"Bachelor Father"


Logline: Steve is stunned to find that a past relationship produced a son who he now must raise on his own

Set-up: The story is concurrent with the show, with the exception of Dan, Oscar adopted son

Circa, San Bernardino, CA

“Not another test. Oh Steve please not again.” Jill Benson begged.

“You knew this when we started seeing each other Jill. I’m a test pilot for NASA.”

“I just thought maybe you could put our relationship first for once.” Jill cried.

“I will I just need to make this one test I’ll be done and then we can have some serious discussions…”

“Serious discussions? About what?” Jill tempted.

“I’ll let you know once the tests are done.”

“Oh Steve I wish you wouldn’t.” Jill continued to plead.

“I promise this is the last one….well for a while anyway.”

“I guess I’ll just have to live with it.” Jill sighed.

Steve headed out the door and headed for the test field. Everyone dashed up to him.

“Where have you been Col. Austin?” they asked.

“I had something I had to do.” Steve smiled. “Well let’s get this show on the road.

Were you with Jill?” Rudy looked at him

Steve continued to smile. “She wants this to be my last test.”

“What do you have to say about that?” Rudy wondered.

“You know me Doc. I live for this. But since I am going to ask her to marry me…”

“Say what? You want to run that one by me again?”

Steve’s smile was broad. “You heard me. I’m going to ask her to marry me.”

“That’s great Steve. But what about testing new aircraft?”

“She’ll get used to it. Well should we get on with tis. I want to get back down to earth as soon as possible and make my proposal.”

“Are you sure you’re ready. I want you to keep your mind on your work.”

“I will Doc don’t worry about it…..”


“What are you saying Rudy?” Jill asked sobbing.

“I’m sorry Jill.” Rudy put his hand on her shoulder.

"I want to see him.” She demanded.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea for now.” Rudy tried to console her

“Why not?” Jill seethed.

Once again Rudy tried to explain Steve’s condition to her

“I understand what you’re trying to tell me Rudy. But I think he needs me now more than ever…”

“No Jill. Believe me I know how close you a Steve were…”

“Don’t you mean Are?” Jill corrected.

“No.” Rudy shook his head slowly. “I mean were. The Steve you knew is no longer.”

Crying, Jill left Rudy’s office.

Rudy watched as she crossed the parking lot “I’m sorry Jill.” He spoke to himself. “But right now we need Steve and he can’t have any distractions.”

Jill got into her and drove off. She continued sobbing all the way home.

Rudy picked up the phone “Yes” He spoke.

“Dr. Wells this is Oscar Goldman. I wondered. Did you speak to Col. Austin yet?”

‘No but I will. You have to understand. This takes time. I don’t know how Col. Austin is going to react.”

“Will you speak to him sometime today? I would like to see him as well.”

“I’ll let you know.

Now Rudy had an even bigger job, persuading Steve Austin to agree to the surgery that would forever change his life.

MARCH 1976

Oscar paced up and down the hall till Rudy finally emerged from the room where Steve was.

“How is he?” Oscar demanded the instant he spotted the doctor coming out.

‘He’s going to be fine. He’s warming up now.” Rudy began.

“I can’t believe it a man his age falling off a dock and into the river.” Oscar sighed.

“I believe he may have had a little help landing in that river.” Rudy speculated.

“Did Steve say something?” Oscar wondered.

“He indicated he may have been pushed but he doesn’t know by whom.” Rudy finished. “You can go on in if you’d like.”

Oscar pushed through the door and stepped over to Steve. “So you’re getting yourself all warmed up?”

Steve nodded. “Yea I think so. Rudy says I’ll be as good as new in no time at all.”

“Well that’s good. “

“Yea, why’s that?” Steve eyed him suspiciously.

Well, chances are I may need you. But just sit tight. I’ve got another agent on it right now. I’ll let you know if he’ll need your help.”

“Yea well maybe I’ll get Rudy to change his mind.” Steve teased.

“Very funny” Oscar chuckled. “Right now I need to get back to the office. I’ll check back on you later.”

“In the mean time I think I’ll get some sleep.” Steve yawned.

“I’ll check back later then.” Oscar opened the door and exited just as Rudy was about to enter. “I’m headed back to the office. You can contact me there if something comes up.”

“Thanks Oscar. I’ll do that.” Rudy stepped over closer to Steve. “So how are you feeling? Warmer?"


