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In Print
(the following section are various articles about Matt, Ali or their characters from various soap magazines)

SPW: Hit or Miss Brandon and Samantha (2000)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Alison Sweeney) SID
SOD's Classic quotes from Eric and Lucas on Sami
SOD's Roundup: What was the most embarrassing thing to happen to Ali in High School (click here to find out)
SOD's Real Life Friends with Alison Sweeney, Arianne Zucker, Julianne Morris
Ali and Dave at the Emmy's in the Fashion View from SOD
SOD's Roundup: If Ali could be any other character of the opposite sex on the show, who would she be?
SOD's I Want that Look.  How to get the beautiful hair and makeup that Ali gets on the set of days as told by DOOL's Makeup and Wardrobe artists
SPW's Hottest Couples of '00 (Brami July 00)
SPW's Feature Hottest Summer Storylines '00 (Austin/Samantha/Brandon) (July 00)
Fashion Therapy SPW 00
James Renolds Basketball for Charity Event Pics and blurb
Let's Make a Meal with Alison Sweeney (SOD)
Horsing Around with Alison Sweeney (SOD)
Various Alison Sweeney Tidbits in the press
Various Matt Cedeno Tidbits in the press
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In Multimedia 
(the following section are various slide shows, videos and more  about Brandon and Samantha)

Brandon and Samantha Video Clips
(to access file, right click and go to save target as to download file)
Promo for the first time Brandon and Samantha Make Love (03)
Samantha Entices Brandon With a Tale of Romance (03)
Valentine's Day Brami Dinner pt 1 (03)
Valentine's Day Brami Dinner pt 2 (03)
Valentine's Day Brami Dinner pt 3 (03)
Valentine's Day Brami Dinner pt 4 (03)
Valentine's Day Brami Dinner pt 5 (03)
Valentine's Day Brami Dinner pt 6 (03)
Valentine's Day Brami Dinner pt 7 (03)
Valentine's Day Brami Dinner pt 8 (03)
Brandon shows up to visit Samantha and has a pleasant surprise (Nov 99)
Brandon corrects his freudian slip (Nov 99)
Samantha asks Brandon to zip her dress up (Nov 99)
Brandon reminds Samantha not to change for anyone as she's a wild one and should always stay that way. (Nov 99)
Brandon catches Samantha sneaking into the Kiriakis mansion. (Jan 6, 00)
Brandon and Samantha almost kiss, but Nicole and Lucas walk in interrupting the moment. (Jan 6, 00)
Brandon, Samantha, Lucas and Nicole question Nicole on her slip of the tongue. (Jan 6, 00)
Samantha urges Brandon to reveal Nicole's secret with her. (Jan 6, 00)
Samantha gets angry when Brandon won't reveal Nicole's secret to her.(Jan 6, 00)

Right Kind of Wrong--A Brami Music Montage

Brandon gives Sami the bracelet on the rooftop after telling off Lucas (Added 11/15/04)
Sweetest Sin: Brami Music Montages/Media and More!! (Added 11/02/04)