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Blantyre High Reunited

I'm doing HND Publishing at Glasgow College of Building and Printing.

One of the sections in the course is "Internet Studies" - the easiest class you'll ever hear about.

Anyway, part of that is "forums and messageboards" and to pass the final assessment of the course, I had to "identify a problem with services on the world wide web, and construct a forum or newsgroup to discuss or help with this problem."

The problem I've picked is Friends Reunited. It's a cracking idea, but the money-grabbing bastards don't let you e-mail or talk to people without paying for it.

So in order to solve this problem and pass my course at college, I've made this forum for former Blantyre High School pupils who want to chat but don't want to pay money.

Personally, I think it's a stupid idea. But it's going to help me get my HND, so I don't give a f**k.

To pass the assessment I need to "keep the forum/newsgroup running until twenty-five posts have been made by ten different members."

Therefore - please post. Even if you don't want to - it'll help me get my HND. If you don't post, I'll probably not get my HND, and could end up homeless. Do you want to be responsible for that? (if you know me, then the answer is probably yes...).

You never know - this idea may actually work. (again, if you know me, then that's probably very unlikely...).

Nuff said.

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