randolph
episode "Swan Song for a Hero" (12/7/60)

- Lawman...Zachary
episode "The Ring" (5/24/59)

- Captain Clayton Raymond
episode "The Vultures" (4/28/59)

- 77 Sunset Tony Wendice
episode "The Fifth Stair" (3/06/59)

- 77 Sunset Marc Harrington
episode "One False Step" (12/19/58)

- The Terry
episode "The Johanna Judson Story" (3/05/58)

- Have Gun Will Rod Blakely
episode "The Singer" (2/8/58)

- Wagon Jason
episode "The Annie MacGregor Story" (2/5/58)

- The Alcoa Allan Bishop
episode "In the Dark" (1/13/58)

- Dave
episode "Four O'Clock" (12/30/57)

- Matinee Theatre
episode "Make-Believe Affair" (5/07/57)

- Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
episode "Terror in the Streets" (1/18/57)

- Matinee Theater
episode "The Shining Hour" (11/09/56)

- TV Reader's Digest
episode "Down on the Tennessee" (5/21/56)

- The United States Steel Hour...Tramp
episode "The Great Adventure" (1/18/56)

- Screen Directors Playhouse
episode "Lincoln's Doctor's Dog" (12/14/55)

- Climax! Max Harriss
episode "Wild Stallion" (7/07/55)

- TV Reader's Digest
episode "Honeymoon in Mexico" (4/18/55)

- TV Reader's Digest
episode "Honeymoon in Mexico" (4/18/55)

- Lux Video Theatre
episode "I'll Never Love Again" (5/27/54)

- The United States Steel Hour
episode "The Last Notch" (3/30/54)


"Love, American Style:
Love and The Minister"

"The Twilight Zone:
Number Twelve Looks Just Like You"

"Going My Way:
Hear No Evil"

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents:
The Opportunity"

No More Horses"

"Tales of Wells Fargo:
Hometown Doctor"

An Attractive Family" (1962)

"77 Sunset Strip:
The Fifth Stair"

"77 Sunset Strip:
One False Step"

"Have Gun, Will Travel:
The Singer"

Four O'Clock" (1957)

The Stallion"


- The Big Valley (TV series) (1965-1969)
episode "Plunder!" (03/13/67)
episode "The 25 Graves of Midas" (02/03/69)

- Make Like A Thief (Movie) (1964)


"The Big Valley:
The 25 Graves of Midas"

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