(Original air date 03/09/66)


In a secretive town, Jarrod investigates Heath's hatred
of a man rescued from bounty hunters


Writer: Harry Kronman

Director: Arnold Laven

On his way to town, Jarrod crosses path with Gil Anders (Robert Yuro) who says he's an old friend of Heath's. His brother being away, Jarrod invites him to wait inside the house, which he gladly accepts.

Seconds later, Anders is gunned down by two bounty hunters from Coreyville, Will Hover (Rex Holman) and Cass Weydon (John Rayborn). They show Jarrod the wanted poster on Anders and are ready to take him off of his hands. Jarrod forbids them to touch the man despite the gun pointed at him. On his horse, gun in hand, Nick seconds his brother's motion and advises the two men to double back.


Nick and Jarrod carry Anders inside the house and to a guest bedroom. Jarrod explains to Victoria that the man is somehow wanted for murder and that he said he was a friend of Heath's

Ciego (Mike de Anda) is sent to find Heath who is out hunting. He reaches the spot where the young Barkley is getting ready to shoot a deer. The sound of approaching hooves frightens the animal and it scurries away. Heath is mad at Ciego's bad timing but quickly mellows out when he learns of his friend's injury.

At the ranch, Heath discovers the friend's identity. With anger in his eyes, he bluntly tells Dr. Merar (Alexander Lockwood) who is getting ready to perform a blood transfusion to let the man die, much to everyone's surprise.


Jarrod goes down to the living room to talk with Heath. He informs his young brother that Anders is apparently wanted for murder in Coreyville. Full of hatred, Heath suggests letting the bounty hunters do their job but Jarrod is opposed to the idea of throwing a man at the mercy of a hanging judge.

At that moment, Sheriff Fred Madden (Mort Mills) shows up at the front door with Hover and Weydon. Jarrod denies them access to the house without a legal search warrant. Madden sides with Jarrod and proposes to the bounty hunters to get that warrant from the town judge who, unfortunately, won't be back for another two days.

Heath is against keeping Anders under their roof and wants his family to deliver him to the bounty hunters. Jarrod proposes to ride to Coreyville in order to delve deeper into the matter before hurling Anders to the wolves and run the risk of being a party to murder.

Heath relates the story of how he came to loath Anders, having left him and a sixteen-year-old stranded in the desert without any water. Before the kid died he made Heath promise him that if he ever ran across Anders, he'd kill him.

With the family siding with Jarrod, Heath leaves the house.


Jarrod arrives in Coreyville and goes straight for the Marshal Charlie Lanson's (Frank Marth) office to gather information on Gil Anders. Lanson says that Anders is wanted for the murder of a young schoolteacher. Were there any witnesses? Not that he can recall but he issued the wanted poster anyway without a prior trial.

Jarrod checks in at the hotel but the clerk (Larry J. Blake) informs him that the hotel is full. Jarrod sees through the man's game and starts quoting the letter of the law about denying lodging to an individual when such is available, which is a misdemeanour punishable by fine or imprisonment. The clerk has no choice but to grant Jarrod's request. With a smirk on his face, Jarrod signs the register.

Marshal Lanson goes to the town crooked judge, Ben Colter (Bert Freed) to tell him about Jarrod's snooping. He took Matt Colter's, the judge's nephew, word that Anders was guilty of that crime, but doesn't want to be put on the spot if the truth should be revealed.

Unfortunately, the two deputized bounty hunters can't get to Anders because of the influential Barkleys' refusal to hand him over for some unknown reason, a hurdle that Judge Colter wants to overcome quickly and by any means possible.


Matt Colter (Lew Gallo), the judge's nephew, and his wife Amy (Audrey Dalton) watch Jarrod from across the street, while the hotel clerk complains to the judge about Jarrod forcing him to rent him a room.

Matt goes to his uncle for advise on how to deal with Jarrod Barkley. Colter suggests teaching him a lesson so to show him just who the boss is in this town.

At night, Jarrod joins in a friendly poker game at the saloon. He's prepared to raise the stake one hundred dollars if anyone can provide him with bits of information regarding the murder. The men remain mute. Jarrod leaves the table.

He sits alone at the bar and asks for a whiskey. He hands the hundred-dollar bill to the bartender who whispers to him to see Amy Colter who knows the truth.


Back in Stockton, Heath is sitting in the saloon when he sees Victoria entering. She's accosted by a peculiar man (Dick Cangey) whom Heath quickly sends on his way. She tries to convince her son to come home but he refuses as long as Anders remains in the house. She knew Heath could hate but just didn't know how much.

In Coreyville, Jarrod goes back to his hotel room where he meets with Matt Colter and two of his men. They threaten him to stop snooping around and leave town immediately. Jarrod refuses and is consequently knocked unconscious.

The next morning, Nick rides back to the ranch to inform Victoria and Audra that the telegram they expected from Jarrod hadn't come in. All are worried. Nick assures the two women that he will ride to Coreyville with Heath, if his brother will join him.


Judge Colter plans an accident to quiet Jarrod for good but Amy is against the idea of another murder. At night she goes to Jarrod's hotel room and sneaks him into the school where he hides for the remainder of the night.

Nick goes to town to get Heath to join him on the search for Jarrod in Coreyville. He first has to stop the poker game, which he does by revealing what Heath has in his hand. Heath is peeved but drops his anger when he learns of Jarrod's absence and agrees to follow Nick.


The next morning, Amy goes to the school and starts explaining how she fell in love with the murdered schoolteacher, Horace, because her husband was lacking interest in her. One day, Matt discovered their affair and shot the man in cold blood and blamed the murder on Gil Anders.

Heath and Nick arrive in Coreyville and make a stop at the hotel. They calmly impel the clerk into handing them over the key to Jarrod's room.

A few feet down the street, Jarrod plans to skip town with the help of Amy. Two men follow him and grab him to thrust him in front of a moving rig. Heath and Nick bounce forth behind the men, warning them to release their grip on Jarrod.


Across the street, Matt Colter is fuming. He grabs his gun and targets the three brothers. The Barkley boys' sharp reflexes are no match for Matt who is gunned down.

Judge Colter who witnessed the shooting orders Marshal Lanson to arrest the Barkleys but the lawman takes a stand and flatly refuses.

Back at the ranch, Heath goes up to talk with Anders. The man doesn't want Heath's forgiveness for what he did, but only wants him to believe that he's changed and that he's learned his lesson. Heath reluctantly agrees to let his anger go, for his family's sake.


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