Oscar sat down when Callahan buzzed him. “Mr. Goldman there is a gentleman out here. He’s looking for Col. Austin.”

“Col. Austin is in the hospital.” Oscar responded.

“I’ve tried explaining that to him. He says he wants to see you.” Callahan barely got the words out when the door burst open.

“Mr. Goldman It’s important that I see Col. Austin.” The man demanded.

Oscar stood and walked over to him. “As I stated Col Austin is in the hospital. If you would give me your card I’ll have him contact you just as soon as he’s released.”

“Mr. Goldman I need to see him right away. It involves a lady friend he once had a few years back…”

“I’m sorry but you’ll have speak to Col Austin once he is released from the hospital…

“But…” The man argued.

“I’m sorry I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave my office.” Oscar resounded. He pushed the button of his intercom. “Callahan, would you please send for security?”

“Yes sir.” Callahan began the process to call security to come to the aid of her boss.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Oscar leaned toward him.

“Ok. I’ll go.” He reached in his wallet and pulled out his card. “Have Col. Austin call my office when he’s back on his feet.”

Oscar took the card and showed the man to the door. “Don’t call us. We’ll call you.”

As soon as he left, Oscar glanced down at the card. Rick Stark, Attorney At Law. “Hum wonder what that’s all about.” Oscar muttered as he slipped the card into his desk drawer.

The following afternoon Steve sat across from Oscar. “So how is that assignment going? Are they going to need my input?”

“Sorry Steve not this time. Baxtor got it all sewn up. So you can just go home and relax.”

“Good. I think I’ll do just that. It’s not everyday Oscar Goldman gives you time off.”

“Just don’t get used to it.” Oscar chuckled.

“I’ll try not to. Well I’m going. I’ll see you tomorrow sometime.”

As He exited Oscar’s outer office Rick Stark approached him. “Col. Austin?”

“That would be me. Do I know you?”

No sir you don’t. I represent an old friend of yours. Did you know a woman by the name of Jill Benson?”

“We dated for a while. I was going to ask her to marry me, but I had an accident and she split on me.” Steve sounded bitter.

Well I represent her estate. I’m a lawyer.”

“I gathered that. What do you want from me?” Steve sounded annoyed. ‘What could she possibly want?’

“Didn’t Goldman give you my card? I left it with him so you could contact me.” Rick asked.

“No he didn’t. Come with me.”

The two reentered Oscar’s off ice. “Oscar this guy says you have a card for me.”

“Oh yeah that’s right.” Oscar pulled it out of his desk. “Sorry about that.”

Steve turned back to Rick. “Ok so we’ve made contact. What’s this all about?”

“We’ll talk after you read the letter.” Rick reached into his suit coat and handed it to Steve.

“I take it you know what is says?”

Rick nodded. “I helped draft it.”

Steve began to read.

January 1976

Dear Steve

I am writing to you to tell you something you never knew. The only reason is that I found out a month ago that I have cancer. There is nothing that can be done. But you need to know that our relationship resulted in a son. His name is David Allan Austin. He is three years old. And if you are reading this I have already passed. David needs to be raised by his father. My lawyer Rick Stark will handle all of the details. He knows that David is your son and has been instructed by me to give you full custody of him. I’m sorry I never contacted you before this but didn’t want to interfere on the life you had built.


Steve stared from the letter up to Rick and then over to Oscar. “Is this on the level?” He asked. Rick.

Rick nodded.

“Well where is he?” Steve wondered as he passed the note to Oscar.

“He’s at my sister’s I’ll go get him and bring him to you by six tonight.”

“That would work. I do have a spare room in my apartment….”

“Are you certain he is indeed Col. Austin’s son?” Oscar sounded skeptical

“His name is on the birth certificate.” Rick explained.

That still doesn’t mean that Steve is the father.” Oscar handed the note to Steve. “This happens quite frequently…”

Rick turned to Steve. “Did you know Jill Benson? I mean could the boy be your son.

“Yes on both counts. But as Oscar pointed out this does seem to happen quite a bit.”

“I understand your skepticisem.” Rick agreed. “You can have the boy tested…I can arrange for…”

“I’d rather have my own doctor handle it if you don’t mind.” Steve shot back. “You see I trust him.”

“By all means” Rick continued.

“In the mean time you can drop my son off at my place by 4:00 I should be ready for him by then.”

