"Strange Bedfellows"


Logline: Steve and his partner Cassie Miller pose as honeymooners to spy on the manager of a hotel suspected of heading a terrorist group

Set-up: Everything is concurrent with the show, except for the additon of Agent 35, Cassie Miller.

One gulp of coffee didn’t wait the other as Oscar paced restlessly the carpeted floor of his office waiting for his ten o’clock appointment to show. Glancing at his wristwatch for the umpteenth time, he huffed out an aggravated sigh and plonked down in his leather chair to buzz Callahan’s desk. Barely had he pushed the intercom button that Callahan announced Steve’s arrival.

“Send him in.” Oscar stood from his chair and met with Steve halfway to shake his hand.

“Oscar, sorry I’m late. The traffic’s murder out there. I expect it’s the three-day weekend that has everyone in a frenzy.”

“ Probably. Where’s your better half?” Oscar asked jestingly.

Steve knitted his brows in concern as his eyes gave a quick sweep of the office. “I thought she’d be here already.”

Oscar shook his head. “I’ve been waiting for you both for the past twenty minutes.”

“It’s safe to assume she got lost in that nightmarish traffic. I can just picture her face all scrunched up, her eyes narrowed in contempt and her lip curled up in scorn. I can hear her cuss between her gritted teeth. Ohhhhhh,” Steve flinched, “a sailor is blushing.”

“I’m glad you find it very amusing, Steve, but the fact is that I have an appointment on the other side of town in less than an hour and therefore can’t waste anymore time. I’ll start the briefing while we wait.” Oscar resumed his seat behind his desk, put on his reading glasses and began reading from the file. “The FBI got wind of a terrorist group spreading their operation within the US. The OSI has worked in conjunction with them in the last few months to try and locate sleeper cells mushrooming all over the States. We’ve spotted several and sent agents undercover to spy on their activities. One is suspected to have established its roots in St-Lucia in the Caribbean and that’s where you and Cassandra come in.”

“Caribbean? You’re sending us on a paradise island?” Steve’s face lit up at the prospect of a run-of-the-mill babysitting mission.

“It won’t be all fun and play, Pal,” Oscar smirked. “This man, Fahous Al Hammad, is believed to be THE queen bee of the hive. If we can catch him with his nose in the honey jar so to speak we could possibly dismantle the entire network.”

Steve nodded his acknowledgement of the facts before he shrugged. “Why sent both Cassie and me for a babysitting job?”

“First it’s no babysitting job. You’ll need to retrieve a computer disc containing a list of all terrorist cells implanted throughout the US. Secondly, you need a female partner on account that Al Hammad runs a resort exclusively for honeymoon couples.”

“Ah! I see. It would look conspicuous if I checked in alone.”

“Very. And attracting attention to yourself is something we want to avoid at all cost. Al Hammad has a suspicious nature. If he so much picks up a whiff of a spy’s presence within close vicinity he’ll refrain from making any move that might incriminate him. He might take his business elsewhere which will likely bring us back to square one. It’s imperative that you and Cassandra proceed with the utmost circumspection. You’ll have to put on your best honeymooner act to convince him you’re the real deal.”

“That won’t be a problem,” Steve assured with a slight mischievous grin hanging in the corner of his mouth.

“I know you two are JUST friends but I trust they’ll be a lot of play-acting involved to make it look believable. Don’t get caught in the moment.”

“Oscar what do you take us for?” Steve squeaked with indignation. “We’re professionals. That’s the main reason I chose Cassie as my partner. I know she’ll keep me focused on the job at hand.”

“Make sure she does. It’s crucial that you keep a level head. You’ll need to spy on Al Hammad’s every move; mostly people he meets with. Make sure that eye is in perfect working order.”

“Rudy checked it two days ago. It’s fine.”

“Once you get there check for any camera or mike concealed in the room.”

“You don’t actually believe he’d go as far as listening in on,” Steve’s face winced in disgust, “how gross!”

“Use a pay phone to give me your report. You relate every tiny detail, however flimsy you deem them to be.” He waited for Steve to acknowledge with a nod before stretching forward to remit him two plane tickets and the folder. “Here are your plane tickets and your fake passports. Reservations are made at the LockHearts Resort under Mr. And Mrs. Steve Watson. You are to board the ten o’clock flight to St-Lucia. Don’t worry about your luggage. They’re already packed and waiting at the airport. They contain everything you’ll need on this assignment.”

“Including a see-through negligee for my wife?” Steve drooled with an impish wink.

