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Beat the Clock - Special #2:  Focus Group Version (Unaired)
Video courtesy of Joel and Kelly Smith

That finish line is within reach!
In round one, eight teams compete against each other in attempt to make an ice cream sundae.  To accommodate the contestants and the players, this stunt was done outside in the park.  The two teams that finish last are eliminated, and the other six teams go on to compete in even more challenges.


In round two, each team has been suited up in uniforms.  Each team will go up against another team of the same color.  So, there are two teams of gold, two teams of red, and two teams of blue.  The two teams compete against each other in stunts that would typically be seen during the beginning of a normal episode or during a ridiculous stunt.  The team that finishes the stunt first moves on to the next round, and the other team is eliminated.

Now that there is one team of each color, round three (which is deemed the "three-for-all" round) is just like the beginning of a normal episode.  The first team to complete the stunt gets ten points and an early lead.

In the individual team stunts round (round four), each team has forty seconds (instead of the normal thirty seconds) to complete their stunt.  However, the correct answer of a question can earn them an additional ten seconds, giving them a whopping fifty seconds to complete the stunt.  If a stunt is completed, the team gets ten points, plus a point for every second that is left on the clock.


In round five (the elimination stunt), the same rules apply just as if it was a normal episode.  The two teams to complete the stunt move on to the final round, and the other team is eliminated.

In the sixth and final round (the ridiculous stunt), the two teams bid on how fast they can complete the stunt.  Since this stunt was on one of the park rides, three minutes (instead of the normal starting time of two minutes) was the starting time.  While riding Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges, the challenged team must make two necklaces of a different color, each having ten beads on it.  In order to Beat the Clock, each team member must have a necklace on.

The Swirling Whirlwind of Cash and Prizes bonus round remained the same, but $100,000 was up for grabs instead of the measly $25,000 offered on a normal show.  The golden certificate does not double the earnings, but instead gives the team $500 for each one they grab.  Just for making it to this round, the couple has already won two prizes that would usually be given away during the whirlwind.  Coincidentally, during this romp in the whirlwind, the team walked away with the biggest win ever, acquiring over $18,000 in cash and prizes, including a trip to Aruba and a set of cookware that's valued over $9,000, the most expensive prize ever given away.

This episode was intended for a test audience (a focus group), explaining why neither of the two specials were aired.

These two specials took a huge chunk out of the budget that was given to the show for the season.  This explains why some of the stunts are incredibly easy and just plain cheap.
Since there were more stunts and contestants than usual, the stuntmeister and a co-assistant (Christina Adams) help the contestants get settled into their positions.

Many people email us asking why Julielinh does not say her last name at the closing of the show.  Coincidentally, at the closing of the special, Julielinh follows Gary by saying "...I'm Julielinh Parker..."
During two parts of the show, Beat the Clock takes a look at the older versions of the show courtesy of Game Show Network.  It even features the early days of the "Trap the Pie Tin" stunt.

Video Clips

Competition Stunt - Which team can get through the long nylon cloth and put their colored balls in the win bin first?  Download to find out!

A Look Back... - Beat the Clock takes a look back at the older versions of the show.  A very nice tribute by the show