"Piece of Cake"

(Original air date 12/01/82)


Colt is sent to bring back an embezzler to face justice but
gets himself entangled with the law


Writer: Burton Armus

Director: Bruce Bilson

On a movie set, Terri Michaels waits for Colt, Howie and Jody to finish their stunt. Once over, she "seduces" Colt with two thousand dollars to go on another manhunt. This time it's Swifty Leonard,(Michael Delano) a bookmaker who makes illegal transactions. Terri wants him apprehended but Colt is reticent because Swifty is a friend of his. However money speaks and a smitten Colt suggests Terri to "seduce" him some more.


Colt flies to New York to Swifty's secret hangout, an illegal casino inside a warehouse. Across the street in an condemned building, a cantankerous police officer, Captain Mike Finley (Dick O'Neill) spots him. He's been keeping a close watch on the comings and goings of the casino and hates for a "cowboy" to ruin what he's worked relentlessly at achieving, catch Nick Tanner (Terry Kiser), an influential arms dealer.

Posing as a rich cowboy looking for some action, Colt is let inside the warehouse where he meets with Swifty who's on a winning streak. His presence makes some men nervous. When Colt insists Swifty follow him, Tanner challenges him to a five-hundred-dollar bet. To avoid an argument, Colt lays down his money and asks Swiftly to lose. As luck would have it, Swifty rolls a seven and Colt wins, taking what he ignores is marked money.

When Colt drags Swifty out, Tannerís men who want him to fork over the money stop him. A fight ensues and Colt has no choice but to run out without his boy and notify the police.


Soon, police cars converge to the area. Officers drag everyone outside in handcuffs, including Tanner. Finley is furious at Colt for wrecking his stakeout and arrests him on the spot.

Back at the police station, Finley explains to Colt that he's been after Tanner, a weapon supplier, for many months, watching his every move, waiting for the right moment to nail him in possession of the marked money Finley's undercover officer gave him in a fake transaction. Somehow the cunning man has always managed to elude him. Now with Colt as a bounty hunter who has the legal right to break into houses and come and go as he pleases, he plans to use the stuntman in his endeavour to catch Tanner once and for all before retirement in a month's time. Colt is reluctant but has no choice to go along when Finley says he can throw the book at him for having taken marked bills at the illegal casino.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Tanner chides his doorman (Jack Kutcher) for allowing that cowboy inside the casino in the first place, despite the fact that he was loaded for money and that he came highly recommended. He knows nothing of Colt and suspects he's working with Finley who's been tailing him for months. He can't afford to make a mistake now. Tanner threatens the man to leave town immediately.


In a Chinese restaurant, Colt calls Howie in Hollywood to fly to New York to help him on the case. He sits with Finley to discuss the plan.

Howie plays the part of an gay interior designer, Bernardo Brooklyn. He enters Tanner's apartment pretending to have been hired by the building superintendent to repaint some of the tower rooms. He cleverly snatches pictures of the room along with Tanner and his girl.

Suspicious, Tanner calls security to send men up. Howie is caught. He runs onto the balcony and beckons Colt waiting down below in a truck with an inflated mattress to drive underneath. Howie makes the jump and hands over the film to Finley who gloats, waving the camera at an incensed Tanner on the balcony above.


Colt is getting restless. He wants Finley to hand over Swifty to return him to Los Angeles to face justice, but Finley is unrelenting. He's obsessed with getting Tanner behind bars. However, he's willing to drop the charges against Colt and release Swiftly in exchange for his full cooperation.

Colt meets with Howie and asks him to return with Swifty to Los Angeles while he stays in New York to finish the job for Finley.

Outside the police station, Tanner's men take them into a hot pursuit during which Swifty is shot. Colt performs a tricky stunt to lose the car tailing him. The men attempt the same exploit but aren't so lucky and crash.

Finley sends Tanner the pictures Howie took of his apartment, telling him he has someone on the inside. Tanner urges his attorney O'Hara (Frank Aletter) to get the dirt on Colt.


Finley has devised a scheme to force Tanner out in the open and explains it to Colt. Colt accepts to pursue the case provided Finley agrees to let Howie go back to L.A. with Swifty.

Colt visits one of Tanner's men at the hospital to get information on where his boss keeps his files but the man refuses to tell. Colt nonchalantly pushes the bed near an open window and warns the man he'll go down if he doesn't change his mind. As Colt raises the bed head, the man panics and spills the beans. An abandoned warehouse on Pier 3


After overpowering the guard with the help of Finley, Colt sneaks inside the warehouse but gets shot at. He escapes by throwing a grenade that destroys the entire warehouse.


Tanner is uneasy about his latest failures. His attorney is fed up with his so-called business transactions and wants out. Tanner's right hand man agrees to stick by him if he makes him a full partner. Tanner has no choice but to consent to the terms.

Finley's plan was to freeze all of Tanner's assets at the bank. He knows Tanner wouldn't try to withdraw his money unless he was on the run. Colt and Finley watch him exiting the bank, flustered. He got him in the open. Colt is relieved to hear Finley's plan worked and says goodbye but the Captain as something else in mind for the exasperated stuntman.


So be it. Outside Tanner's office, Colt takes the air out of his car and hides in the backseat, planning to nab Tanner with the papers. Tanner spots him and runs. He forces an old man out of his car and drives off. Colt hops into the passing car of a feisty little old lady (Viola Kates Stimpson) and asks her to follow Tanner, which she is more than too happy to please.


Colt gets out through the sunroof and jumps in Tanner's car. He tries to overpower him and in the struggle, loses control and they end up in a pile of dirt.


Tanner shoots at Colt but misses. Finley is hot on their trail and seeing the shooting, heads straight for Tanner's car. Tanner has time to shoot Finley in the shoulder before he rear-ends the car, getting Tanner to lose balance and allowing Colt to grab a firm hold of him.

Colt handcuffs Tanner and the case is closed. Finley will go on his retirement and Colt is released from his duty.


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