"Journey Into Violence"

(Original air date 12/18/67)


Mountain men convict Heath of murder and sentence him to
hard labor to support the victim's widow


Writer: Arthur Browne jr.

Director: Arnold Laven

On the range, mending fences, Nick decides to call it a day but younger brother decides otherwise. He tells Nick not to expect him at the house tonight, that he intends to bunk in the line shack.

They part ways. Nick returns to the house while Heath follows the fence to another break. As he goes inspect the damages, mountain men surprise him. After disarming Heath, Brother Hemit (Charles Tyner) informs him that he will be tried for murder by a jury of their peers.

When Heath lunges at him, he is hit and kicked in the stomach until he loses consciousness. They sling him over his horse and ride away.


Back at the ranch, Victoria comes up to Nick playing a relaxing game of chess with Jarrod before dinner and questions him about Heath's absence. Nick says not to worry that he'll probably stay overnight at the line shack.

Heath is taken to the mountain men's camp site where a widow, Bettina (Quentin Dean), identifies Heath as the man who killed her husband. Before hurling the dazed man inside a makeshift cage, they strip him of his belongings. Bettina spots a family photo and keeps it for herself.


At sunrise, Heath is tried. They refuse to turn him to the sheriff like Heath suggests, for he killed one of their people and therefore must face their justice. Heath is accused of having shot Bettina's husband and left him paralysed until he finally died a few days ago. Heath remembers the incident and pleads self-defence. They reject his plea and find him guilty. The sentence is hard labor.

The next day, Heath works as Bettina's slave, indulging her every whim. While she watches him drudge, she clutches the picture of the Barkley family she stole from him, daydreaming of being Audra.


Worried about Heath's absence the next morning, Jarrod and Nick head out to where the little brother was last seen. When Nick notices that no work had been done on the broken fence, they grow more concerned.

While chopping wood for Bettina, Heath tries to soften her anger by apologizing for her husband's death. It has the opposite effect as she runs into her wagon and continues to contemplate the picture.


At night, Heath is thrown back into his cage like an animal. When Brother Cyrus (Richard Peabody) hands him a bowl of grub, Heath throws it back in his face. Angry, he aims his rifle at him but Bettina stops him, saying that Heath is worth more alive than dead.

Back at the ranch, Victoria is worried sick about Heath and urges Jarrod and Nick to get more men to go look for him.

Bettina's hatred of Heath slowly turns into infatuation. During the middle of the night, she sneaks out to his cage and brings him a sandwich. She engages him in a conversation about men and women and their attraction for one another. He insults her by saying she should clean up first. She runs back into the wagon and takes out the picture. By this time, she had torn off half of it, keeping the part with Heath and Audra.


Sheriff Madden (Douglas Kennedy) drops by the house to relay a message from Nick and Jarrod to Victoria that they are still looking for Heath.

Next day, Heath continues to slave for Bettina at gunpoint. Behind bushes, Bettina begins to disrobe, thus creating a diversion for Heath to smack a bucket in Brother David's (Tom Pittman) chest. Surprised, he fires a shot that alerts the rest of the group. Bettina pleads with Heath to run away with her but he dashes off alone.


Knowing the gang must not be far behind, Heath perches himself on a tree branch. He jumps on Brother Benjamin (Timothy Scott) as he rides underneath. Brother Hemit catches up with Heath just as he's about to steal Benjamin's horse.


Heath is taken back to the camp where he is whipped. They insist he abide by their laws and become one of them. Heath reluctantly agrees on one condition: To let his family know so that they won't worry. He suggests they take his lucky coin over to them.

Nick and Jarrod return home empty-handed and dejected. As they climb up the stairs, an object is thrown through the window. Wrapped in Heath's bandana is his lucky coin and a note saying that Heath is as good as dead.


At night, Bettina dresses up pretty for Heath and begins flirting with him. She confesses that before she met him, she thought all men were animals. However, she doesn't want his pity.

Brother Hemit proclaims Bettina's period of mourning over for he now wants her to marry Brother Cyrus whom she loathes. Since Cyrus was arrested last night for disturbing the peace, he asks for half of the money her husband Joshua left her in order to get him out of jail.

While in town, she browses through a dress shop. She is determined to resemble Audra in order to make Heath love her, but Brother Hemit puts a stop to her nonsense and picks a plain ordinary dress off the rack.

The saleslady (Amanda Harley) takes the picture Bettina inadvertently left on the counter and observes it closely.


Victoria compares the photo found at the dress shop with the one in the living room. Nick and Jarrod go with the sheriff to round up the posse.

Bettina decides to let Heath out of the cage and runs away with him. However, as they are about to ride away, Brother Cyrus accidentally shoots her off the horse. She dies shortly after.


Cyrus blames Heath for Bettina's death and aims to kill him. Before he has a chance to pull the trigger, the posse shows up, ordering Cyrus to drop his weapon.

Brother Hemit kneels down beside Bettina's corpse and looks up at Heath, wishing the bullet had hit him instead of her.


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