"A Stranger Everywhere"

(Original air date 12/09/68)


Gunmen stalk a dressmaker they believe to be the sole survivor
of an infamous bank-robbery gang


Writer: Lee Erwin

Director: Paul Henreid

At the breakfast table the Barkleys discuss a dime novel supposedly relating the true adventures of the Devlin gang whose members were all gunned down during a bank robbery. All except one; a woman who is apparently hiding out in California waiting for the chance to dig out the buried treasure.

Nick and ranch hand David Carr (William Jordan) decide to play a joke on scatterbrained Jody (Timothy Scott) by convincing him that the town dressmaker Jennie Hall (Julie Harris) is Devlinís girlfriend who is hiding in Stockton.


What started as an innocent joke grows into unbelievable proportions. After seeing Jennie with a gun, Jody spreads the rumour that the red head is indeed the sole survivor of the infamous gang of outlaws. When Nick gets word of the problem by his mother, he rides into town to try to stamp the rumour before Jennieís life is threatened. He meets with the dressmaker at the general store, then escorts her back to her store where he confesses his sin. Instead of jumping down his throat she bursts out laughing. His guilt unburdened, Nick works up the nerve to invite her to Audraís auction party.


Outside Nick runs into renowned author and newspaper columnist Ted Halyard (Dennis Patrick) who informs him of his intention to report Jennie Hallís true identity. This raises Nickís hackles and threatens him to scratch his article for the rumour is false. Halyard pretends to accede to his wishes.

During a pool game, Jarrod casually broaches the subject of Halyardís article about Jennie being the surviving member of the Devlinís gang. The thought of Halyard lying to him infuriates Nick.

Meanwhile three outlaws seeking the Devlinís loot ride into town to look up Jennie, but decide to return at night to search her house instead. Luckily Nick shows up for their date before they break in.


At the party Jennie mingles with imposing guests (Jon Lormer, Byron Morrow) and humours them by giving credence to the outlandish story of the Devlin gang, much to Nickís amusement.

Meanwhile, the three thugs ransack Jennieís place looking for the money. The town deputy hears a noise and goes investigate. As he enters the house, he is stabbed in the back.

Sheriff Madden (Douglas Kennedy) drops by the ranch to inform jennie of the burglary and of his deputyís death. She swears that she owns nothing of value that could justify anyone wanting to raid her house. Nick resents Fredís questioning, insinuating that she encouraged this incident. They agree that Jennie will be safer at the ranch.


One member of the gang, Croft (Rex Holman), suggests to his cohorts Link (Richard Devon) and Vega (Anthony Carbone) to forget about the loot and skip town before they are caught, but Link suggests going back and act as plain travellers, so not to arouse suspicion while they gather more information before springing into action.

The next day, Nick catches Jennie handling a rifle like a sharpshooter would, thus raising suspicion about her true identity.

Nick rides into town where he meets with Halyard in the saloon. Nick slaps him in the face for double-crossing him. Fred intervenes before the altercation degenerates into a fight and urges the troublesome author to leave town.


Fred then takes Nick aside to discuss Jennieís whereabouts. The three outlaws take seats at a nearby table to eavesdrop on the conversation about Jennieís sharp shooting skills. They learn that Barkley ranch hand David Carr might know more than heís letting on.

Back at the ranch, Heath informs Nick that Dave is missing. They take a ride where he was last seen and sure enough they find his dead body. Nick suspects that whoever ransacked Jennieís place might have stabbed Dave, thinking he knew were the Devlinís loot was buried. Suspicion once again fall on Jennie whose background is still shady.


Nick rides back to the ranch to learn that Jennie left. He picks up her trail and stops her from going any further. She insists she was riding back to her store to finish her work. After much persuasion she finally yields and confides in Nick of being the Laramieís Commandantís daughter Jennie Hollister who fled the compound after her lover jilted her. Since then sheís been going from town to town, trying to start anew without much success until Nick came along and made her feel wanted.

Right then Link and his cohorts show up seeking the girl. Gunfire ensues, ending with three deaths and a wounded Jennie. Days later Jennie is back on her feet. She is grateful for the Barkleysí help but now must return to her own life as Jennie Hollister.


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