"They All Met Before"


Logline: It's back in time for Steve, Oscar and Rudy as they run into their young counterparts who all meet in the Grand Canyon

Set-up: In The BW episode IRON SHIPS AND DEAD MEN Oscar tells Jaime that he was 11 years old in 1941. If that is correct that means Oscar                was born in 1929. Which makes him 14 years older than Steve. For this story I need the age difference between Steve, Rudy and Oscar               to be a little closer than that. I am also unclear as to where Oscar and Rudy grew up, so I'm going to change it. Also since I don't know               the name of their parents, I'll just make them up. They play a very small part in the main body of the story

Ojai California
August 1948
9:00 AM Pacific Time

"Come on Steven we're going to be late." Helen called, as she and Jim made their way down the front porch steps with their arms loaded with suitcases. She looked around, "Where is that boy?"

"I'm right here mama." Steven said climbing down from his tree house ladder. "I'm already for the honeymoon. Where are we going again?"

"The Grand Canyon." Jim answered.

The six year old let out a war hoop. "Yippie!!" He cried. "I can hardly wait to go to the bottom. "

"Well get in the car so we can go then."

Steven slid into the back seat. "Can we go down to the bottom Mama, can we?

"We will have to see. We are staying in a hotel not far from the Canyon, I don't know if we will go down or not."

"You're just scared." Steven teased his mother.

"I am not. Jim what time is our flight?

"It's at 10:00. We should be there at about 11:30 is an hour and a half flight."

"I agree with Steven, I'm excited about our trip. I'm so happy that you are letting him come. After all it is our honeymoon."

"Well we are a family, so we might as well go as a family."

"Well Jim, it was still kind of you to include him."

"Well he's a pretty good kid."

He reached in the back seat and pulled Steven's nose. He giggled.

"Are we flying out of Ojai, or LAX?” Helen asked.

"We have to fly out of LAX."

Fearing a long ride, Steven looked out the window, and tried counting the cars they met on the road. Helen helped when they became too numerous.

10:00 AM Pacific time

It wasn't long before they boarded their flight. Steven took the window seat. He loved to watch as the plane took off and landed.

"What is the name of the hotel?" Helen asked.

"It is called the Richfield Inn. They just opened a few months ago. I think it will be very nice. The travel agent said they have a restaurant in the hotel."

"Sounds very extravagant." Helen said.

"Well it's not very expensive." Jim put in.


Slowly they made there decent into LAX.

Jim, Helen and Steven headed for the car rental desk.

Cleveland Ohio
August 1948
12:00 PM Eastern Time

"Is that the last of it dad?” 11-year-old Rudy Wells asked as he and his father loaded up the trunk of their car for their vacation to the Grand Canyon. It had been a while since their last trip and he was very excited.

His father heaved the last of the suitcases into the trunk. "Let's get to the airport.”

“Cora we're ready." Herb Wells called to his wife. No response. "Rudy go help your mother will you?"

"Sure dad" He started back into the house. "Here she comes dad."

"I'm right here Herb."

"Let's go then!!"

Rudy's mother climbed in the back seat for their short drive to the airport. Rudy had a tendency to get car sick if he rode in the back.

"We should get out there at a pretty good time."

"What do you mean it's noon now? Our flight is at 1:00. You said the flight would be at least two and a half hours.”

“We gained time. It's only 9:00 in the morning out there. In two hours it will be only 11:00. We should get to see the Canyon by tomorrow. Maybe even take a peek at it today." He looked over at his son. "What do you say sport?"

"Sounds good dad."

"Did you make the hotel reservations?" Cora asked from the back seat.

"All set. We check in as soon as we get there."

He glanced over at his son sitting beside him. "You all ready to ride to the bottom of the canyon?"

"Gee, I don't know dad. I think maybe I might sit that one out, stay in the hotel and read or something."

"Oh no you don't. We are on vacation. You are NOT spending the whole time in the hotel room reading, and I mean that!! In fact those books you had in your suitcase, are no longer there. I left one so you could read on the plane but other than that, you are going to have fun."

"But dad, I like to read. I have read every book I could find on the Grand Canyon."

"That's fine. Look I know you are very smart and that next year instead of starting JR. High, they want you to start High School.”

Rudy looked over at him with a hopeful look.

