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(Courtesy of Alison Sweeney's Official site.  This is their official biography for her)

Sami and her brother, Eric, were raised in Denver, Colorado by their maternal grandparents. She returned to Salem in 1992 as a teenager and wasted no time getting herself into trouble. Although she has a wholesome good girl appearance, Sami is known for her dark and devious side. Just a few weeks after her arrival, Sami began her long-term seduction of her sister Carrie's boyfriend, Austin Reed. Sami befriended newcomer Lucas Roberts and the two joined forces to break Carrie and Austin apart. 

Despite all of her radical efforts to win Austin over, he was in love with Carrie. She even became bulimic in an attempt to get Austin's attention. Back at home, Sami was meddling in her mother, Marlena's business as well. She uncovered Marlena's affair with John Black and discovered that her little sister, Belle, was John's biological daughter. She saw Belle as a constant reminder of her mother's mistake and kidnapped her to get her away from the family. John, however, found Belle and the two were reunited. 

Later, Sami began dating Alan who eventually raped her. Her testimony did not hold up in court and the case was subsequently dropped. Later, Alan attacked her and threatened her at gunpoint but Sami gained control of the situation and shot him in the groin, castrating him. 

After the ordeal, she turned to Lucas for comfort and couple made love thereby conceiving baby Will. Sami, however, was still in love with Austin and she drugged him in order to get him into bed. After Austin and Sami made love, he realized his mistake and vowed that it would never happen again. Sami used her pregnancy to tear Austin and Carrie apart. She interrupted their wedding with the false news that Austin was her baby's father. Sami gave birth to baby Will and continued to use him to win Austin over from Carrie. 

When Will was kidnapped and sold on the black market in France, Austin and Sami were forced to legally marry in order to regain custody of their child. Austin planned to annul the marriage as soon as they returned to Salem but a series of accidents prevented the two from splitting. Sami faked amnesia for months in order to manipulate both Austin and her family but she was eventually found out. Will's paternity was revealed and Austin married Carrie. 

Next, Sami had a brief affair with aspiring US citizen, Franco Kelly. The two were engaged but Austin found Franco having an affair with a stripper named Candi and told Sami moments before the wedding. Sami threatened to kill him and moments later, Franco was found dead (Lucas shot him). Sami was convicted of the crime and sentenced to die by lethal injection. Austin kidnapped Will and Sami and hid them from authorities but she was eventually recaptured. Seconds before her injection, Sami was cleared of the crime. A free citizen again, Sami reverted to her "evil" ways to gain custody of Will and to pry Austin and Carrie apart. Even though Austin learned that he wasn't the father, he committed himself to raising young Will. 

Sami and Austin continued to grow closer and Carrie and Austin eventually divorced. Sami and Austin moved in with one another at the Kiriakis mansion. Of course, just because Austin and Carrie divorced, that doesn't mean Sami has her man. He spent time with Greta and the two grew closer. In the meantime, Sami allowed herself to be wooed by Brandon and the two had several "dates" and she enlisted the help of both him and Nicole to help her gain custody of Will. She and Brandon succeeded, after he seduced and married Angela Moroni. Angela's dying request, at the Coronation Massacre, was that her father give Sami the tape that proved Lucas's guilt. Now, Sami has finally persuaded Austin to marry her. Kate is still a fly in her ointment, however, especially since Lucas has come out of his coma. But, Sami can't be kept down, and is looking forward to her wedding in Las Vegas and making Austin move to Hawaii. 

Eventually Austin uncovered the truth about Sami's lies where Lucas was concern and he left her unable to be around her upon knowing the truth.  Currently Samantha is still fighting harder than ever to be a good mother to Will and to win over Brandon Walker's heart.  After Austin's departure, Samantha now realizes that the love she wanted she had all along in front of her eyes in Brandon and while she was blind to it before, this time, make no mistakes, she will do everything in her power to make him hers even if she has to step on a few toes and resort to blackmailing along the way.  Hey this is Sami we're talking about!!  She never does anything half way!!!