"The Stallion"

(Original air date 01/30/67)


An elderly hand misinterprets an offer of an easier job and sets out
to prove his worth by capturing a wild stallion


Writer: Gabrielle Upton

Director: Paul Henreid

On Blue Mountain hill, Heath and Nick patiently await the return of a wild stallion that they are desperate to catch. When the horse shows up the signal is given to the men to stand to attention. However, Raymond Brahma (Paul Fix), an elderly hand, is sleeping on the job. He awakes just as the herd stampedes towards him. His carelessness ruins any chance at catching the animal, much to Nick’s and Heath’s frustration.


The next morning, Brahma gets a visit from Heath with a proposition of an easier job, which the elder finds insulting. He then quits and rides into town to visit with his daughter Libby (Virginia Gregg) and his tomboy granddaughter Andrea ‘Andy’ (Brooke Bundy). Libby is quick to jump down her father’s throat for his foolishness and orders him to march right back to the Barkley ranch and apologize to Heath.

Back at the ranch, Nick deplores Brahma’s departure. His absence is creating a void that he has a hard time coping with. He understands Heath’s reasons for wanting to give the man an easier job but nevertheless hates the situation.


Heath rides into town to drop off the man’s pay. Instead of Brahma he runs into young Andrea who pours her vials of wrath onto him. She resents the Barkleys for making her grandfather miserable.

Brahma is out seeking employment but no one will hire him on account of his age.


Andrea goes to the saloon to confront her despondent grandfather. She sings his praises as one of the best ranchers in the valley and that his age has nothing to do with the quality of his work. Both agree that he ought to show the Barkleys that he’s still worth his weight by capturing the wild stallion.

Brahma and Andrea go shop for a sturdy horse, but none strike their fancy. Andrea proposes that he borrow Heath’s mount Charger but Brahma won’t go begging for charity. However Andrea has other plans.


She asks a friend to accompany her to the ranch where she speaks to Heath about her request. The conversation soon degenerates into an altercation, ending with Andrea storming out of the house in a huff.

Heath goes to her and exposes his reasons for wanting to give her grandfather a desk job. In all good conscience he can not allow the elderly man to go chasing after an unpredictable wild stallion that almost killed Nick early in the day.

He drives her safely back to her house. Instead of bitterness, Andrea feels love for the dashing blond. She appreciates the fact that he treats her like a young lady and not a tomboy.


She tells her grandfather of her feelings for Heath. Instead of rejoicing for Andrea, Brahma is furious at the thought of the Barkleys having succeeded in turning her against him.

Later during the night, Brahma sneaks into the Barkley stables and steals Charger.


The next morning, Heath drops by Libby’s house to confirm his suspicion about the old man’s plan. He rides on Blue Mountain where he finds Brahma trying to lasso the stallion.


Seeing how the ornery horse is poised ready to trample the old man, Heath releases the animal, which raises Braham’s ire who trains a gun on Heath. After much persuasion, Brahma yields to his fate.

Days later, Jarrod returns to the ranch to finds Brahma heading the family’s livestock business. Much to everyone’s relief the old man has agreed to leave the bronco busting to the young folks and stick to handling the business end of the deals.


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