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S t e v e

"You mean there are other peeps on these commercials too?!"

Ah yes, can we let poor Steve get off with all the credit? Yes, I'd like to, but I feel like I should give the other peeps summore credit, and maybe, something on this site for them! So, here it goes!

Steve and that Feffercorn Steve and Charles
Steve and Pooter and Mrs. Lindsay

Mrs. Lindsay
Mrs. Lindsay is the rather intrigued mother computer shopping with her son, "William". She refers to our Steve as "Steven", making him appear as a goody goody favorite amoungst the parents (The same concept as Eddie Haskall). She wears all this eye makeup to give her a fresh young look. It's safe to say that she's cool!

William "Pooter Oodell Doodell" Lindsay
I took this pic with my camera!!! DAAA!
Pooter, I mean William, is the little short dude with the 'fro in which is Mrs. Lindsay's son. He doesn't say much, ok, nothing, but he rolls his eyes around and does little funny gestures back in forth to Steve. What's with the name "Pooter". It was after a Duke game, and I was acting drunk coz they won! :). It was like 12:00 at night and my sister, "Tebazzle", and I decided to watch the Steve commercials. The Mrs. Lindsay one was on, and I go "Look! It's Hooters"- (to quote Steve Urkel, inside joke)... Years ago, we had made up a play in basketball in which we called "pooter", and it sounded like "hooters" so I joked by saying "Hey William's name is Pooter!" It was only suppposed to be funny for like 4.5 seconds, but instead it stuck. So that's what we call him, Pooter. Cute, eh?

Jeffrey "Jeff" Feffercorn
This kid may need just a dash of Slimfast.... and a new computer. This is the pleasingly plump child in the 3rd Steve commercial. He's like a bit odd, if I do say so myself, but he's funny. Should it be spelled "Pheffercorn?" He would make a good waterboy at a basketball game, if I do say so myself. You gotta luv this kid.

Charles Bennett
This dude is in the 3rd Steve commercial with Jeff. Anyhoo, this kid needed a computer too. You can see him in the background of Jeff's video in that spinning chair, and at the end of the 3rd commercial. COOL!

Timmy is the cute little curly blonde boy with the hat in the Christmas Commercials. He kinda looks like a little Steve, eh? He dunno what he wants for Christmas so Steve kinda had to help him out.

"Gift Return Line Lady"
She's just plain ODD!!!! And her eyes are all freaky. She's kinda mean and sarcastic to Steven, but aren't we all? j/k! She needs a "face-drop" coz her face if lifted up too much.

Santa Claus

Mr. Foster
He's the dude with the migrane coming out of "Electroville" and is in desperate need of a PC. Steven helps him learn about the convenience of Dell. He then "feels better already."

"The Girl"
As Steve's character progressed the producers decided to give him a girlfriend in the 10th commercial. She smiles while Steve tells Mr. Foster about Dells.

Thats all i've got for now!