Oscar rolled his eyes and sighed in despair. “The folder contains background information we’ve gathered so far on Al Hammad. There’s a complete profile along with pictures. Also further instructions on how to proceed with the assignment once you’re on site. Study everything meticulously and then hide the file somewhere safe.”

Steve flipped through the pages distractedly. Suddenly it dawned on him. “Ten?” he exclaimed. “But that’s in less than two hours.”

“That’s right. So I suggest you grab your precious spouse the minute she shows up and whisk her off to the airport.” He reached inside his top drawer to pull out a small black velvet box. “Here are Cassandra’s wedding rings.”

Steve popped open the box and let out a whistle in astonishment. “Look at the size of this stone! Is it a real one?” Steve asked as he scrutinized the diamond engagement ring with his bionic eye.

“Yes it is. They didn’t spare any expense, so make sure she doesn’t lose them. As for the sleeping arrangements…well…you’ll have to make do with what’s available.” Oscar was interrupted by a buzz on his desk.

“Sir, Cassandra Miller is here.”

“Show her in.” Oscar leaned back in his chair and lacing his fingers together against his stomach he threw a teasing wink at Steve. “Speaking of the devil.”

“Sorry I’m late, Oscar,” I apologized between gasping breaths. “But the traffic was…”

“Steve will fill you in on the way.”

“But…” Barely had I finished my thought that Steve grabbed my arm and ushered me out the door. “What’s going on? I know I’m a bit late but I…”

“Can’t explain now. We’ve got to catch a plane.” He opened the velvet box and took out the rings.

“What? Right now?”

Steve clasped my left hand and held out my ring finger to slip on the two rings. “Here is your engagement ring and wedding band.”

“Oh how romantic,” I squealed with sarcasm. “Aren’t you supposed to go down on one knee for this?”

“We don’t have time for formalities. I’ve got to whisk you off to the honeymoon.” He stole a quick kiss and led me out of the reception area.

“Isn’t that typical of a man?” I sighed to Callahan who tried hard to contain her laughter.

“Have fun you two.”

“Yeah. Thanks.”


On the flight to St-Lucia Steve and I studied Al Hammad’s personal file and his recent shady activities, filing important details into our mental cabinet for future reference. We were both actually looking forward to fulfilling this fun assignment. The beautiful paradisiacal scenery would be a welcomed change from all the murky places we’ve been sent to in the past year.

We arrived at our destination and checked in at the front desk. Stepping into my role of lovey-dovey wife I kept close to my amorous husband while scanning the hotel lobby for any sign of Al Hammad. Arm in arm we took the elevator up to our floor, all the while keeping in character to dupe the peeping Toms watching behind possible concealed cameras and our porter carrying our luggage. While walking up to our room, Steve spotted a camera at the end of the hall. He started nuzzling my neck to whisper instructions. “When we enter the room, you pretend to go change in the bathroom while I discreetly inspect the main room for any concealed cameras or microphones. We you hear me shout, “What is taking you so long in there?” that’ll be your cue to come back in. Stay in character just in case.”

“Okay,” I whispered back. “You know you smell good,” I teased. He unbolted the door and ushered me into the room. He tipped the bellboy after he’d set the suitcases by the door.

“I’m just going to go change into something more comfortable. You wait up for me?” I mewled with a sensual gaze into his fake bedroom eyes.

“Forever.” He drawled, then snatched a quick kiss on my lips before stepping into the grand room where sat a heart-shaped king-size bed with a circular fireplace in the middle of the room. While slowly unbuttoning his shirt he gave the room a casual sweep with his telephoto lens. He kicked off his shoes and crawled into bed where he lay on his back, his hands laced behind his head. He continued to survey every inch of the room. When he rolled on his left side, he picked up a tiny transmitter hooked underneath the nightstand. He had to drown it and for that he needed my assistance. “Hey, what’s taking you so long in there?” he shouted.

That was my cue to step on stage. He put a finger to his lips to warn me to stay in character. “Well? Wasn’t it worth the wait?” I said seductively.

“Hot mama!” he purred. “Come to Papa.” He gestured a glass of water that he wanted me to get from the bathroom.

I nodded in acknowledgment. “Oops I forgot something. Be right back.”

“Arg! What now?” he griped.

Seconds later I came back into the room with the glass of water that he gently set on the nightstand. He pointed to the microphone underneath the table. “There you are! How long are you going to make me wait?”

