The Fan Fic Page

I like fan fiction that addresses missing scenes, or speculates what has happened since "Chosen". The fan ficlet
I wrote
addressed a (what later turned out to be false) spoiler.  This page will be dedicated my favorite fan fics,
 my favorite fan fic sites, and ideas I have for stories that I don't have time to write. :)


I have so many favorite stories bookmarked, some of which I have lost, that I simply can't put them
all here. But here are a few that I have:

 In Dreams by Colleen - A short ficlet that takes place during season 6

Who's Afraid of Red, White, Green by By LadyCat and Estepheia - Christmas 2003 at Wolfram and Hart

Aftermath by LC Fenster - Post Chosen, Pre-Conviction Buffy/Angel crossover

Something Alive by Opulence - Sometime around "Get It Done". Based on the quote by James Marsters
 that he felt Spike would build Buffy a garden as something alive she could enjoy without him.

Ten Thousand by Wisteria - Absolutely fantastic take on Spike journey from Africa back to Sunnydale,
post season 6, pre season 7. Beyond compare.

See You In My Dreams by Enchanted Ivy - Adorable fic pondering what Spike might have
dreamt if he'd had one of the dreams in "Restless". Reads as if Spike were talking to you,
telling you about his dream.

Eight Little Words by jen - One take on the missing basement scene from "Chosen"

Actions Past by dutchbuffy2305 - Sunnydale 1997, Buffy makes a wish, with unexpected consequences.

After The Flood by ascian - Post-Chosen, AU pre-Angel season 5


Just a couple for now, more to come when I have more time...

All About Spike dot com - AWESOME!

Bloody Awful Poets Society Fan Fic Section - Are we seeing a trend here?'s Buffy section

Nimue Tucker's Fanfic -She is a GODDESS!

Heroes, a virtual spin-off series that takes place after Angel's s5 finale and incorporates both shows, also has some short fics that give some background info for the story. Very nicely done site. Unfortunately, the writers seemed to have abandoned it. :(

ATS-No Limits: THE BEST Angel fanfic in existence, in my opinion. I LOVE this series, and HIGHLY recommend it. The writers are true to the characters, and the stories are compelling. It's like I can see the eps actually playing out in my head. AWESOME!!

Spike: Soul Survivor: Spike centered, so of course I love it. :D

WaTchers: Now in their 3rd!! season and still going strong. No Spike, very little Buffy, but quite compelling regardless. :)


All these are Buffy, post-Chosen:

Willow's spell was temporary
Faith and Buffy revert to being the only slayers
Willow casts a (permanent) spell to make the juducial system
believe Faith has done her time and is free.
Where do we go from here?

Kennedy and the slayer training school
Willow is a magicks professor
Xander teaches practical skills (like carpentry)
Dawn is a student and teachers aide/watcher-in-training

Oz returns "Damn I missed another apocalypse..."

Faith cross country on a motorcycle
Meeting and training new slayers
Giles back to England to start a new Watchers Council
takes Dawn Willow (and Kennedy) and Xander with him

AU from Chosen, The Scooby Gang joins forces with the Fang Gang

More to come!!