"Your mother and I still have to discuss that one."

He slumped down in the seat and looked out the window watching the countryside till they arrived at the airport.

At 1:00 PM Eastern Time they got on the plane. Herb took the window. Rudy didn't like heights very well, so he sat on the aisle seat. He took out a book an started reading.

"What did you say the name of the hotel is?" Cora asked.

"I believe it's called the Richfield Inn. I've heard that it's very nice."

"Well it better be for $4 a night."

Chicago, Illinois
August 1948
12:30 PM Pacific Time

Nine-year-old Oscar Goldman sat on the hood of his parent's car. His father had just tossed the last suitcase into the trunk for their trip to The Grand Canyon. Oscar didn't really want to go though. He said he had other things to do, but at only nine he had no choice.

"Dad, do I have to go? I really would rather to just stay home."

"Oscar, we have been over this a dozen times. Your mother needs a vacation, and I think the Grand Canyon is as good a place as any."

"But there is so much to do around here."

"That might be true but that is what we are doing, end of that conversation."

"Ok, I'll try to have fun."

"Good, now here's your mother, not another word."

"Ok," he climbed down off the car and slid into the back seat.

"Let's go to the Canyon" Bill Goldman stated as he pulled out of the driveway.

Fran looked in the back at her son. "Don't worry honey it won't be as bad as you think, we will have a real good time. You'll see." Then she turned to her husband. "What time is our flight?"

"It's at 12:00, we should get there in very good time."

"I wonder if the hotel is nice."

"From what I've heard, it's a very lovely hotel. Not too far from the Canyon."

"What's the name?

"The Richfield."

"I would rather stay home." Oscar grumbled.

"What was that?" His father asked.

"Nothing sir.”

"Let's keep it that way."

At 12:00 their flight took off. Oscar slumped down in the middle seat. "Oscar, don't you want to sit by the window, or on the aisle." His mother asked.

"No, I'm fine." He answered grumpily.

His father shot him a look. "I thought we had a talk?"

At 12:00 Pacific Time their flight landed.

"I know. I'll be ok." He said trying to sound happy

Washington DC 1975
12:00 noon

"Are you guys coming or not?" Steve shouted to Rudy and Oscar. "Our flight leaves in a little over an hour."

Steve's car was already packed with everyone's luggage but at the last minute Oscar said he had some things to check on before he could join Rudy and Steve on their vacation to the Grand Canyon.

"I don't think I will go" Oscar commented as they were leaving the OSI building. "I have too much work to do."

"You are coming even if I have to kidnap you" Steve threatened jokingly "Come on Oscar, you promised you would come with us."

"I am telling you I don't have time for vacations. As a matter of fact, I went to the Grand Canyon when I was a kid, and I'll tell you I didn't want to go then and I really don't want to go now."

"Well you need a vacation, so let's go.”


After transferring the luggage from Steve's car to the Limousine Oscar had ordered for the drive to Dulles, they were on their way.

"You went to Grand Canyon as a kid so did I." Rudy and Steve spoke together.

Rudy asked. "When did you go?"

"I guess I was around nine. That would have been about 1948.

"That's weird Oscar." Rudy began. I went with my family in 1948 also." He looked over at Steve. "What's wrong with you?" His face was as white as the driven snow.

"That's the same year I went."

They arrived at Dulles. And headed for the VIP lounge and terminal. Steve was going to fly them out himself.

After getting on the plane Steve radioed the tower for clearance.

"You’re clear on runway 9 west," the voice from the control tower stated.

"Roger that" Steve replied. “Ok guys fasten those seat belts. We should be there in just under three hours."

The Richfield Hotel near the Grand Canyon
August 1948

Jim Elgin, Helen and Steven approached the check in desk.

"Elgin, party of 3. We have a reservation."

"Yes Mr. Elgin you are in room #10. I hope you enjoy your stay here at the Richfield Inn." She handed the key to the bellhop. "Take Mr. Elgin and party up to room 10"

"Wow!" Steven cried, when they entered the room, "they even have a radio in the room."

"All rooms have radio," the bellhop informed them.

"I thought you'd like that," Jim added.

"Oh I do, I do." Steven was jumping up and down with excitement.

After showing them around the room Jim handed the bellhop a tip and he left the room.

