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(In this section you will read the official tale of Brandon and Samantha from the beginning along with fan fics that other Brandon and Samantha fans have written about what they'd like to see happen for their favorite couple.  If you have a story or transcripts you'd like to contribute, please feel free to drop me a line at Brandon and Samantha transcripts/fanfic)

Their Story Brought to Life




Anywhere Is by Jordan A historical, romantic fanfic
Make It Right: A short Brami Story
Mine All Mine by Deb (courtesy of Bree's fanfic site)
Never Imagined Possible by Desi
Never Want To Choose: Sami is ready to move on with Lucas, but will Brandon's return to her life change all that?
Promises:Brandon and Samantha plan a night of adventure, but what will the future hold in store for them when Brandon offers up a surprise of his own to Samantha?
Sacrifice: After Sami's accident, Lucas must make a choice about Brandon and Sami's future with one another, but what will that mean?
Through the Rain: Samantha faces the idea of spending a life without Brandon, but when a storm comes into town, Brandon and Samantha find destiny brings them full circle.
True Passion: by Christy Jane  Brandon and Samantha find themselves eager for the promise of passion as Samantha finds herself focusing on being a good mother to Will and has Lucas to contend with.
Untitled Brandon and Samantha fic: A tragedy falls upon Samantha bringing her and Brandon closer as evil is lurking.