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Beat the Clock - February 19th, 2003


Opening Stunt:
Today's opening stunt was to rip open a wrapped box and each partner grab a ball that is inside.  This was completed by the red team.

Individual team stunts:

As a note, only the blue and gold team recieved the 10 extra seconds.
The gold team's stunt was to bounce a ball to the partner and have them stick it in one of the two funnels on their head.  Then the partner does the same.  Once each partner has a ball in each funnel, they Beat the Clock.  The stunt was not completed.
The blue team's stunt was to balance a pyramid of 6 cans (3 on the bottom, 2 in the middle, and 1 on top) and walk across a line without them falling.  This stunt was not completed
The red team's stunt was to guess the age of a selected audience member by having the partner write the age with their nose in shaving cream.  The other partner can yell higher or lower until the age is guessed correctly.  This stunt was completed.

Elimination Stunt:

Today's elimination stunt was to cover an opposing teams bowl of licorise sticks with whipped cream.  Then, after 10 seconds, the ladies go back to their partner and have the guys dig in with no hands and pull out a licorise stick, put it into their partners mouth, and then spit it onto a plate.  This must be done twice in order to move on.

Rediculous Stunt:

Today's rediculous stunt was to make two stacks of three pancakes by catching them on a plate on top of the partner's head.  The other player is pedaling the conveyor belt to make the pancakes go up and onto the plate.  This stunt was not completed.

Swirling Whirlwind:

The couple did not snatch the golden ticket.  So, they walked away with $4,920 in cash and prizes.