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Buffy Anne Summers/Sarah Michelle Geller Pictures

Here are some great pictures of Buffy Summers excellently portrayed by Sarah Michelle Geller.

The Big Moments

An unforgettable speech by Whistler as Buffy is running down the hall after realizing that Angel has set a trap for her and her friends. Buff is the slayer, but not even her irridescent greeny blue coat can help her run fast enough to reach Kendra before Dru kills her. A beautiful speech set to a heartbreaking scene from Becoming Part 1

Class Protector

Awww! Buffy wins an award at Prom!!!! Very cute scene, and a really gorgeous dress! She looks like she's glowing (and yet the dress isn't radioactive!) Taken from The Prom (Season 3)

Sarah's a Princess!

What a pretty girl! I just like this picture of Sarah, because she's so free and flowing, just a generally nice shot