"After the Turkey"


Logline: The kids' grandfather is getting his day in court for shooting at Oscar

Chaos erupted as Russ and the security guard grabbed Paul and Frank and escorted them out to Russ’ car.

Rudy ran to Jaime and Steve who were coming around. They both sat up and rubbed their foreheads where they were each getting a pretty good sized goose egg from where they had run into each other trying to get in front of Oscar.

Steve sat holding his right arm, which had taken the bullet.

Marc and Matt were still playing outside when they heard the shot they both ran for the house.

“Are you two alright?” Rudy asked, as he looked at Steve’s arm. “Can you move your arm?”

“Just barely but I would rather it hit me there instead of Oscar.”

“Let’s get to the lab and I’ll see what I can do.” Rudy said.

The twins walked in the back door. “What was that noise?” they wanted to know.

“Someone broke into the house and tried to hurt your dad.” Steve said. He looked at Oscar whose eyes pleaded with him to not reveal that it was actually their grandfather.

“Come on Steve, we need to go take care of that.” Rudy grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

“We’ll all go.” Oscar said. “You boys ride with me. I’m just glad you were outside and Joey was playing in his room.”

They all went out to the cars. Steve and Jaime rode with Rudy and Oscar and the kids rode with him.

When they got to the OSI Rudy took Steve down to the lab to repair his arm. Oscar, Jaime and the kids waited in Rudy’s outer office.

“I though I would find you here” Russ said as he entered. “Oscar, can I see you for just a minute?”

“Sure Russ. Jaime watch them would you?”

“No problem Oscar.” Jaime replied.

Oscar followed Russ out into the hall. “Listen, Joey was in his room playing when this happened, the twins were outside. Please tell me they didn’t see it was their grandfather?”

“No, they didn’t see. They were nowhere around when we put them in the car.” Russ reassured him.

“That’s good news. Marc is having a hard enough time. We just ‘got him back’ so to speak. All we need is for him to ‘regress.’ Anyway so what’s the story?” Oscar asked.

“Well they are both in jail right now.”

Jaime sat listening to the conversation. “Dan, can you hold down the fort in here? Joey went to sleep and the boys are busy with the puzzles Rudy bought for Marc.”

“Sure Jaime, go ahead. We’ll be fine.”

She stepped out into the hall. “I’m sorry Oscar I wanted to join you. Dan is watching the kids.”

“That’s fine. Jaime” He turned back to Russ. “Go on please.”

“Anyway, as I said they are in jail for the moment. Anyway.”

“What do you mean ‘for the moment’?” Oscar wanted to know.

“Well they could make bail by morning.”

“Did you tell them the circumstances?” Jaime asked.

“Not yet that will come at the arraignment tomorrow. We should be there to tell the judge why we don’t want bail.”

“I’ll be there with bells on.” Jaime said.

“Me to,” Steve said as he came through the door. “Rudy says it’s as good as new.”

“Hey even better,” Rudy said joining them. “I’ll be more than happy to appear in court tomorrow an your behalf.”

“Thanks I appreciate it. Are you sure you’re ok Steve?” Oscar was concerned.

“Never better.” Steve assured.

“Listen,” Russ continued, “we have him for attempted murder on both of you and assault on Steve.”

“I have had enough excitement for one day.” Oscar said. “I think I’m going to gather up my family and go home.”

“Not without me you're not!” Steve protested.

“Steve, he’s in jail.’ Oscar reminded.

“I don’t care. I am coming with you or you are staying here.”

“Well, if it comes down to that, I guess you can come along. Jaime, are you staying tonight too?”

“Try and stop me.” Jaime answered.

“I better give you two a ride.” Rudy said. “There isn’t enough room in Oscar’s car.”

“Thanks Rudy.” Steve replied.

Rudy followed Oscar back out to his house. “I’ll see you tomorrow “ he said before he drove off.

They all walked in the house. “What happened anyway?” Marc asked as he and Matt got ready for bed.

“Someone broke into the house and tried to hurt your dad. But it is over now.” Steve said.

“Who?” Matt wanted to know.

“No one you know.” Jaime assured. “You two just go on to bed and get some sleep. If you need anything just holler.”

“We will!” They said together.


The next morning Jaime made breakfast for everyone. “I just thought one of us has to stay here with the kids while you go to court. I will stay you guys go on.”

“Thanks Jaime.” Steve said.

“Well I figured you were the one who got hurt…”

They were interrupted when the phone rang. Jaime picked it up “Hello. Yes he’s right here. It’s Rudy,” she said as she handed the phone to Steve.

“Yea I can stop in before the arraignment but why?”

“I’ll explain when you get here.” Rudy told him.

“I’ll be there in about half an hour.” Steve said.

“See you then.” Rudy said as he hung up the phone. “

Why did Rudy want to see you Steve?” Oscar said on their way in.

