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The Pilot

Before I continue, I'd like to thank Kelly Smith, a contestant on one of the pilots, for the exclusive info of the pilots.  As a side note, PAX is planning to air the pilots during "Sweeps Week" sometime in February.  When exactly that will be is not known.

First off, the logo.  The current pastel blue logo with black lettering wasn't that way before.  In fact, it had a major color change.  It looks very similar to the logo to your right.  However, the pilot logo had the pastel blue in the back of the clock, not black.Beat the Clock's pilot logo

The set also had some minor changes.  The huge Beat the Clock logo in the center of the stage was a large yellow circle with the pilot's logo.  The back of the Swirling Whirlwind is just orange, with no funky boxes.  The lights against the blue background were boxes with small gaps between them, not the current slash design.  Also, the area where Gary stands during the interview with the contestants was orange (not purple), with what looks like the "O" in the Beat the Clock logo.

The format of the show was totally different.  The pilots were an hour long.  Nine teams, three of each color, did a stunt like the elimination stunt.  The first six teams to complete the stunt move on.  However, the other three teams that didn't make it get to come back and try again on a normal episode.  In both pilots, this stunt was taped outside at Universal Studios.  Now, the six teams compete with their opposing color.  That is, red vs red, blue vs blue, etc.  This stunt would be like the stunt they do now to see who gets 10 points at the beginning of the game.  Instead of points, the team who completed the stunt first moved on, the other is eliminated.  This continues for the remaining teams.  Now, with the three teams (one of red, blue, and gold), the show goes on as normal.  But, something very neat happens during the Elimination stunt.  Gary explains the stunt, and this stunt will be done outside (once again) at Universal Studios.  The bidding started at 3 minutes (not 2) because the stunt was outside, and lemme say, this stunt is a doozie.  The team that told the other team to Beat the Clock stays in the studio while the other team goes to their stunt.  The team that challenged the other team watches the stunt being done by the other team.  However, they were not shown the results, as the producers wanted a great reaction from them whether win or lose.  When Gary tells the team the results, the winning team goes on to the Swirling Whirlwind.  As usual, one minute, can't pick the money off the ground, etc.  A cool side note, in this particular pilot, there is no audience during the Swirling Whirlwind.