I jostled the mattress and purred, “Here I am, Tiger.”

The moaning and groaning began as Steve whacked the table several times to make believe we were in the midst of an aggressive, passionate fondling session in order to have a reason for accidentally knocking the mike on the floor. He ripped it off the table and dropped it in the glass of water. “There. They don’t need to hear more.”

“Are you sure that’s the only one?”

“Yeah. But the size of it must be. I’m sure Al Hammad only wants to ensure his guests are the real deal, that’s all. I don’t think he’s really interested in spying on them. I didn’t spot any concealed cameras.”

“Thank God for that. Yark! Imagine spying on newlyweds. How disgusting!”

“For us, maybe. But for them it’s a free peepshow.”

A chill ran through my spine at the mere vision of it. I got up and stood by the window to cast an eye out at couples enjoying themselves by the poolside. “Well we can’t go out now for obvious reasons, so I suggest we crack the books and do some more homework for when we face the dragon himself later this afternoon.”

Steve swung his legs off the bed and joined me by the window. “What do you say we go unpack our suitcases? There might be some interesting items in there,” he teased with a wag of his eyebrows.

I playfully swatted him in the arm. “Don’t get fresh Mr. Watson.”

Al Hammad returned to the resort in his limousine and went straight for the front desk to enquire about the morning check-ins. The clerk told him of four couples, including Mr and Mrs. Steve Watson. He nodded his thanks and pressed on to his office. He bolted the door, removed his jacket then made his way to an oak door connecting to a computer room where a man with headphones was monitoring conversations.

“Anything usual to reports on our morning guests” Al Hammad queried.

The man removed his headphones. “No. They all check out as legitimate. I lost transmission in room 414 after a while. I assume the mike fell on the floor when they…” he cracked an embarrassing grin that was self-explanatory.

“I get it.”

“I can have Mandy go by later when they leave the room to replace it.”

“No need. I have what I wanted to know. Just ask her to bring the transmitter back once she does the room. I will be receiving an important guest tomorrow and I don’t want anything or anyone to jeopardize this meeting. Make sure all the other arrivals are bona fide honeymooners. Report any suspicion you might have to me at once.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Hammad.”


Later in the afternoon Steve and I donned our bathing suits and went down to the pool to mingle with the other couples, hoping to catch a glimpse of Al Hammad on his routine walk around the property. While I was busy humouring a chatterbox, Steve kept his eye on our main man he saw greeting guests praising his wonderful resort.

“What floor are you on?” queried the curious woman while sipping on her tropical drink.

I hemmed and hawed to temporize while conjuring up an excuse not to give our room number away. “Three, I think. Ah! I don’t remember,” I chuckled and grimaced in embarrassment. “I forgot.”

Tina leaned forward and tapped my arm. “I fully understand, dear. Being a newlywed myself I don’t pay attention to those details,” she winked.

I craned my neck over her shoulder to see Steve beckoning me over. “If you’ll excuse me for a second. My husband wants me.”

“Don’t apologize, Honey. That’s why we’re all here for.”

I hastened the pace towards Steve and followed his stare. “That’s Al Hammad?”

“Yeah. So far nothing out of the ordinary. He just shook hands with the guests. His two goons follow him everywhere.”

“That’s to be expected.” Keeping in character, I tucked my arm in his and leaned my head on his shoulder. “According to the information Oscar gave us he’s supposed to meet with a member of his organization this week.”

Steve slid his arm around my waist and kissed the top of my head. “I don’t think it’s any of those people he greeted. They don’t fit the profile of terrorists.”

“Appearances can be deceiving.”

“He’s going back to the hotel. Let’s follow him.”

We circumspectly trod on Hammad’s heels, heedful to keep a safe distance that would otherwise arouse suspicion. We stopped in the hotel lobby and pretended to browse through entertainment magazines while maintaining the man within view until he entered his office, leaving his two bodyguards to guard the door.

“That’s his main office. Might be interesting to find out what’s behind door number one.”

“Too risky, Steve. Had it been a piece of cake don’t you think other agents would have been through there already?”

“None of them were equipped with a bionic apparatus.”

“We are to spy on his every move and report to Oscar, that’s it for now. Let’s not jinx it.”

“Yes ma’am,” Steve sighed his annoyance. “Nag, nag, nag. Just like a wife.”

“You like that don’t you?” I teased with a smirk. Panic quickly registered in my eyes when I caught sight of snoopy Tina walking towards us. “Uh oh! Kiss me.”


I flung my arms around his neck and pressed my lips firmly against his. He stood in shock of my sudden impulse, frozen to the spot, his arms still dangling on either side of his body. He finally responded to the kiss by enlacing his arms around my waist while I opened one eye at a slit to ensure the woman was gone. I pulled back. “She’s gone.”

With his eyes still shut, Steve gasped in a breath and asked in a daze, “Who’s gone?”

“Tina. The jabberer I met down by the pool. I saw her coming towards us. She probably wanted to invite us to join her and her husband for dinner tonight.”

“Are you sure she’s gone?”


“She might come back. Let’s be on the safe side.” He leaned in to claim my lips.

“Steve,” I giggled at his playfulness. “Down boy! I’m sorry I had to do this to you but this was an emergency. The last thing we need is a busybody snooping in our affairs.”

“Apologies accepted.” He flashed a mischievous grin and squeezed my waist. “You’re a great kisser,” he teased.

“I used to tend the kissing booths in high school. I raised a fortune for the school funds.”

“I don’t doubt it for a minute.”


During the evening, after checking for possible new bugs, we called for room service and feasted on luscious lobsters while we laid out a plan to get to Al Hammad’s office with him being none the wiser. Steve was anxious to retrieve the list of the terrorist cells on an encoded computer disc that the man allegedly stashed inside his office safe. He reluctantly acquiesced with the rationale behind my suggestion to wait for the meeting to take place between Hammad and his cohort. I kindly reminded him that he needed to square whatever plan he concocted with Oscar and get his stamp of approval prior to springing into action.

Later that night, Steve’s eye was giving the room another sweep for listening devices when I came prancing in wearing silk pyjamas. “Well?” I struck a pose. “How do I look?”


“What? What’s wrong?”

“I specifically asked for a see-through negligee,” Steve teased.

I bent my leg at the knee to pick up my slipper that I playfully hurled at him. “Very funny.”

He ducked his head just in time and let out a chortle. While I turned down the bed he unfurled a blanket that he spread on the sofa.

“You know there might be a better way to get to the disc without having to break into Hammad’s office.”


“Befriend people closest to him.” I crawled under the covers and fluffed up the pillows.

“That could take a while.”

“Are you in such a hurry to leave?”

“Not really but there’s no guarantee it’ll work.”

“True. But it might be a safer way to go about it. I have some terrific assets you know,” I slanted my head seductively and flashed him a come-hither look.

“I’m sure you do.” He reciprocated with a smirk. “But you forget; you’re on your honeymoon. Won’t that look suspicious if you start flirting with other men?”

“Not if I have a few drinks in me.”

“We’ll discuss your plan tomorrow,” he said with a stretching yawn. “Right now, we need some sleep.” He stretched out his legs on the sofa and lay back on the cushions.

“Steve, what are you doing over there?”

“Going to sleep. I’m bushed. I prefer the couch to the bathtub. It’s softer on the back.”

“Going to sle…don’t be silly Steve! Get over here! Look at the size of this bed. It’s big enough to sleep ten people.”

He turned to me with an arched eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be safe.”

“Oh I wasn’t worried about me.” He stood from his makeshift bed to make his way to the nuptial one.

“Didn’t you say you loved me for my mind and not my body?”

Steve groaned in pleasure the second his head hit the cottony pillow. “Awwwwwwwwwww you’re right. This is way better. Thanks.”

“You’re welcomed.” I eased myself down on the mattress in a recline position and exhaled a deep breath. “Something puzzles me.”

“What’s that?” Steve drawled in a yawn.

“Newlyweds usually can’t keep their hands off each other, right?”

“That’s what I heard.”

“Well then how come they make nuptial beds so large? I mean look at the size of it? It would take two hours for the couple to find each other.”

“Maybe that’s the idea,” he mumbled as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

“You’ve got a point there.” I laced my fingers together to rest behind my head and stared at the ceiling, pondering. “I could probably beguile one of his goons into revealing the location of the safe. Those guys are suckers for a pretty face. I might not be blessed with Aphrodite’s curves but with the right makeup and dress I can pass off as a stunning beauty.” I swivelled my head to the left to glance at Steve. “What do you think?” When no answer came, I craned my neck over his face. “Steve?” I cracked a smile at the sleeping beauty peacefully cradled in Morpheus’s arms. “My hero,” I mused in a sigh. “Goodnight Blue Eyes.” I rolled over to my right and switched off the light.


