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Height 5' 1"
Danielle Christine Fishel was born on May 5, 1981 in Mesa, Arizona. She began acting professionally at the age of ten where she made many TV guest appearances and commercials. She was originally a guest star for the show "Boy Meets World" but Danielle added a spark the show needed and they added her as a regular cast member shortly after.
The show has brought Danielle much attention even landing her face on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. She was voted as one of Teen People's magazine hottest stars under the age of 21. She graduated from high school (class of 99')
Has blonde hair and blue-green eyes
Younger brother named Christopher
Dad, Rick, is a medical equipment sales executive.
Mom, Jennifer, manages Danielle's career.
She use to date Lance Bass from *N Sync, but the constant time apart led to their break up. Are reportedly still friends.
also dated Matthew Lawrence co star on Boy Meets World brother of Joey and Andrew Lawrence of Brotherly Love
She began acting at the age of 10 professionally her
She was originally an Guest star on Boy Meets World but young, beautiful, Danielle added a spark to the show so she became a cast member later on.
She now lives in LA, Calofornia with her Mom Jenni, Dad Rick, and Brother Chris.
Danielle loves many things, pets, shoes, driving, and music groups such as Jewel. Danielle is a very busy girl.
She goes to school, work, and just trys to a normal teenage girl.
Nationality She is "A Maltese Mutt." Her mother is pure Maltese, and her father is a little bit of everything.
Animals Two dogs; a long-haired chihuahua named Tyson, and a black lab / husky mix named Cassidy
Cars BMW Convertible, 4 Runner (black)
Bands Counting Crows, Sublime, Beck, Jewel, The Cardigans, 311
School Subjects Math, English
Colors Purple and Blue
Foods Steak, chinese, Skittles, potatoes, and frozen yogurt
Actors/Actresses She enjoys "the works" of Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, and Michelle Pfeiffer
Things to do Shop, talk on the phone, ski, snowboard, surf, hang out with friends
Flower Red Rose Clothes Skirts, jeans, t-shirts, rings, SHOES!
Turn Offs Slang language, immaturity, drugs, disrespectful people, and waking up early.
Ultimate Acting Job Playing a dramatic role in a feature film
What she looks for in a guy Ability to make her laugh; someone who is outgoing, fun, intelligent, sweet & nice, romantic and mature
What she looks for in a friend Loyalty, trustworthiness, sense of humor, good ear
Most Prize Possession Her "BU". Danielle's security blanket shes had since birth. Pronounced like the "bu" sound at the beginning of the word "bunny", which is how it got it's name. When I first learned to talk, I couldn't pronounce "bunny". I called it my "BU" and it's kept that name to this day. It used to be in the shape of a bunny. It is no longer the least bit recognizable in that form, but I love it anyway!"
Star sign: Taurus

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