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Beat the Clock - February 20th, 2003


Opening Stunt:
Today's opening stunt was to put balls between your arms and between your legs and walk across the line without them falling.  This was completed by the blue team.

Individual team stunts:
The red team's stunt was to get a box with the butt scooper and walk to their partner who has a butt basket on and put it into the basket.  The stunt was not completed.
The gold team's stunt was to have a partner lay down with a cup on their forehead.  Then, the other partner grabs a can of whipped cream and sticks their arm through a small hole and squirts it into the cup.  This stunt was completed
The blue team's stunt was to get to the sixth box without falling.  To do so, they use a small plank to get from one box to the other.  This stunt was completed.

Elimination Stunt:

Today's elimination stunt was to set up a cot, put the guy inside it, cover them up, and give 'em their teddy.

Rediculous Stunt:

Today's rediculous stunt was to make a scale pop two balloons by having a partner alternate between tossing footballs and dribbling basketballs to their partner and they catch it and put it inside the mesh area.  Once the scale goes down far enough and pops the balloon, the players switch jobs and pop the other balloons.  This was not completed.

Swirling Whirlwind:

The couple did not snatch the golden ticket.  So, they walked away with $3,910 in cash and prizes.