It was barely past ten o’clock when I awoke the next morning. With a yawn and a stretch I hauled myself out of bed to slip on my bathrobe and slippers and ambled onto the balcony where Steve was sitting reading the morning paper. Keeping in character I slid my hands down his chest and nuzzled his neck. “Good morning Sweetie. Anything interesting?”

“You bet. In front, two floors down.”

I lifted my nose up and rested my chin on the top of his head to get a clear view at Al Hammad and a darkhaired Iraqi conversing on a balcony below. “His contact?”

“Most likely. He arrived shortly after nine thirty. He and Hammad met on the terrace before going up to the room. A pregnant woman accompanied him. Could be the man’s wife.”

“She’s inside?”

“That’s my guess. You know your idea of befriending a close acquaintance of Hammad?”

I nodded with a knowing grin. “The woman?”

“That’s right. She could be the ace we need to win the pot.”

“I’ll get dressed. In the meantime could you order breakfast? I’m famished.”

“Anything you say, wife,” he teased with an elfish wink.


After our late breakfast Steve and I went down to the hotel lobby to set the wheels into motion. While my partner was on the phone to Oscar delineating our plan, I casually browsed through the brochure stand while keeping an eye out for any sign of the Iraqi and his wife. In a sidelong glance I caught them exiting one of the elevators with Al Hammad. I peeped at them over my pamphlet. The man kissed his wife and assisted her in one of the armchairs in the lounge before following Al Hammad to his office. I had to avail myself the golden opportunity to strike while the iron was hot. There she was, alone. The scene was perfect.

I gathered up as many leaflets as I could and casually walked over to the woman. I let the heap fall at her feet. “Oh I’m sorry.”

“That is okay. No harm done” She stood and bent down to help me pick up the brochures strewn on the floor.

“Please, don’t get up. I can do it.”

“It is no trouble. I need the exercise.” She handed me the last pamphlet and held out her hand for my assistance in rising to her feet.

“Must be due any day?” I surmised by the size of her bulging stomach.

“One week to be exact.” She ensconced herself on the nearby couch and invited me to sit by her.

“I am Raya Habuldha,” she said with a strong accent, extending her hand to clasp mine.

“Cassandra Watson. Please to meet you. Are you here on your honeymoon?”

She tittered at the implying tone of my voice. “It is a little late, wouldn’t you say?” she joked, looking down to her belly.

“Better late than never.”

“My man finally proposed last week. He thought this baby should not be born in wedlock. This is my third child. But like you said: better late than never.”

I shuffled through the many brochures in my hand to temporize while I planned my next move. “There are so many fun activities to do around here.”

“I agree. But the one that by far provides the best pleasure is staying in your room with your hubby. You can do it. You do not have a protruding belly standing in the way.”

I broke into a hearty laugh at her sense of humour. “I was wondering if you and your husband would be free to join us for dinner tonight? I know it’s kind of forward but I’d really love to talk to someone who’s been there before,” I motioned down to her belly with my eyes.

“I take it you are desperate to have children?”


“I will have to ask my husband. You see this is not just our honeymoon but a business trip as well.”

“I see.”

Raya’s husband wore a suspicious frown at the sight of his wife chatting with a stranger. He closed the door to Hammad’s office and strode over to the lounge. “Wife. Who is your new friend?” he asked rather coldly as he assisted her to her feet.

“This is Cassandra Watson. She has invited us to join her and her husband for dinner tonight. I told her I would ask you first if it is okay.”

“I am sorry but I already made reservations for us at a restaurant in town.”

“Ah well that’s okay,” I affected a disappointed look. “Maybe some other time.” I caught a glimpse of Steve walking over to us. “Ah! There’s my better half.” I wrapped my arm around his waist to pull him close.

He leaned in to steal a kiss. “Miss me?”

“Always,” I teased back while giving his back a loving rub. “Steve, this is Raya…I’m sorry I forgot your last name.”

“It is…”

“I am sorry. We really have to go now,” her husband abruptly cut in, eyeing Steve warily. He led is wife out of the open lounge and towards the elevators. “Wife I told you not to speak to strangers on this trip,” he scolded, shoving her inside the elevator.

“Shaboub you will not let me have any friends. I get lonely when you are not there.”

“Do I need to remind you that are illegal immigrants in this country? If we get caught we will be thrown back to Iraq. You do not want that for the children, do you?”

She sighed in frustration and looked downcast. “If course not. But Cassandra seems nice.”

“Maybe she is but I swear I have seen her husband before.”