“I’ll see you then.” Rick turned and left.

After he was gone Oscar turned to Steve. “Is it possible?”

“Of course it is. I was in love with her. I was going to ask her to marry me…”

They were interrupted when Rudy walked in.

“Boy did you miss all the excitement.”

“What excitement would that be?” Rudy wondered.

“Well, it seems our boy here has just become a proud papa.” Oscar teased.

“Say what?” Rudy eyed him sharply.

“You heard him Doc. Do you remember Jill Benson?”

Rudy nodded. You said you were going to make her your wife. What about her.”

It appears that before my accident…Well I guess I should say that She was pregnant the day I took off.”

“Are you serious?” Rudy responded

Steve nodded. I just had a visit from her attorney. He’s brining the boy to my house around four…”

“Steve I think we should run some tests, to prove that he actually is your son.”

“I plan to. Will you be here around five or so?” Steve asked.

“I can be. You want to bring him by then?” Rudy replied.

“I’d appreciate it if you don’t mind.”

“No not at all.” Rudy assured.

“Ok then, I’ll see you say around five. I’m going to see what if anything I can do for that spare room.”

“Want me to bring over Rudy Jr’s old youth bed.” Rudy asked.

“You don’t need to go to that trouble.” Steve chided.

‘No trouble at all. I took it apart when he turned five last month.”

“That would be great…so long as there is no trouble.

“None at all I’ll leave him with my parents while I run over to your place. Maybe my father can help me out.”

“Thanks Rudy I’ll see you in just a bit then.”

A half an hour later Rudy and his father arrived with the youth bed and Rudy helped Steve set it up

“I’ll work on the room later.” Steve muttered “Maybe Cassie can give me some ideas.’ “Great idea she’s pretty good at that kind of stuff.” Rudy noted. “I better get going. It’s almost five.”

“I really wish you would stay. Cassie said she would stay tonight in case I needed any help. This is all new to me. I don’t know the first thing about kids. I mean just boom and out of the blue someone comes up and says ‘oh by the way here’s your son sorry we never told you about him before.’ You know what I mean?”

Sort of but trust me Steve it’s a piece of cake. I’ve raised Rudy Jr. on my own since he was born.”

Steve nodded. ‘Yea I know. You really think I can do this?”

“Of course you can.” Rudy assured. “Now if Cassie is going to be here I think I’ll leave. We don’t want to overwhelm the child on his first night.”

“You may be right…” The doorbell rang. “It’s to early for Rick. I hope it’s Cassie. She said she’d be here around 4:30…”

Rudy glanced at his watch. “Well on time as usual It’s 4:29.”

Steve walked to the front door and opened it. “Cassie come on in.”

“Well.” Cassie stated all business. “Have they brought him yet?”

Steve shook his head. “Not yet. Rick said he’d be here around five.”

“Good. Then I’ll get something ready for dinner.” She headed for the kitchen. “Steve come here.” She called.

“Yea what?” Steve entered the kitchen.

“Someone better go to the store. Rudy would you mind. I’ll make out a list. You men don’t know the first thing.” Cassie finished.

“No not at all. And you’re wrong I do know what to get. I have a son of my own. Remember?”

“I suppose you’re right. Just get what you would buy for RJ.”

“I’ll be back just as soon as I can.” Rudy gave a slight wave and headed out the back door.

Steve glanced at his watch. “Well.” He began. “Rick should be here at any minute.” He turned to Cassie. “Boy. Am I ever nervous, I’m glad you’re here.” Steve smiled. “I mean I never even knew Jill was pregnant. And now I find out three years later she had my son and never told me about him.”

“It’s a shock to all of us Steve.” Cassie put her arm around his shoulder. “You were close to Jill I take it?”

Steve nodded. “I was going to ask her to marry me, but when Rudy told her what had happened to me she blew town.”

“That’s terrible. I would never have done that to a man if I truly loved him.” Cassie assured.

“I know that.” Steve glanced out the window. A sleek black Sedan pulled up to the curb. Rick stepped out and then opened the back door. He reached in and pulled a small boy out of the back seat.

“Oh Steve he’s adorable. He looks just like you.” Cassie gushed.

“I’m still going to have Rudy run those tests to determine weather or not he is my son.” Steve spoke.

