"Hide the Children"

(Original air date 12/19/66)


Feeling guilty for maligning a Gypsy as thief, Nick agrees to
bring the man’s daughter to her wedding


Writer: Jack Curtis

Director: Arthur H. Nadel

When a barrel of sherry vanishes from the Barkley private reserve, Nick throws the blame on the Gypsy he hired to work in the vineyards.

Nick catches up with Corso (Stephen McNally) and his family intent on forcing them to hand over the merchandise, which they denied having stolen. Incensed at the man’s insolence, Nick jumps him but thankfully Heath and Jarrod show up in time to break the fight. They inform Nick of the missing keg they found in the old cellar. Apparently Nick had omitted to include it in the present inventory. Despite his oversight, Nick refuses to apologize.


Seeing how Corso’s injuries will prevent him from driving his daughter Pilon (Louise Sorel) to her wedding in Auburn, Jarrod suggests that Nick take his place. A compromise he urges him to accept as a way to make amends for his foolishness.

On the eighty-mile road to Auburn, Nick and feisty Pilon butt heads with each other. She resents him for branding her father a thief and sending him to the doctor’s with cracked ribs. Nick wards off her blows by striking some of his own. She won’t relent despite her mother Angelina’s (Rita Lynn) and grandmother Salishka’s (Celia Lovsky) advices to cut the man some slack for his help might come in handy during the trip.


Following a small incident with a wagon wheel, Angelina urges Nick to take over the reins to ensure a safer ride.

During a stop over, another incident involving Nick catching Pilon in her bath has Angelina and Salishka suspecting that a strong attraction is developing between the two.


The next day, the wagon drives through Walker Station, a town known for its hatred of Gypsies. They prove it by casting stones at them, catching Nick in the head.

Later as Pilon tends to Nick’s head wound, two horses thieves (Chris Alcaide & Jim Sheppard) pay their camp site a visit to get their hands on anything of value.


Nick steps in but is too weak to prevent them from rummaging through the family’s belongings. Pilon thrusts a gun at the two men long enough for Nick to reach inside one of their holsters for a weapon that he aims at the bad guys to send them on their way. The incident gives Nick a better understanding of the prejudice and cruelty the Gypsies have to endure.


Pilon and Nick drive back into town to seek a doctor for his head wound. They are directed to the only medicine man, a vetenarian working down by the livery stables. Seeing how Sam (Royal Dano) adamantly refuses to treat a Gypsy, Nick has no other alternative but to thrust a gun at his head to force him to close the wound.

While Sam tends to his patient, his young daughter Sara Jane (Eve Plumb) sneaks into the barn to meet with Pilon who gives her one of her shiny bracelets. Sam orders Sara Jane out, afraid the Gypsy might try to abduct her.


At night over a crackling fire Nick professes his love to Pilon but in all good conscience, she cannot bring herself to break her promise to marry the man who has been chosen for her.

Sam shows up at the camp with the town sheriff (Walter Coy) demanding that the Gypsies release his daughter who disappeared shortly after they left his office. The sheriff agrees to give Nick and Pilon a chance to prove their innocence by granting them twenty-four hours to bring the little girl back.


The two set out to search for Sara Jane. They start at the crossroads where the girl’s doll was found. Nick give the doll to Pilon’s dog to sniff out her trail, which leads them to an abandoned well.


Nick lowers Pilon into the hole to reach the frightened girl. Sam arrives in time to lend Nick a hand in pulling the two back up.

The shamefaced father apologizes for misjudging them and offers his deepest gratitude for saving his daughter’s life.


Days later, Pilon and her fiancé Ion (John Gabriel) are reunited for their upcoming wedding. Both she and Nick exchange longing glances before reluctantly parting ways.


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