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S t e v e

"Don't just sit there!!!!"

So, what are the odds that the real live Ben Curtis will stumble over this site? Though, it would be my fantasy come true If I met him, but you can never be too sure. So here, just in case, I made a message type thing for Ben himself. You can read it to, but you can never be too sure! So Ben Curtis, this is for you!

Actually, Ben, I did write you a fan letter, so I will make this more brief. Ok. I just wanna tell you how much I love you and your commercials! I would have never thought you would get such success from the time of the first commercial. You are the BEST actor I've ever seen in my life (honestly). I tape all your commercials if I get a chance and watch them 5 million times until the tape breaks. I'd [in the words of Kevin in Home Alone] kiss a toilet seat to meet you. (Do you know Macauly Culkin yet?) I am your biggest fan in the universe, or so, self-proclaimed wise. You're commercials make me laugh everytime.... and i could and do watch them all day --*exageration* I can't wait to see more of you. Keep it up, and make em even better! I hope I can meet you or something... tha'd be like my biggest fantasy come true!!!! I'm so proud to hear about your September 11 heroic actions. You rule! I'd also like to say say how much I admire you and you're work, and all you're Dell ads. THEY ROCK DUDE!

Your fan ALWAYS, Dukie