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S t e v e

"The coolest guy in the world"

Ben Curtis, I worship you!!

[dr. evil steve] excellent [/dr. evil steve]
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Who IS this "Steve" Really?



Ben Curtis is a graduate of McCallie High School in Tennessee, and is now attending NYU's Tisch School of the Performing Arts. He is 21 years old at the time. He grew up in Chattanooga Tennessee, the son of Reverend Jim Curtis (a preacher) and Anne Curtis. He has an older sister named Polly. While attended the all boys' prep school Ben played Soccer, Football, and did some cheerleading as well. He is also an accomplished Eagle Scout. Ben is now trying to get his college degree, as he is in his third year at New York University. Ben's hobbies are acting (DUH!), magic, soccer, dancing, rock climbing, and my favourite, playing guitar. His role models/heros in acting include Al Pacino, Johnny Depp and Sean Penn.

Ben's full name is Benjamin Bowmar Curtis. His very first "production" was when he played in "Boo, the Bear nobody wanted for Christmas" when he was a little dude. You can spot him as an extra in an episode of the soap opera, "All my children". (Though I have NOT seen it or don't know which episode it is...) He can also be credited for doing a local A&E promo commercial that "only aired a couple of times." Ben recently was in a more serious theatre production called "Buried Child" (Sam Shepard's). (He loves theatre work and performing infront of a live audience.) Can I tell you how much I'd like to go see him act? Of course, he resides in New York City 3 blocks away from Ground Zero in an Apartment. His roomate is a photographer. His agent is Bonnie Shmuofsky. He has been a magician, professionally, since he was 13. Steve- OOPS-- Ben is most famous for his numerous Dell commercials, shown nationally.

Ben was chosen at a casting call for the "Dell Dude" asking for (i think) 14 - 17-year-olds. At that time, Ben was twenty. (!) He soon got the part after about 100 folks tried out. (WAY TO GO, BEN!) If he hadn't, where would we all be with out him? The first Dell ad was made, followed by more... and more... until "Dude your gettin' a Dell" became a national catch-phrase. Ben also has an awesome September 11th story where he saved a woman at a subway. Quite Frankly, Ben's personality is somewhat a contrast of Steven's. Often, he is typcast as a surfer dude. Thank you, Ben, for you [and Dell's] GREAT commercials! Hopefully,this will not be the end of the "Dell Dude".

The Best of Luck to Ben!