He reached for the door know and opened the door. “Hi Rick.” He greeted. Then he bent down on one knee. “And you must be David. My name is Steve and this is Cassie come on in.”

The child clung to Rick’s hand. “Come on David it’s ok. Remember? I told you I was bringing you to your daddy. This man is your daddy.”

David hid behind Rick’s pant leg. “Now Come on David.” He reached down and picked the boy up. “May I come in?” He addressed Steve.

“Of course I want this to go as easy as possible for David.” He added.

Rick stepped into the entryway and set David down and then turned to leave.

“You might as well stay for dinner.” Steve offered well at least till he gets used to us.”

“That won’t be necessary I don’t want to intrude. I was only Jill’s attorney. David doesn’t really know me all that well either. You need time alone.”

“Thanks for recognizing that.” Steve grinned.

“No problem. Besides I need to get home to my own family. My wife says if I miss one more dinner with her and the kids…she’s calling another kind of attorney. A divorce attorney. They make more than me.” Rick chuckled. I’m in estate law. Anyway I’ll stay just long enough for him to get him busy with something else. He won’t even miss me. Oh by the way” he handed Steve an envelope “This is the birth certificate.”

Steve opened it and removed the document. His name was listed as the father. “Thanks.” He replied. He replaced the document back in the envelope and put it in his pocket.

“You welcome. I really need to get going.” Ten minutes later just as Rudy arrived back from the store…Rick made a quiet exit out the front door without David even noticing he was gone.

“Well.” Cassie said. “I better get something started for dinner.” She took the bag from Rudy and headed for the kitchen. “Why don’t the two of you just stay here and watch David play.”

“While you’re fixing dinner Rudy and I are going to run David over to the lab and do that blood test.”

“Oh Steve” Cassie objected. “Do you have to do it right now?”

The sooner the better I say. I want this resolved right now!!”

“But he looks just like you.” Cassie argued.

“I can see that. It’s just for my own piece of mind. We’ll be back in just a little while.”

At Rudy’s office he drew a tiny amount of blood from the boy’s finger. “You said the birth certificate has your name on it.” Rudy asked.

“Yea I saw it. I need to put it in a safe place though. I have it right here.” He held it out to Rudy.”

“Maybe Oscar would let me keep it in the safe in his office.” Steve speculated.

“Good idea. Why don’t you go take care of that? By then, I’ll have the test results.”

Steve headed down to Oscar’s office. He was relived to see Oscar was there.

“What are you doing here?” Oscar asked. “I thought Rick was bringing the baby over.”

“He did. He’s down in Rudy’s office. I was wondering, can I keep the birth certificate here?”

“Of course” Oscar took it and filed it in his vault. And Steve went back down to Rudy’s office.

“Back so soon?” Rudy asked. “I have the results ready if you want to know.”

“Well Rudy what’s the verdict is the boy mine or not?”…

“No doubt about it Steve” Rudy began “He’s your son.”

“Well that’s good. Now we can get on with things.” Steve stated.

“Is Cassie going to stay with you?” Rudy asked.

Steve grinned. “I’m planning on making it as permanent as possible if you get my meaning.”

Rudy grinned back at him. “Yea I get it. When are you going to ask her?”

“I’m not sure yet. I have to see how she and David hit if off. For that matter I have to see how David and I are going to hit if off.” Steve pondered.

“That would be a good idea, do some ‘family’ type outings. See how she gets along with the boy.”

“Right” Steve agreed. He gathered up David and the two headed down the hall. “If you’re lucky you’ll have yourself a mommy before the year is out.”

David smiled. “We find Mommy?”

‘Oh no’ Steve groaned to himself. ‘He doesn’t know.’

Then he turned back to his son. “David. Mommy has gone away.” He tried to explain. “I don’t know what else to tell you.”

David seemed to except the answer for now. Steve hoped that with time Cassie could slip in and become his mother and David would never know the difference.

They arrived back at the house Cassie stood in the kitchen waiting for them. “Well?” She asked.

“He’s my son alright.” Steve smiled. “I really didn’t have any doubts about it. You’re right he looks just like me.”

“I’m glad it worked out the way you wanted it.” Cassie smiled. “What do you want to do for dinner?”

“Why don’t the three of us go out?” Steve suggested.

“That sounds great. Where should we go?

“How bout Nellie’s it’s a nice family restaurant?” Steve offered. “I like Nellie’s.” Cassie bent down and scooped David up in her arms. How about it

David, do you like Nellie’s?”

