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            On November 12,1929 in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania Grace Patricia Kelly was born. She was born into a very wealthy family. She had decided at an early age that she wanted to act. In 1947 she graduated from High School and moved to New York and she worked as model.

            In 1949 she made her Broadway debut. She also worked in a little bit of television while she was in New York. She moved to Southern California. She made her first movie “Fourteen Hours” with Paul Douglas in 1951. She made Some Classic Movies like: “High Noon” with Gary Cooper (which was one of her idols growing up), “Mogambo” with Ave Garner and Clark Gable (another idol of hers), in 1954 she got her first Oscar awards nomination for Best Supporting Actresses with this movie, but lost to Donna Reed in “From Here To Eternity“ , In 1954 she made “Dial M for Murder” with Ray Millard and Robert Cummings , this movie was the first of 3 Hitchcock Classics, the second one was “Rear Window” with Jimmy Stewart and Thelma Ritter,and the third was “To Catch A Thief” with Cary Grant. In 1954, she made “The Country Girl” with Bing Crosby and William Holden, she got nominated and won for the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Academy Awards in 1955.In 1956, she made “High Society” with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra this was her last movie she made because she was getting married.

             On April 18, 1956 she married Prince Rainier of Monaco, and had 3 children Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stephanie. She was also known for her style of fashion and her beauty, she has been called the most beautiful woman to ever grace the silver screen. Sadly, on September 14,1982 Grace Kelly was killed in car accident . In 1999 The American Film Institute named Grace Kelly the 13th Best Actresses of all time.