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The word neuron was first used in 1884 and is the base of the nerve system. Neurons are the primary cells of the nervous system. A human is born with approximately 100 billion neurons, which are mostly located in the brain. Neurons are responsible for all of our actions; the cells receive messages from different sources and then transmit them to other parts of our body. Neurons carry messages from the brain to other body parts through a form of electrical impulses.

Unlike other body tissue, neurons do not have the ability to repair themselves if damaged by an injury or disease. For example, hands are most probably touching a keyboard or mouse right now as you read this. The reason you have the sense of touch is because the neurons created for that type of information are communicating between your hands and your brain transmitting the message. It is also the way that we can feel and tell the different between hot and cold or comfort and discomfort.


Nervous Impulses:

There are three classes of neurons:


Types of Signaling:

Neurons of the brain: