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Beat the Clock - February 18th, 2003


Opening Stunt:
Today's opening stunt was getting inside a sleeping bag and hopping across the line.  This was completed by the Gold team.

Individual team stunts:

As a note, no team recieved the 10 extra seconds.
The gold team's stunt was to toss a ball with your left and right hands onto your partners velcro vest.  The stunt was completed.
The red team's stunt was to balance a stack of 8 boxes and walk across a line without them falling.  This stunt was completed
The blue team's stunt was to balance a stack of three pies (one on each hand and one on the head) on each partner.  This stunt was completed.

Elimination Stunt:

Today's elimination stunt was to connect the noodles with the noodle pieces and hold the one long noodle up for one second to win.  The red team was eliminated.

Rediculous Stunt:

Today's rediculous stunt was to fill a cup with water on the parters head and then crank them on the cart over two bumps.  After the second bump, the partner can get up and transfer the water from their cup into the cup with a line.  This stunt was not completed.

Swirling Whirlwind:

The couple snatched the golden ticket, doubling their money.  So, they walked away with $11,310 in cash and prizes.