“I don’t know. He didn’t tell me.” Steve answered.

“I’ll see you when I finish with Rudy.” Steve said as they entered the building. “We will all go to court together.”

“Sounds good to me” Oscar agreed.

Steve walked down to Rudy’s office. “Now what is this all about?” Steve said.

“I got to thinking last night. The judge may want to see your injury in court today.” Rudy told him.

“Well I don’t have one.” Steve reminded him.

“You’re about to get one.” Rudy explained.

Steve gave him a strange look. “What are you talking about?”

“You’ll see. Have a seat.”

Rudy proceeded to apply make up to Steve’s arm in about the same location he had gotten hit. By the time he finished it looked so real that when Oscar walked in he gasped.

“What’s going on here?” He said.

“Another one of Rudy’s little inventions,” Steve said. “He thought if the judge wanted to see a scar I should at least have one to show.”

“Man that looks real. It looks like it would hurt even.”

“Good I want it to look that way.” Rudy said. “Now for the added touch,” he continued. “Let’s see, I don’t want to hurt you.” He took a small needle and drew a few drops of blood from Steve’s left hand.

“What are you doing that for?” Oscar inquired.

“You’ll see. I didn’t hurt you, did I Steve?”

“No you didn’t hurt me, but you have me curious as well.”

Rudy took the drops and smeared them onto a gauze pad, then taped it over the ‘scar.’ He also took the bullet he had removed from Steve’s arm out of its plastic evidence bag and smeared a small amount of blood on it as well.

“I’ll be hanged,” Oscar said “Rudy that looks so real.”

“I don’t like tampering with evidence like this, but how do I explain how I removed a bullet from a man and it has no blood on it?”

“You can’t. Don’t worry Rudy, I won’t say a word.” Oscar guaranteed.

“Now for the added touch.” He put Steve’s arm in a sling. “That ought to do it,” He said. “Let’s go to court.” Rudy said as he grabbed a plastic bag with the bullet in it.


When they arrived at the courthouse the media was all over the place in view of what they felt was an upcoming story.

The district attorney met them just inside the front door. “I’m sorry about that. I don’t know how they found out.”

“I don’t want the kids to know about this.” Oscar grumbled. “I want you to get rid of them, NOW!!”

“I’ll take care of it.” The lawyer went outside just in time to see a press conference getting underway by the Jenkins and their lawyers. He went back into the courthouse.

“Are they gone already?” Oscar asked surprised to see him so soon.

“No, but at least I know who leaked it to the press.”


“Frank and Paul Jenkins. They are out there right now holding a press conference.”

“Oh that’s great. Steve, call Jaime and tell her to keep the kids away from the TV all day, I don’t want them hearing about this on the news. I’ll have to talk to them when we get home tonight.”

Steve left to make the phone call. The District attorney turned to Oscar. “Is he the one who was injured?”

“Yes he is.”

“I have the bullet right here.” Rudy said handing it to him. “Sorry I couldn’t get it to you before this. But your office wasn’t open yesterday. I assure it was protected all night.”

Rudy hated lying but he had no choice. “You should turn it over to ballistics.”

“I will,” The district attorney said as took it from him. “I have no doubt in my mind it was protected. Thanks for bringing it in.”

“No problem.” Rudy said.

Court got underway. Frank and Paul were the first defendants called.

The judge looked at them. “You are accused of attempted murder and assault. How do you plead?”

“Not guilty,” their lawyer stated.

“Jeff Douglas for the people your honor. We ask that the defendants be remanded until trial.”

“Your honor, Ken Parks for the defense. My clients are usually law-abiding members of society. We ask that the people permit bail.”

“Your honor,” Jeff spoke up. Paul and Frank Jenkins are accused of trying to kill a federal agent. That’s why this case should be held in Federal Court and we are in court the Friday after Thanksgiving.

The judge looked at the papers in front of him. Then he looked at the Jenkins’ “You are accused of attempted murder on Oscar Goldman, is that correct?”

“Yes your honor, they are,” Ken spoke for his clients.

“It says here,” the judge continued, “that you actually did shoot a man, Mr. Goldman’s body guard Colonel Austin, also a federal agent.”

“Correct your honor, I mean they are accused to this.” Ken stated.

The judge looked over at Steve who wore a shot sleeved shirt so that Rudy’s fake bandage showed.

“I can see you were injured sir,” The judge said. “There will be no bail set at this time. We will have the trial at 9:00 Monday morning. I trust both parties will have no objection to this.”

“No objection from the people, your honor.” Jeff said.

“None here either Sir my clients want to get this over with as soon as possible so they can get back to NY.” Ken stated.

Frank leaned over to Ken. Ken spoke again. “Your honor this whole incident revolves around a custody dispute. My client asks that his grandchildren be turned over to his wife at this time.”

