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Win My Award!

This is the Buffy and Angel Forever Award! It is really cool! But, it's extremely hard to win! Only the best sites will be awarded it! E-mail me ( the following information: Site name, Your name, and the Site Address. I still haven't figured out how to do that form stuff. (The real award won't have the Sample on it). The requirements are at the bottom of the page.



* Must be Buffy related (whether it's about a cast member, or General).
* Must have at least one page dedicated to Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Spike, or Buffy    and Riley (I'm open to all posibilities, but I do believe Buffy and Angel have the eternal love!!)
* Must sign my Guestbook (anyone who applies for the award and doesn't sign my Guestbook, I will not even consider you)
* Must have a link to me from your page (whether it's a banner, or just writing) Click here to get my banner.
* Must have pictures (at least 10)
* Must have originality and creativity!
* Must have either a Links page OR an Info. page

Good Luck!!!!!!!!