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When Brandon Walker arrived into Salem, he caused quite a stir. It wasn't until he moved into the Roberts' Mansion to be with his sister Nicole that his mysterious identity was revealed. With his striking good looks and charming ways, Brandon caught the attention of several ladies in Salem including the young Belle Black. Brandon, however, had his eyes on Lexie Carver and was adamant about getting a job beside her at Salem University Hospital. He landed a job as a counselor at the hospital and continued to pursue Lexie romantically despite the fact that she was happily married. 

Meanwhile, Brandon agreed to fight Austin Reed in a charity boxing match. Little did Austin know that Brandon had a violent mean streak that was fed by his tumultuous childhood. Nicole tried to calm him down before the match but Brandon's anger was fueled by a recent letter from his father asking for money. In the ring, Brandon cut loose and pummeled Austin to a pulp, sending him to the hospital in a coma. Confused and apologetic, Brandon went to the hospital to check on Austin and was immediately arrested by Abe. Lexie was touched by Brandon's sensitive and charitable work at the hospital and posted his bail, which infuriated her husband. 

Later, while talking to his mother, Brandon admitted a deep-rooted hatred for Abe Carver that dated back to his childhood and he swore revenge on his family's name. When he discovered that Abe accidentally shot and paralyzed an 8-year old boy in his past, he used the information as ammunition to destroy him. He found the boy, now a man named Larry Morris, and encouraged him to file a lawsuit against Abe. 

Meanwhile, Brandon continued to try to get his sister, Nicole, to reconcile with their mother. Brandon began spending a lot of time with Sami, who he helped to get a job at the hospital. The more time they spent together, the more they seemed to have in common. They even joined forces to help her regain custody of Will. Still, though, Sami only had eyes for Austin and Brandon knew he couldn't be treated that way so he gave up his pursuit of her. 

As part of his vendetta against Abe Carver, he continued to inveigle his way into the life of his wife, Lexie. It seems he helped convince her that Abe wasn't as concerned about their baby Isaac as she was. 

Next, he turned his attentions toward the lovely Jennifer Horton Deveraux and they began a romance, but that proved to be short-lived, as her attentions were split between him, her ex-husband Jack and Colin Murphy. He's back helping Lexie and, now that Austin is out of the picture, Sami is back after him. 

Believing he was over Sami, he tried to move on, but alas true love can't be denied.  Despite the fact that Brandon and Samantha are being forced apart by Nicole and Victor, the two seem to still be coming closer together and perhaps one day they will be able to openly share their love with one another.  Until then Brami fans are given a glimpse of secret rendezvous that leave their hearts a flutter.