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PJ Girls
Who's your favorite Bradley sister?
- Billie Jo
- Bobbie Jo
- Betty Jo

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Uncle Joe
Who's a bigger eater?
- Jethro
- Uncle Joe

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Piggy Poll
Who's your favorite pig?
- Arnold
- Babe
- Gordy

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God Bless America

The Hooterville Hillbillies   a Beverly Hillbillies,
Petticoat Junction and
Green Acres web page

Welcome to Hooterville

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The Hooterville Message Board
Post your messages here about The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction and Green Acres.

  Bea as Kate (with Dog)

Official Petticoat Junction Web Site
Official PJ page.
Episode guide, photos, & more.

The Shady Rest
Linda's PJ Message Board and Chat.
Chats on the third Tuesday of the month.

Harold's Hooterville Message Board
PJ message board and chat.
Harold's Hooterville Chat Room
Chats first Wednesday of the month at 8PM Eastern.

Drucker's General Store Yahoo Group
Petticoat Junction mailing list at Yahoo.

The Beverly Hillbillies Forever
BH fan page
also has a message board.

The Buddy Ebsen Home Page
Well Doggies! It's the Official Buddy Ebsen Web Site!

Uncle Jed Country
The folk art of Buddy Ebsen inspired by The Beverly Hillbillies.

Mark's Green Acres Home Page
Episode list, theme song, photo museum & more.

Beetle's Petticoat Junction Pages
Articles, songs in RealAudio & more.

Joseph's Petticoat Junction Website
Picture gallery, forum, screensavers, games & more.

Spotlight on Petticoat Junction
This page first appeared on the web back in 1996.

Tim's TV Showcase
Look for the BH, PJ and GA pages.

Look for RealPlayer clips of Unseen Scenes from the Beverly Hillbillies pilot episode, Christmas episodes of BH/PJ/GA and lots of other info.

LikeTelevision - Beverly Hillbillies page
Watch streaming video of The Beverly Hillbillies. Also has a bulletin board.

Swingin' Chicks of the 60's
Look for the Meredith MacRae & Donna Douglas pages.

Aw, Shucks! Real Beverly Hillbillies page
Links to news about the proposed "Real Beverly Hillbillies" reality show and the opposition.

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Other Links

Roy's 60's Rock Trivia Message Board
Discuss music & trivia.
Run by a fan of the shows of Paul Henning.

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Billie Jo, Betty Jo & Bobbie Jo

Billie Jo Bradley

Uncle Joe

Betty Jo Bradley

  The Official Meredith Mac Rae Website
established by her daughter Allison Mullavey

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Visit The Official Web Site of Max Baer's Jethro's Beverly Hillbillies Mansion and Casino

Max Baer, Jr.

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Visit the official Tom Lester website!

Tom Lester 2000

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Visit Lori Saunders web site!

Bobbie Jo Bradley

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Check out the Official Web Site of Smiley Burnette!

Petticoat Junction first season

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Books by Stephen Cox are available at or your local bookstore.

The Beverly Hillbillies: A Fortieth Anniversary Wing Ding

The Hooterville Handbook : A Viewer's Guide To Green Acres

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Oliver Wendell Douglas

Sam Drucker, Oliver and Lisa

Jethro, Granny, Uncle Jed and Elly May Clampett

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