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Beat the Clock - February 17th, 2003



Opening Stunt:
Today's opening stunt was putting a pair of pantyhose on.  This was completed by the Gold team.

Individual team stunts:

As a note, no team recieved the 10 extra seconds.
The red team's stunt was crushing cans and feeding them through a small slit in a wall.  The stunt was not completed.
The gold team's stunt was to swing a balloon filled with whipped cream to pop on top of the partners head.  This stunt was completed
The blue team's stunt was to balance a stack of three cups and saucers on a box while the partner spun around to make the box move towards him.  This stunt was not completed.

Elimination Stunt:

Today's elimination stunt was to throw a fish into a net on top of the partners head.  The red team was eliminated.

Rediculous Stunt:

Today's rediculous stunt was to make four cheeseburgers on a moving conveyor belt.  Only grabbing one item at a time, they must put a bun, hamburger patty, cheese, and the top bum before it flies off of the conveyor belt.  The time was bid to 40 seconds, and it was not completed.

Swirling Whirlwind:

The couple snatched the golden ticket, doubling their money.  So, they walked away with $8,910 in cash and prizes.