Jeff stood “Your honor, this case was heard in family court already.” He handed the judge the decision of the Family Court Judge. He looked at it. “I see no reason to remove the children from their current place of residence.”

“Your honor, at least grant visitation.” Ken objected.

“I see no reason to overrule the family court decision.”Tthe judge was starting to get angry.

“Your honor,” Ken continued to plead, “my clients have not seen their grandchildren since the tragic death of their son.”

“Mr. Parks. I am going to say this once. This is a federal court, not a family court. Your clients are here because they are accused to trying to murder a high-ranking government official. I don’t have time for your petty games. Now I said the trial will be Monday morning at 9:00 and I meant 9:00am sharp, do I make myself clear? I will not hear a case that has already been heard in family court.”

Defeated, Jeff Parks picked up his files and put them in his brief case. He shook hands with his clients and told them he would be by later to discuss the case.

He caught the District Attorney outside the courtroom. “Can I see you in my office in an hour?”

“Yes you can.” Jeff agreed.


Oscar didn’t bother going to the office after the arraignment he and Steve went straight home, he had to talk to the kids. Thanks to Mr. Ken Parks he was now forced to reveal to the boys the identity of the men who tried to kill him. He only hoped it wouldn’t push Marc over the edge again.

“Hi Jaime,” he said as he stepped into the kitchen from outside. “Where are the boys?”

“They have been playing in their room most of the day. After Steve called I made sure all the TVs were turned off. Did they really hold a press conference?”

“Yes they did right on the courthouse steps. Now I’m sure everyone in the twins’ class will know about it Monday morning. I’m going to tell them tonight over dinner.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?”

“What choice do I have? I just hope this doesn’t have an adverse affect on Marc.”

“Same here. When is the trial?”

“First thing Monday morning.” Oscar answered.

“Well, I have to get going. I will be in my room if you need me. Where’s Steve?”

“He was going to put the car away and come right…”

The back door opened and Steve stepped in. “Steve!” Jaime cried when she saw his arm then noticed it was his right arm “One of Rudy’s little inversions?” she asked.

“Looks real doesn’t it?” Steve said. “That’s why Rudy wanted to see me. He thought the judge might want to see a wound. So he gave me one.”

“It scared me the first time I saw it to.” Oscar said.

“I guess I need to keep it at least till Monday.” Steve surmised.

“That would be a good idea.” Jaime agreed.


That night Jaime and Steve went out to dinner they felt reasonably sure that Oscar would be safe and he wanted to speak to the children alone.

“Dan, you already know this. Marc and Matt I have something to tell you. Last night it wasn’t just anyone who broke in here and shot Steve. It was you grandfather and uncle Paul.”

He watched them for several minutes. Then Matt shrugged. “Sounds like grandpa. Can we go play now?”

Oscar turned to Marc. “Are you ok?”

“Yea. Like Matt said that sounds like grandpa.”

“Then you two aren’t upset?” Oscar questioned.

“No, why are we supposed to be?”

“No, I just thought you would be upset to hear that your grandfather broke in here and tried to hurt me and did hurt Steve.”

“Grandpa’s kind of strange. He got even stranger when Aunt Carla told him and grandma that they could never have kids.” Matt said.

Danny interrupted. “Yea Uncle Paul suggested that he and Carla could adopt, but gramps wanted no part of that. Said it wouldn’t be the same.”

“Really? He was that upset?”

“Yea, as a matter of fact he hit the ceiling at the mere mention of it. None of us ever quite knew why.”

“Wait a minute,” Oscar said, “I do remember your mother mentioning something about that.”

“To be real honest I think that’s why both mom and dad wanted us to live with you. They didn’t think grandpa was stable enough.”

“What about your grandmother?”

Danny thought for a moment, “She was about the same way. Though not quite as bad as grandpa.”

“I see…”

“You guys still talking?” Steve asked as he and Jaime entered the kitchen.

Oscar looked at his watch. “You,” he pointed to Joey to go to bed . Then to the twins he said, “And you two better get ready for bed. I know you’re on vacation, but you still need your rest.”

“Ok dad.” The three said as they got up from the table.

“I am afraid Frank may get off on an insanity plea. According to what Dan and I were talking about, he’s not a very stable person.”

“He won’t go free.” Danny said. “He would go to an institution or something like that.”

“He’s right Oscar. Let’s just wait till Monday morning an see what happens.”

“It is going to be a very long weekend.” Oscar sighed.


It turned out not to be as long as Oscar feared. Monday was a very bright sunny day but extremely cold. “I hope the insulation Rudy put in your snow pants keeps you warm enough Marc. You know, I’m keeping you in at recess. I’ll write a note to your teacher explaining that you didn’t feel well yesterday, and I don’t want you and Matt out in the cold.”

“Dad, they probably won’t go outside anyway. It’s below zero. Most schools have a policy about that.” Danny informed him.

“Well just to be on the safe side I better write a note.” He wrote it, then handed it to Marc “Make sure your teacher gets this.”

After the usual stops Oscar went to the courthouse. The distract attorney met him outside the courtroom. “He’s pleading not guilty by reason…”

“Don’t tell me, insanity”

“How did you guess?”

A conversation I had with the kids last night. From what they say, he’s not a very stable person.”

“Well we will see how this plays out. Let’s go in “

At 9:00 all were in assembled in the courtroom. All but Ken Parks. The judge’s patients was wearing thin.

At 9:26 Parks entered the courtroom “I’m so happy you can grace us with your presence.” The judge complained.

“I’m sorry you honor. I hit traffic.” He tried to explain.

“Everyone else managed to get here on time.”

“I apologize to the court.”

“Don’t let it happen again. Let’s get started. Your first witness Mr. Douglas.”

“Yes your honor. I call Mark Russell to the stand.”

Russ walked to the stand. “Mr. Russell you were present during the altercation?”

“Yes I was.”

Please tell us what happened?”…

Outside the courtroom Jaime, Steve and Rudy waited there turn to testify.

“After Frank fired the shot. I grabbed him and the security guard grabbed Paul I took the gun away from Frank at that time.” Russ completed his testimony

“This gun the one right here?” Douglas held up a revolver with a tag hanging from it.

“Yes that’s the gun.” Russ answered.

“No further questions.” Douglas concluded

“Any questions Parks?” The judge asked.

Parks looked at his client. “Not at this time your honor.”

“This case is not going to drag out. If you have a question for Mr. Russell I suggest you ask it now!”

“No questions sir.”

“Thank you.”

“Your next witness Mr. Douglas.”

“Yes your honor. Col Steve Austin.”

The court clerk opened the door and motioned to Steve. He stood up and walked into the room.

“Take the stand please.” The judge said.

Steve sat in the witness stand. “You were injured by the defendant, correct?”

“Yes when I saw that Jenkins was about to shoot Oscar I intended to place myself in the middle between him and the bullet. That’s how I got hit.” Steve pretended to rub his arm where the bullet had hit him.

“Are you still in pain?”

Steve refused to lie in court. “No. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Thank you, no further questions.” Douglas said.

“Very good,” the judge interjected. “Parks, any questions for this witness?”

“Yes your honor. Why did you run in front of my client? If you had not done that, you may not have been hurt.”

”And there is every possibility Oscar would have been dead. You should be grateful instead of critical. If he had killed Oscar, which was his intention, he would be facing a murder trial rather than an attempted murder trial. To answer you question, I did it to protect a friend.”

Douglas turned away. “No further questions.”

“Good” the judge said rubbing his hands together “This is moving right along. Your next witness Mr. Douglas.” Steve stepped down and sat by Russ.

“Dr. Rudy Wells.” He called.

Again the door opened and the clerk motioned to Rudy.

“Take the stand Doctor.” The judge said. At the rate they were going they should be done by noon, the judge hoped.

“I really have only one question Doctor. Is this the bullet you removed from Colonel Austin’s arm yesterday evening?”

Rudy looked at it. “Yes it is.”

“Ballistics has proven that this bullet came from this gun, the gun that was taken from the defendant by Mark Russell Thursday night. No more questions.”

“Any questions Mr. Parks?” Ken was whispering to his client. “One moment your honor.”

“And we were going so well.” The judge sighed. “We will have a 15 minute recess.”

“Come on Oscar.” Steve said. “Let’s go have a cup of coffee downstairs.”

They surprised Jaime as they all came out of the courtroom “We have a 15 minute recess.” They said. “Want to join us for coffee? We can’t discuss the case, though”

“I understand,” she said.


After the recess they were all back in the courtroom all but Jaime.

The judge took the bench. “I hear your client wishes to change his plea from not guilty to guilty?”

“That is correct your honor. We talked with the district attorney and he agreed to it and we agreed to his terms.”

“Which are?” The judge asked.

At this time the clerk motioned Jaime in. “We won’t need your testimony. We have a plea agreement, if you wish to join your friends you are free to do so.”

Jaime sat in between Steve and Rudy.

“Go on Mr. Douglas.What’s the plea agreement?”

“The district attorney agreed to 25 years to life. And the Jenkins family is to never bother Oscar again.”

“That sounds reasonable.” The judge agreed. “Are all parties satisfied?”

“Yes your honor.”

“This case is dismissed.”

“Are you ok with this Oscar?” Jaime asked as they left the courthouse.

“Yea. At least he’s going to prison, and they are not to bother me. Yes I’m very happy with is.”

“That’s good.”

“All I want to know is what’s going to happen next?”

“I think all will go well now.” Steve reassured him.


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