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Irene Ryan

Irene Ryan was born Irene Noblette on October 17,1902 in El Paso, Texas. Before playing "Granny" on "The Beverly Hillbillies", Irene was in vaudeville and radio and a character actress in movies, she made over 40 films.

She was married twice, Tim Ryan (1922 - 1942) (divorced) and Harold E. Knox (March 1946 - 18 October 1961) (divorced).

In 1962, she got her greatest fame when she played "Granny"on "The Beverly Hillbillies".She was nominated twice for Emmy Awards for playing "Granny".

After "The Beverly Hillbillies" ended, she went to Broadway in the musical "Pippen" which got great reviews.

In 1973, Irene had a stroke ,and died on April 26,1973 at the age of 71.


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