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Interview with Julielinh Parker

Julielinh Parker, co-host of Beat the Clock

Julielinh sat down with the BTC Fansite recently to talk to us about how she landed the job as co-host, her past jobs, and other burning questions that you have been asking.  A special thanks goes out to Julielinh for doing the interview during her busy schedule.

This interview was conducted by email and telephone on Thursday, January 23rd, 2003, and finished on Wednesday, January 29th, 2003.

BTC Fansite:  Unfortunately, PAX decided not to put a short bio of you on their page.  So, for all of us, give us the basics about yourself.
Julielinh Parker:  Well, I was born the United States, but have lived and traveled all over.  My father was in the military, so I got to move around every 3-4 years.  I attended high school in Quito, Ecuador and moved back to the States to attend college.   I recently relocated to Georgia and absolutely love it.

BTC Fansite:  What are your hobbies and interests?
Julielinh Parker: Every year I try to take at least a month or two off to travel. I love to see new places and learn about new cultures.  I believe that traveling is one of the best sources of education. My favorite places to go are: Bangkok, Rome, Quito and the Galapagos.  I highly recommend these places to visit at least once in your lifetime.  When I'm not traveling I enjoy cooking.  I think my passion for cooking is fueled by my obsession with food.  I absolutely love to eat!  I also find painting very therapeutic. It takes my mind off day-to-day worries, and allows me to explore my creativity.

BTC Fansite:  What did you use to do prior to your gig on Beat the Clock?
Julielinh Parker:  Prior to BTC, I was modeling, shooting commercials, and finishing up a short independent film called "Cande Coated Dreams".

BTC Fansite:  How were you approached to be the co-host of Beat the Clock?
Julielinh Parker:  Actually my agent told me about the casting and urged me to try out.  It was a good 3 months before I heard anything back.  I just assumed I hadn't been chosen, so I moved up to Atlanta to start fresh.  The day after I moved, my agent called me saying "You have to come back to Orlando- the executives have requested to see you again!"  I almost didn't go.  I had already moved all my stuff to Atlanta and had to catch a flight to NYC two days later.  But, my agent insisted that I really had a good shot at booking the job; so I went.  To my surprise, I got a phone call while in NYC, saying I booked the job!  I couldn't believe it; it was so unexpected.

BTC Fansite:  How is co-hosting a game show different from your past jobs that you have done?
Julielinh Parker:  I really wouldn't say I co-hosted BTC.  :)  I know that is my title, but I really feel like you have to speak in order to host or co-host anything.  But, to answer your question, it really only differed in my on-camera personality.  BTC is a real high-energy, uplifting, fun show, whereas my past work has been a bit more serious.

BTC Fansite:  What are your favorite stunts from the show?  Least favorite?
Julielinh Parker:  My favorite stunt on the show was when the couples have to pass through the long, fishnet tube with the two dolphins.  It was always hilarious to see them tangled up in the middle, not to mention, their hair when they finally made it through to the opposite end.  I would have to say my least favorite stunt was clothesline stunt.  I just didn't think it was exciting enough to be "THE BIG STUNT".

BTC Fansite:  What's the funniest thing that's happened on the set?
Julielinh Parker:  In one episode, a contestant attempting to catch a Velcro ball on his catcher's vest TOTALLY tackled me.  I was knocked flat on my back and almost senseless.  When I looked up to see what was going on, to my surprise, he was still chasing the ball as if nothing had happened!  I couldn't believe it.

BTC Fansite:  What changes would you like to see for Season Two?
Julielinh Parker:  As for the show, not too much.  Maybe a little bit more on-camera conversation between Gary and I.  I think it would make the show more fun and interesting.  As for my appearance, I think I would like to change-up my look every now and then.   A little change in my hairstyle or make-up would be cool.  I donít like to look exactly the same everyday, plus it is fun to spice it up every once in awhile! ;) I really liked Garyís idea of changing our wardrobe to something more athletic.  I think that style would really add to the theme of the show!

BTC Fansite:  This seems to be a popular question that I get...have you ever been into the Swirling Whirlwind?
Julielinh Parker:  Yes, I have!  It was amazing.  From the outside you think it is so easy- JUST GRAB THE MONEY!  But it is much more difficult than you can imagine.  The wind is so strong that if you're lucky enough to grab any money you have to concentrate on holding on to it!  The majority of the time anything you grab is blown right out of your hand as soon as you open it.

BTC Fansite:  Did you always want to be in television since you were little or was it something you stumbled on to later in life?
Julielinh Parker:  Maybe as a child, but it was definitely something that I decided to do later on in life.  I think it was my last year of college, in an acting class, that I realized I wanted to be on TV.

BTC Fansite:  Are you working on any projects currently or in the near future?
Julielinh Parker:  I am just getting settled in with my new agency.  I am shooting some stuff here and there.  Nothing big yet! ;)