“You are getting paranoid again.”

“It comes with the job.”


In their hotel room, Shaboub waited for his wife to run the shower to get on the phone to Al Hammad about his suspicion regarding Steve.

“Raya told me the woman’s last name was Watson.”

Hammad ran the guest register on his computer. “I have a couple by the name of Steve and Cassandra Watson. They’re in room 414.”

“Did you run a check on them?”

“Of course, like I do all the other guests. They’re bona fide honeymooners.” The thick sigh on the other end told him otherwise. “What’s the matter?”

“I swear I have seen this man before.”


“I cannot recall. I do not like this Hammad. I smell a rat and my nose is never wrong about these things.”

“The room next to theirs is vacant. I’ll get my engineer to set up a listening post. He’ll wiretap their room.”

“I thought you already had a listening device in all the rooms?”

“We do but we turn them off after we check the guests, out to respect for their privacy. But for some reason the Watsons’ came loose and broke. I didn’t see the need to hook another one up.”

“You idiot! They must have found it.”

“No they didn’t. The maid picked it up the next day. It was on the floor. They didn’t see it. But don’t worry we’ll checked them out again.”

“You do that and call me the minute you find out anything. We cannot afford to have a spy on our tail. We are too close to the final showdown.” He banged the receiver back into its cradle and drummed his fingers nervously on the table. He raked his brains as to where he remembered that familiar face. Frustration grew at his drawing blank after blank.


Hammad’s engineer buckled down to work on his wiretap system and patiently waited for the couple to return to their room. Once we stepped inside, he called Hammad to come listen in on our conversation which topic featured Oscar and that computer disc. He quickly contacted Shaboub to report his finding. They agreed to do away with the two spies with a single bullet to the head. Sharpshooter Hammad volunteered to do the job.

“It will be quick and simple. I’ll post myself in a room across from theirs and once I have them in the crosshairs I’ll gun them down.”

“There is no way you can get them both at the same time.”

“The man is who we want first. The woman will panic and that’s when I get her.”

“Make sure you do not miss. We have too much to lose,” Shaboub hissed his warning with a suspicion of malice in his voice. “When will you do it? The sooner the better before the Feds swarm this place.”

“Tomorrow morning. Meet me in my office at seven. After it’s done we’ll lay low for awhile.”

“I cannot leave my wife. She will give birth any day.”

“You either leave her or they prosecute you.”

“Alright, alright,” he sighed in exasperation. “I will be there tomorrow.” He hung up the phone just as his wife came out of the bathroom all spruced up for their dinner date.


The jostling of the mattress pried me away from a peaceful sleep in the hush of the night. I turned to my left to see Steve tossing and turning restlessly, moaning in pain. I rolled over and tugged at his pyjama sleeve. “Hey Blue Eyes,” I coaxed in a soft whisper. “Steve, wake up.”

He sprung up in bed and sucked in a breath.

“Hey, you okay?” I asked with concern.

He ran a hand over his face to wipe the sheen of sweat. “Yeah. Yeah I’m fine,” he rasped out between gasps. “Just had a nightmare, that’s all.” He tapped my arm reassuringly. “Sorry to have awakened you. You go back to sleep. I’ll be alright.” He flung the covers aside and swung his legs on the floor. He remained seated on the edge of the bed, pausing to recover his bearings before getting up to fetch a glass of water.

I switched on the night lamp and waited for him to return. “Steve, you want to talk about it?”

“I told you it’s nothing, 35. Go back to sleep.” He drained his glass and set it on the nightstand. He then ambled to the window to cast an eye out at the garden below, pausing to contemplate the bewitching glinting moonlight shimmering on the poll water.

I stood from the bed and went to stand beside him. “What was it about?”

Steve chuckled inwardly at the urging tone of my voice, telling him there was no arguing with me. “Someb…somebody was shooting at us.”


He nodded. “I think they found us out. That man we saw in the lobby, Al Hammad’s contact? He looked at me oddly as if my face registered with him.”

“Do you recall seeing him before?”

“No. But he might have me.”

“I think it’ll be best to let Oscar know so he can send some men just in case.”

“You’re right.”

“Want me to fix you a cup of coffee?”

He turned to me with his trademark lopsided grin. “Would you?”

“For you husband, anything.” I stretched up to give him a peck on the cheek. “Be right back.”

As he swivelled his gaze back to the poolside a chill ran down his spine. As a precautionary measure he drew the curtains close and moved away from the window.