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Jean Arthur was born Gladys Georgianna Greene on October 17,1900 in Plattsburgh, New York. She was a highschool dropout when she became a model.

In 1923, she got her first part in a movie it was John Ford's "Cameo Kirby". She then did many low-budget westerns in the silent movies. She made over 50 movies by 1930. It wasn't until 1935 in the movie "The Whole Town's Talking" that she got to show off her comedy side in a movie, and after that she became known as a comedian of the silver screen and known for her famous squeaky voice.

She went on to make a string of hits like: "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" with Gary Cooper, "The Ex-Mrs. Bradford" with William Powell, "You Can't Take It with You" with Jimmy Stewart, "Only Angels Have Wings" with Cary Grant, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" with Jimmy Stewart, "The Talk of the Town" with Cary Grant, "The More the Merrier" with Joel McCrea, this brought her her only Academy Award Nomination in 1944, but she lost to Jennifer Jones for "The Song of Bernadette".

In 1953, Jean Arthur made her last movie "Shane". In 1966, she had her own show called "The Jean Arthur Show", but it only lasted 11 weeks.

Jean Arthur was very shy, so there isn't that much about her personal life. In 1928, she married Julian Ancker, but it was annulled after 1 day. In 1932, she married producer Frank Ross, but they divorced in 1949.

After she retired from films, she taught drama at Vassar. She retired in the 1970's. Sadly, in 1991, Jean Arthur passed away of heart failure at the age of 90. Her ashes are scattered off of Point Lobos, California.


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