"Well I’d better start unpacking if we want to see the Canyon tomorrow." Helen sighed.

"Jim, why don't you take Steven for a walk and see what's around the hotel while I do the unpacking. I understand there is a playground around here somewhere."

"Don't mind if I do." The two of them left the room.


Down in the lobby The Herb Wells family was checking in. The same bellhop took their bags up to room # 11.

After scooping out the room, Rudy was ready to explore the rest of the hotel. He wanted to see if there was a newsstand where they had a magazine he wanted to buy. Maybe they might have a book or two he could buy. He hadn't shown it but he was rather annoyed that his father had gone through his suitcase and removed the books be had intended to bring along.

"Mama, can I go exploring?

"Look honey, they have radios." His mother walked over to him. "What was that? Yes you can just as long as you don't leave the hotel."

Just as Steven and Rudy were getting ready to leave their rooms Oscar's family was being shown room #12.

When they got into their room Oscar's mother said. “Isn't this nice Oscar? They even have a radio."

"Who cares?" he grumbled.

"Oscar, I have just about had it with this nasty attitude of yours. Why don't you get your things put away and then take a walk. They have a newsstand in the lobby. Why don't you check it out?"


After Steve landed his plane they quickly went to rent a car. They were all stunned when they were given a 1945 Oldsmobile to drive but thought nothing of it; the car seemed to run just fine. And it was in pretty good shape considering it was 30 years old.

"By the way Steve, where are we staying?" Rudy asked.

"The same place I stayed when I was a kid. I believe it's called the Richfield."

This time Oscar and Rudy's faces were white as the driven snow. "Are you putting me on?" Rudy said his voice shaking just a bit.

"No, I just thought it would be fun to see the place I stayed with, with my folks. Why?”

"That's the same hotel I stayed at."

"Ditto," Oscar added.

They pulled up to the hotel. Out of all the cars in the lot, there was not one car manufactured before 1950. "Oh no!!" They coursed "Here we go again!"

"Well let's check in and see what happens." Steve suggested. "We might as well ride it out."

They got out of their rental car and walked in to see if any rooms were available.

"Yes" the clerk announced. “We have only one room left. It has two beds in it we could bring you a cot."

"That would be just fine." Steve said, as he signed the register.

The clerk rang for the bellhop "Take these gentlemen to room # 9"

"Right away. Would you please follow me?"

They followed the bellhop to room # 9 after tipping him they decided to settle in.

"Hey!" Steve cried, "They have radio."

“Big deal" grumbled Oscar.

"I wonder if they have a newsstand, if we could get a hold of a paper we could find out what the date is. I think I'll go check it out."

"Ok, let us know." Oscar said.

"Come on Oscar let's join him."

"OH alright."

They headed back downstairs to the lobby. As they did they just missed the elevator. So they had to wait for the next one.

Little Rudy walked into the newsstand he was so happy they had one in the hotel. Jim and Steven who thought he just might find a candy bar followed him into the newsstand. After wondering the halls for a bit, the young Oscar also found himself drawn to the newsstand.

The elevator opened on the lobby level and Oscar, Rudy and Steve stepped off and headed for the newsstand.

Rudy headed straight for the newspapers. He picked up the first one he saw. “August 22, 1948.Well at least we know what year we are in.”

He walked over to Oscar and Steve and told them the date.

As they walked around Steve was surprised to see Jim and a young boy of about six, 'wait' he thought to himself. “That's me!!"

At the newspapers, Rudy saw a young boy looking at the magazines. He looked vaguely familiar. If he could only place him, then it hit him. 'That's me' he said to himself. 'Yes, the date would be right. How could this be happening?'

Oscar was watching a boy walking around the newsstand, it was very obvious this was the last place he wanted to be.

At that moment a woman walked in, "Oscar honey" Oscar turned his head at the sound of his mother's voice. "Come on, we want to go get a quick look at the canyon and then a bite to eat, your father is already in the car."

"Aw ma, do I have to?" the younger version of himself complained.

'Holy ----' Oscar said to himself. 'That's me.'

The young Oscar slumped his shoulders and left with his parents. Steve saw Rudy and Oscar and stared toward them. The same went for Rudy and Oscar. They practically knocked each other down. "Do you know what I saw?" They all said at the same time.