David nodded and the three headed out the door.


“When did you get this information?” Oscar thundered!

It just came across the board Oscar.” Russ was shaking.

“All Right” Oscar reached for the phone and dialed Steve

“Hello.” Steve said cheerfully into the phone.

“Steve its Oscar I need you to get over to my office right now!” Oscar demanded.

“Yea, what’s up?” Steve still sounded cheerful.

“That new space satellite we sent up. It needs repairs.”

“Really?” Steve questioned. “We just sent it up last month. What could possibly need to be repaired?

“Steve it was sabotage. Who ever did it knew it wouldn’t last a month. I need you to get over here as soon as possible.” Oscar ordered.

“I’ll be there in just a bit. I have to finish feeding David then arrange for someone to take care of him.’

“Steve I’d rather you get in here NOW!” Oscar shouted.

Steve was standing next to the kitchen table where David had just finished dumping oatmeal all over the place. “I just can’t do that right now Oscar.” Steve said to Oscar. Then Oscar heard Steve say something else though not directed at him. ‘Now why would you do that?” He scolded David.

“No like omeal.” David replied.

“Good reason to dump in on the table then.” Steve muttered.

“Steve are you still there. This is serious.”

“So is this Oscar My son just dumped cereal all over the place. I have to get it cleaned up.’

“I do think that this comes first!” Oscar thundered into the phone.

“Now hang on just a second!” Steve thundered back. “I have a son that comes first in case you forgot.”

“No I haven’t forgotten. But this is top priority.” Oscar muttered.

“David is top priority in my book pal. Let me finish cleaning up here. I’ll call Cassie and see if she can watch the future president.”

“Just make it fast.” Oscar sighed exasperated.

“I’ll be there within the hour.” Steve promised.”

After hanging up from Oscar Steve called Cassie. “Cass it’s me. Oscar has called me to duty. Mind taking care of the little rug rat for a couple of days?”

“Not at all.I’ll be right over.”

Cassie arrived just as Steve was getting ready to clean up the oatmeal mess on the table.

“I’ll give you a choice.” He smiled. “You can clean this up or him.”

“Oh I’ll take him. You clean this up.” Cassie carried David off to get him washed up for the day.


Less than an hour later Steve sat with Rudy in front of Oscar’s desk. “Now what’s this all about?” Steve asked.

“It’s like this Steve, that new satellite we sent up is defective.”

“You said something about it being repaired.” Steve reminded.

“It can be. But someone has to man the ship. And since the satellite is a grade six project and you’re the only one with both credentials under your belt I’m afraid you’re elected.”

“You have got to be kidding. You expect me to leave my son and Cassie who by the way I was going to take out to dinner tonight and propose. You really expect me to just go into space just like that?”

The two men stared at one another then back to Steve and nodded.

“Well that’s just great!” Steve shouted.

“Steve I’m sorry.” Oscar lowered his head. “You won’t be doing the repair work. We’re sending another scientist with you. You’ll just be the pilot.”

Steve nodded and pointed his finger at Rudy. “Are you going Doc?”

Rudy shook his head “no Steve this is above me. Dr. Andrews will be going with you.”

Again Steve nodded “I think I’ve worked with him before on a project. When do you want us to leave?”

“We’re waiting for Andrews to get here. He should be in sometime late tomorrow. So I’m going to schedule the launch for the day after.”

“Well at least that will give me a little more time with David.” Steve

“And to ask that certain someone that certain question?” Rudy reminded.

“No I’ll wait till I get back for that. Don’t you say anything either.”

“Oh I won’t.” Rudy assured.

“See that you don’t!” Steve scolded jokingly


A little while later Steve and Cassie sat across the table from one another.

“Is it dangerous?” Cassie asked.

“No it shouldn’t be.” Steve assured. “I do want you to keep an eye on David for me. You’re the one I trust with him.”

“I would love to. Do you want me to watch him here or my place?” Cassie asked.

“I’d rather that you watch him here…if you don’t mind.”

“No. Not at all” Cassie smiled.

“Well, I don’t need to leave for a couple days. I hope that David gets used to you during that time.”

“He will Steve. I think he already likes me.” Cassie assured.

“I think you’re right.” Steve smiled.


In the back of a diner two men sat talking. “I heard the satellite they sent up is in trouble.”

