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S t e v e


Steve cracks me up. I've even fallen out of my chair a couple times when he came on, got a huge rugburn on my knee, and on Thanksgiving i almost broke my tooth say "Mobile Type". (DONT ASK HOW!) So, I came up with a bunch of my fave funny quotes and/or other stuff he did to put here!! YAY!

"Anywhoo..." -Such a classic. Said first in commercial no. 1. Reminds me of Steve Urkel!

"Hey Mrs. Lindsay!" - This is the BEST when you see Steven in all those TV's at the store.

"Not a couch potato?" -This one got me when Steve is on the relic, I mean couch.

"Which is so nice!" -Steve looks up from the ad with his eyes all rolled up.

"Dig it" -A big upclose of his face

"Sorry about the Rhododendrons..." -He gets into mischief!

"And Mrs. Fefferbean...." -Got the name wrong, Steven. That's Feffercorn!

"Dude you're gettin a Dell!" -The new campaign slogan. Love it!

"Oh, so you're the more mobile type..." -I'm the more mobile type. I think.

"You wouldn't happen to be Computer shopping?" -The big question.

"All you gotta do is Call, or go online and the Dell folks will help build the computer that's right for you!" - Got an arm around a fake Dell folk. And I love the word "Dell folks"!

"Due to the length of this line... and the unbearable constriction of my tights..." -I'm still laughing about that.

"Timbo here....." -Timmy is cute!

"Little dude, YOU are gettin a Dell!" -How sweet!!!!

"The shipping is free!" -Has me on the floor laughing in the xmas commercial.

"And you. You just wish you were out of here..." -To some shoppless guy in the mall. He just slinks in and out of the scene.

"She's intrigued. EEEEXCEllent..." -Dr. Evil STEVE!!!

"You don't even have to load up the sleigh..." -Sneakily to Santa.

"Someone has GOT to tell these folks about Dell!" -Steve's getting all nervous.

"I'm returning my elf uniform!" -He thinks that makes him special.

"Dude, you should have asked for a Dell." -Better than a blinking sweater!

"Perhaps..." -He puts his hand on his chin. It's reall funny.

"Mr. and Mrs. Feffercorn? It's me, Steve, from next door!" -I always imitate this.

"There was a time when this thing was Sweet!" -Yeah, it's rather "past its prime.."

"Dad, I know how much you love free stuff..." -Dont we all!

"Wassup, Mr. Foster!" -Classically new.

"Oh, He knows..." -Dude, Mr. Foster's gettin a Dell!

"All in a days work!" -He almost falls off his chair.

"Quite the computer quagmire out there, Mr. O" -When he's working at the mall.

"Dearest mother and father" -This is funny, on how to ask your folks for money.

"Dude, you need to get a Dell!" - Talking to another dude.. and he makes a really funny eyebrow expression.

"Bonjour!" -In Paris

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