(Original air date 10/20/65)


Heath faces off with the young head of a fanatic society secretly planning
to blow up a Barkley mine


Writer: Carey Wilber

Director: Paul Wendkos

In Lonesome, the superintendent of the Barkley Sierra Mining Co., Colin Murdoch (Ford Rainey), and his assistant, Jack, drive through a crowd of angry miners striking against the company for better working conditions. One man throws a stick dynamite underneath their wagon as a warning. Murdoch luckily escapes the blast with a broken arm but his assistant gets killed.

The news of the increasing violence reaches the Barkleys in Stockton. As a former miner himself Heath requests to take Jarrod up on his suggestion to ride into Lonesome and assess the situation before it degenerates into bloodshed.


In the late hours of the night Heath arrives at his destination. At the local saloon he asks for a room and food, none of which the bartender Newton (Harry Swoger) is willing to give for he fears the management representative will bring trouble to his establishment. Saloon girl Brydie Hanrihan (Anne Helm) comes to Heath’s defense and goes up to his room for a more private conversation.

Heath takes out a bill of twenty for information about the strikers’ demands and their intentions. She agrees to set up a meeting with the head of the society.


Meanwhile Heath meets with Murdoch to discuss the hostilities. He learns that the company management is contemplating hiring strikebreakers to work in the mine to avoid having to shut it down for non-productivity. Although against the idea, share holder Murdoch has no choice but to abide by the board of directors’ decision.

Returning to his hotel, Heath meets with the head of the Molly McGuires society who turns out to his old friend, Dion O’Doole (Sherwood Price). He states cut wages and pitiful working conditions as the main reasons for the strike. Heath approves of their demands but not of their tactics that have already cost a man’s life. Instead of fomenting violence, Heath suggests forming a committee to act as arbitrator That or allow him to discuss the matter with each disgruntled miner to hopefully come up with a solution that will benefit both parties.

Dion meets with his right-hand man Paddy the Ghoul (John McLiam) to set up a meeting with the rest of the group in order to discuss Heath’s suggestion.


At the San Francisco Mining Exchange Jarrod meets with Samuel Hummel (Richard Hale) the head of the Barkley Sierra board of directors to discuss the little annoying matter of using Chinese strikebreakers to impel the miners to return to work. Jarrod suspects Hummel of having started that strike just so he could bring in cheap labour.

In the hush of night, Brydie sneaks into Heath’s hotel room to warn him about the Molly McGuires coming to hang him. After receiving a thank-you kiss from her winsome prince, Brydie brings him to her cabin where he meets with her invalid father Tim Hanrihan (Brendan Dillon), a surly man bent on revenge against Tom Barkley and his heirs for promises unfulfilled.


Jarrod gets a surprise visit from Hummel who offers to buy the Barkley shares in the company; a sound proposition that the family members believe will spare them further headaches.

Heath irrupts in the room and starts smudging Tom Barkley’s name for promises he never honored in Lonesome. He explains that The Molly McGuires is a secret society made up of angry miners who are striking against the Barkleys to get what they are entitled for: better living conditions, decent wages, good housing and security for elders among other commitments. Seeing her son thrash his own father infuriates Victoria who gives Jarrod the green light to fight Samuel Hummel for everything he’s got.


Jarrod begins his campaign to obtain a majority of shares to take over the company.

After witnessing a bloody assault on the Chinese workers, Murdoch agrees to sign his five thousand shares over to the Barkleys in order to put them over the top.


Paddy is satisfied with today’s confrontation that will undoubtedly send the right message to company management, but O’Doole wants more. His thirst for blood drives him to elaborate a plan to blow up the Barkley mine. He plots to fake Paddy’s death in order to gain access to the cemetery located on the mine’s heavily guarded grounds.

Jack Tolliver (Bing Russell) grants pallbearers access to the cemetery, unaware that O’Doole is hiding inside the casket with a few sticks of dynamite.


Meanwhile at the saloon, The Molly McGuires are rejoicing at their success, save for Brydie who after seeing Paddy alive, runs to warn Heath.


Dodging bullets along the way, Heath manages to gain access to the entrance of the mineshaft to stop O’Doole from setting up the charges.


Heath tries to reason with his friend that the strike is over but O’Doole won’t listen. A fight ensues, ending with Heath shooting his friend dead.

Days later, the miners return to work with promises of better working conditions and decent wages the way Tom Barkley would have wanted it. Heath says good bye to Brydie who intents to make a fresh start in San Francisco.


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