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Show Format
At the beginning of every episode, the announcer (surprisingly unlisted in the credits) gives his opening speil:  "You never know WHAT people will do to Beat the Clock!  And now from Universal Studios Flordia, here's America's number one clock watcher...Gary Kroeger!"  Then, Gary would greet the couples (usually a short hello or wave), and give a speil of his own:  "Each one of these teams wants to win our game and have a chance to grab all they can in our Swirling Whirlwind of over $25,000 in cash and prizes."
    Then, the show proceeds to do their "Control Stunt."  The Control Stunt involves all three teams doing a stunt to earn 10 points and a nice advantage in the game.  After the control stunt is over, Gary would say:  "The _______ Team has control and the lead today as people from all over America use strategy and skill to Beat the Clock!" Gary welcomes the audience back from the short break.  Gary then calls over the team who won the Control Stunt.  They then get introduced to Julielinh Parker, the co-host.  "On Julielinh's tray you see three items that represent a challenge.  All stunts have been tested so that they are of equal difficulty, but what may be hard for one couple may be easy for you." Gary would say.  The couple would then choose a stunt for themselves and the other two teams.  Gary tells the couple that they have 30 seconds to complete their challenge, but they can earn an additional 10 seconds by answering a question that has two answers.  "If you are right with one answer, I will go to your partner for the second answer"  If both partners can come up with the answers, 10 additional seconds will be added to the clock.  Gary proceeds to explain the object of the stunt that they chose.  If the team beats the clock they get 10 points, plus a point for every second that is left on the clock.  This whole process of asking-the-question-to-earn-10-extra-seconds-and-then-doing-your-stunt repeats for the two remaining teams.  After the third couple does their stunt, the show cuts to a commercial.
    When the show comes back, it is time for the Elimination Stunt.  All three teams are involved in this stunt, and the first two teams to complete this stunt moves one, one team will have to leave.  The stunt is explained to the teams, then Gary places the teams at an advantage according to the teams score.  The team with the highest score gets the biggest advantage in completing the stunt, then the second-highest, and so on.  Once the stunt is over and one team is gone, it's time for the Rediculous Stunt.
    The Rediculous Stunt narrows the two remaining teams down to one.  Gary explains the stunt to be completed.  Then the two teams bid for the right to complete the stunt in even less time.  The bidding starts at two minutes, and can be lowered in ten second increments.  To determine which team starts the bidding, Gary asks the team who completed the Elimination Stunt first a question.  If the person thinks their partner will know the answer, they will pass that question to him/her.  However, if he/she thinks that his/her partner won't know the answer, they can pass it to the other team, and force them to answer.  The team that answers the question correctly starts the bidding.  Once a team thinks that the other cannot complete the stunt within the bidded time limit, they tell the team to Beat the Clock.  If the team can successfully complete the stunt, they will go onto the final round, if not, the other team moves on thanks to their smart bidding.
    The last team standing goes onto the Swirling Whirlwind of Cash and Prizes.  Inside there is over $25,000 in cash and prizes.  The team has one minute to grab all the money and prize vouchers they can.  A few basic rules:  You cannot grab the money off the ground, and whatever money they grab must be in the bag attached to the male partner's waist.  Once time is up, they must jut their hands into the air and let go of any money that may be in their hands.Grab, grab, grab!  Kick it!  The money is then handed off to Julielinh to be counted.  She comes back after Gary chats with the couple asking how they did and if they think they got any coupons.  Gary tells the prizes they won, along with the money they won.  Then a few family members run up and joyiously hug their relatives.  Thats it...que Gary's speil and ending theme with scrolling credits (how's that for fancy television talk).