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S t e v e

"Links... dude!!!!"

Below you can find Fansite links as well as links to articles and interviews! Newer links are located towards the top of each section. Enjoy!

::Fan Sites::

Hey it's Him, Ben Curtis! [First Fansite]

Steve Unofficial Yahoo! Fanclub


Dell dude Steven is staying put in computer commercials

Dell Keeping Steven for Commercials

Is 'Dell Dude' Steven done for?

Dell: Hey Dude, party's over

Dell ads move from dude to interns

St. Nicholas School, Chatanooga Tenn. Alumni News

"Dell Guy brings out Youthfullness"

McCallie Alumni News Article

A CNET Radio Interview

Wall Street Journal's Article on Dell and Ben

USA Today Article(s) article and video. Article and Video

St. Petersburg Times article

A TV Guide online article about Ben

Breakout! Article in Entertainment Weekly

Another Article from McCallie

Green Bay Press Gazette article


Celeb Profile Steven's Picks

Dell's Steven "Sitelet"

Ben's Web Reports at the Sundance Film Festival

"Comrade Steve" -- Tech TV Parody Site

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