“That’s right. It happened right on schedule.” The second man responded. “If the American’s think they are going to use that to spy on us they are sadly mistaken.”

“I heard they are sending someone up to repair it Roman Ivano .” The first man added.

“Oh Really Boris? ” Ivano replied.

Boris nodded.

“Do you know who’s going up?”

Again Boris nodded. “They are sending the man who designed the Satellite is going. I believe his name is Andrews.”

Roman thought for a long moment. “But Andrews…how will he get up there?” he asked.

“I’ve heard that an American astronaut is going to pilot a ship to take him up there.”

“And where do you come by this information.” Ivano wondered.

“I have my ways. My brother infiltrated the OSI he over heard Goldman and Wells talking about.”

“This astronaut who is he?” Ivano asked.

“A guy named Austin.” Boris responded with a smile.

“Very well does he have a family?” Roman

“I believe he has a son.” Boris replied.

“That’s too bad.” Ivano sighed. “It will be sad to see the boy an orphan. But we have no choice. We can not allow that satellite to be repaired. I’m afraid Austin won’t make it ”


The night before the launch Boris crept onto Andrew’s Air force base and walked over to the space capsule Steve was to use. He opened the hatch and carefully planted a bomb that was set to explode once it left earth’s atmosphere…

“Is this really necessary?” Steve yawned. “I just had my tests last week…”

“These aren’t your tests Steve” Rudy corrected. “I just want to make sure you’re healthy enough to go into space. You’ve had preflight physicals before.”

Steve sighed. “Yea I guess you’re right. It’s just that I know I’m right as rain to go into space.”

Rudy glanced at him. “A little different story today the other day when this was first brought up…”

“I know. I was hesitant.” Steve smiled. “But now I’m actually looking forward to it. I do have one question.” Steve glanced at the clock on the wall. It read 5:30

‘Yea Steve, what’s that?”

“Why so early?” Steve wondered.

“The launch is scheduled for 9:00 sharp.” Rudy reminded.

“I guess you’re right.” Steve allowed Rudy to go through the motions of his preflight physical.

“Well I guess you’re all set.” Rudy gave him the paper work he’d need at the launch site.

“Thanks Doc. I’ll see you in a couple of days.” Steve headed out the door.


Twenty minutes later, Steve picked Andrews up in front of his house. Startled, Andrews slid into the seat next to Steve.

“So are you ready Doc?” Steve asked.

Andrews nodded. “I have all the equipment I’ll need to repair the satellite already at the base.”

“Good. Then let’s get this ‘bird’ in the air.” Steve smiled. “I’ve got a pretty girl waiting for me.”

“That’s what Wells told me.” Andrews smiled. “Mind if I ask you a question?”

‘Not at all what’s on your mind?” Steve pulled into traffic.

“I thought Goldman said he was sending a car for me. No offence “

Steve laughed. “None taken I told Oscar I wanted to be the one to pick you up. I thought we could talk on the way. Have you ever been in space before?”

“Just once quite a few years ago” Andrews replied.

“So you’re prepared for the weightlessness?” Steve asked.

“Oh yea I don’t believe that will be a problem. Andrews assured. “The launch is at nine, right?”

“Steve nodded. ‘Yea why?”

“I just wondered why we are out and about so early?”

“You have to have the flight surgeon examine you before you can even consider getting on the capsule.” Steve reminded.

He pulled into the parking lot of Andrew’s Air Force Base. “The flight surgeon’s office is just in side the main terminal. I’ll meet you there in just a few minutes. I want to park.”

Andrews nodded and got out of the car. “I’ll see you there.”

The flight surgeon had just finished when Steve stepped into his office. “So is he ready to go?”

“He has my seal Col. Did Well’s give you your physical?”

Steve nodded and handed him the paper work. “It’s right here.”

The flight surgeon took the file and thumbed through it. “Looks like your good to go. You gentlemen better get yourselves suited up.”

Just as they were headed to the room where they would put on their space suits Oscar appeared. “So are the two of you all set.” Steve nodded as he glanced at his watch. “Just a little under two hours we need to get ready.”

“Get suited up. Then we can talk before the launch.” Oscar patted Steve on the back.

“Is there a problem?” Steve asked.

“No, none at all. We are loading Dr. Andrew’s equipment onto the capsule now.” Oscar informed. “It should be all done by the time you’re ready.”