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Ryan Rider, the Viz, and Mike Lyons accepting award for the 2005 Best Talk Show.
Ryan Rider, the Viz, and Mike Lyons accepting award for the 2005 Best Talk Show.

The Main Event (also commonly referred to by its listeners as Main Event Radio or MER) is a pro wrestling talk show that is currently in it's 4th season and airs on CJLO in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Originally called Ringside Radio, the show was created by Ryan Rider and debuted on February 1, 2004.

The Main Event can be heard live every Sunday morning, 10:30 AM-12:30 AM EST on 1690am in Montreal and worldwide at [1]. CJLO is funded by Concordia University. The show also previously played in certain areas of Montreal on 650am.

The Main Event is home to Quebec's largest wrestling fan base, whereby they attempt to foster an alternative method of allowing the fans of the WWE, TNA, Indy, and International wrestling products to be entertained and hear all the latest news and happenings in the business ("Giving you the news the others don't").

Aside from the radio show, the Main Event is also involved in other endeavours. They formerly produced an information hotline on all of the latest news, gossip, and updates in the wrestling community which was owned by the television station CFCF-12 called the Contact 12 from November 14th, 2002, until late 2005. They have hosted many WWE Pay-Per-View bashes at Marina's (March 2004-October 2004) and at Jilly's Bar and Grill (March 2005-Present) where fans from across the city come together to enjoy the major events together and get to interact with the Main Event staff.

The Main Event also gives back to the community, having donated money to several charities in the past year including World Vision and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.



Current Staff members

Gavin the Loose Cannon and Mr. Ryan Rider
Gavin the Loose Cannon and Mr. Ryan Rider
Ryan Rider, Kid Kash, and Johnny Le Beast in Early 2004
Ryan Rider, Kid Kash, and Johnny Le Beast in Early 2004

Former Staff members

--Name Change to High Voltage


Full-Time Segments

Part-Time Segments

  • The Great Debate (Self-explanatory, usually between The Viz and Ryan Rider)
  • "Rider's Picks" (During PPV mornings, run-downs and predictions)
  • Back to the Future (This day in Wrestling History, name taken from famous movie)
  • Independent Report (All the latest on the Canadian Indy Wrestling scene, hosted by Mike Lyons)
  • The Minute Mark (one minute for our intern BJG to "mark out" on a topic of his choosing)
  • Over the Top Rope (The Viz's report)

Past/Defunct Segments

  • In the Belly of the Beast (Johnny Le Beast's Segment)
  • Blast From the Past (Profile on a Hall of Famer, ended when Smackdown Stew was released in September 2005)
  • Whatever Happened To... (Leprechaun Lee, Feb. 2004-June 2004)
  • Jobber of the Week/15 Minutes of Fame
  • Gavin's Wit Rant (Loose Cannon's original segment on famous quotes, cut after a short-time)
  • Lighting in a Bottle (The Viz's short-lived segment)
  • TNA Report (Latest Results and News for TNA Wrestling, now incorporated with other parts of the program)
  • Rider Report (The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly in the past week of pro wrestling)
  • DJ Flame's "Fired Up"
  • Kid Kash's Money With Attitude

Memorable Interviews

Season One (February 1, 2004-May 30, 2004)

Johnny Le Beast, Ryan Rider, Jerry Lynn, and Jimmy Fantastic at CWE.
Johnny Le Beast, Ryan Rider, Jerry Lynn, and Jimmy Fantastic at CWE.

Season Two (May 30, 2004-October 17, 2004)

The Main Event Crew with AJ Styles.
The Main Event Crew with AJ Styles.

Season Three (October 17, 2004-September 5, 2005)

Season Four (September 5, 2005-Present)

Ryan Rider with Chris Jericho, November 2005.
Ryan Rider with Chris Jericho, November 2005.

Non-Wrestling Interviews

Awards Won and Media

  • CJLO Talk Show of the Year Award in 2005
  • Wrestling Radio Host of the Year (Ryan Rider) in 2004 and 2005
  • Honorary Mention for best radio station in the Montreal Mirror newspaper (CJLO) in May 2006
  • Ryan Rider was profiled in the October 10, 2005 edition of the Montreal Mirror newspaper
  • "Iron" Mike Lyons was quoted on the current Quebec indy wrestling scene in the Montreal Gazette in August 2005 and the Main Event was mentioned
  • Ryan Rider regularly writes for the Plant newspaper, including a major feature done on Wrestlemania 22 in the March 30, 2006 edition.
  • Gavin the Loose Cannon is profiled in an article on the official Canadian Idol site at entitled "Montreal sings a distinct tune".

Did You Know...

  • "Iron" Mike Lyons has been a journeyman wrestler for over 15 years, having wrestled around the world. His biggest match to date was against "Macho Man" Randy Savage. He was trained by Dino Bravo and Gino Brito.
  • Johnny Le Beast's alter-ego Korky T. Krimace once made an appearance on the show in it's early days.
  • The Millionaire's Club faction was composed of Ryan Rider, "Iron" Mike Lyons, and Gavin the Loose Cannon.
  • During a live interview the morning after winning a match on a UFC PPV, ultimate fighter Chuck Liddell had a live sex celebration on the show two years before Edge and Lita had one on RAW. However, this one was not a work.
  • The Viz is currently studying to get a medical degree and become a doctor.
  • Gavin the Loose Cannon is a key participant in this year's Canadian Idol competition and will be on the popular television program.

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