Then Rudy regained his composure and snapped back to reality. "Why don't we discuss this in our room?"

Steve and Oscar agreed and they took the elevator back up to their room. "What is going on?" Oscar demanded closing the door behind him.

"Well apparently when we were kids, we were here at the same time, and never even knew it. I suggest we just sit back and watch the fun. I wonder if we’ll meet up with each other?"

"That would be something, wouldn't it?" Steve added.

"I don't know about the two of you, but I am just a little," he thought a moment, "I guess the only way to say it is freaked out. I feel like I'm in the 'Twilight Zone' or something."

"Well I say again let's just ride it out. I'm anxious to see what happens next."

Steve snapped his fingers. "We better be careful what we call each other. I can be Steve as when I was a kid I was always Steven. Rudy. We'll call you Doc ok? I mean if we call you Rudy, it might seem kind of strange."

"That's all well and good, but what about Oscar?"

"Do you have a middle name?"

"Yes but I'm sure as the hell not telling the two of you."

"Come on Oscar" Rudy coaxed "What is it?"

"I'll never tell, why don't you call me what my family always called my cousin. He was named after his dad and they just called him Chip."

"Ok so we are Steve, Doc, and Chip." Rudy related.

"Sounds good to me" Steve and Oscar said together.

"Well, let's go see what we are doing."

Once again they went downstairs.


By now Rudy had found the magazine he was looking for and was back in the hotel room reading when his father walked in. "I thought I told you no reading except on the plane. That's why I took your book as soon as we got off the plane. There is a wonderful playground out back. Why don't you go check it out."

"Aw dad, do I have to?"

"Yes." He gently took the magazine and lightly swatted him on the backside. "Now scoot."

Little Rudy wandered onto the playground. Steven was already there. He was sitting on a swing. Steve and company were also there.

Steven walked up to the older boy. "Hi my name is Steven, would you please push me on the swing?"

Young Rudy smiled. "Sure, hop on."

"What's your name?" Steven asked as the swing went higher and higher.

"Rudy Wells." He continued pushing the younger boy in the swing. "How old are you?"

"I'm six."

"I'm twelve"

They were interrupted when Steven's mother arrived. "Steven, come on. We are going to get something to eat."

Rudy slowed the swing down so Steven could get off. "See you later."

"Will you be here tomorrow?"

"No we are looking at the Canyon tomorrow."

Steven put his hand to his head. "That's right so are we." He turned to his mother "mama, this is Rudy he pushed me on the swing."

"That was sure nice of you."

"No problem. Hey maybe we'll see you at the Canyon tomorrow?"

"Yea maybe we will." Steven grinned.

After they left Rudy hung around the playground. He was happy when another child approach the playground he only wished he were older. But at least his was older than the kid who had just left.

"My name is Rudy I'm 12.”

"I'm Oscar I'm nine. Wanna play on the see-saw?"

"Sure, race ya."

"You got it." They both raced to the seesaw.

Rudy hopped on one end and Oscar on the other. "Are you going to the bottom of the canyon tomorrow?” Rudy asked.

"Yea, I guess so."

"Same here. I'm not so sure about the going all the way down though."

"I know what you mean." Oscar sighed.

The three men sat on a park bench watching the exchange. "Well Chip, you don't look like your having a very good time." Steve observed.

"I told you I didn't want to go."

Soon their parents came and the boys had to go up stairs to their rooms.

"Oscar his father called,” time for bed.

"Rudy, come on son, we have a busy day ahead of us. Let's get some shut-eye huh.”

"That's my dad. I have to go" The two said in unison. Then laughed.

The two men looked at each other. "What room are you in?" Herb asked Bill.

“We're in room 12,” Bill answered.

"We're 11." Bill responded. "Going to the canyon tomorrow?"

"Sure, you?"

"Yes. Maybe we'll run into each other?”

They walked off and back into the hotel.

"Well looks like we are in for the night. Why don’t we grab a quick bite and turn in for the night? Sounds like we are going to have a lot of fun tomorrow." Steve suggested.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" Rudy (Doc) asked.

"Yea, well I think it's kind of neat. We all played together as kids."

"That is rather interesting" Doc added. "Wonder what will happen tomorrow?"