This charming children's fantasy tale was written by an author on the BVSMDM Storyboard. She goes by the pen name of FairhairedNancy and she has taken time out from writing BV fan fiction to publish her stories. This children's book is the first in a string of novels to be published. Congratulations Nancy and keep them coming!

"Blacky and the Enchanted Mountain"

It is a period of intense drought. Nature is in agony. Wild horses come to rest in a valley at the foot of a mystical mountain. A curious colt named Blacky sets out to explore the mysterious mount dubbed as the Death Mountain.Blacky reaches the top where he discovers a veritable Utopia. Long-lost friends and relatives are reunited. However, they cannot return to their own time.Only the creator possesses the power to turn the hand of time and despite obstacles, Blacky pays him a visit. After teaching the old man an age-old lesson about humanity, Blacky convinces him to work his magic for all concerned.Snickers and sarcasms meet his outlandish story of a journey in a dreamland. Blacky then releases a small white orchid, given to him by the old man. The flower works its magic by transforming the dying valley into a luxuriant landscape.

ISBN: 978-1-4512-1140-5
Dimensions: 6 X 9
Pages: 48
Age: aimed at the 5-10

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