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     Gary Kroeger is fortunate to have several current projects to juggle in his schedule.  His on going voice-over career includes announcing for the Game Show Networks Whammy! and recently with the syndicated Card Sharks.  Cartoon work with Dilbert can be viewed again on Comedy Central, and soon narration for the Food Network will begin with an hour long special on chocolate.

    This fall, Gary guest stars on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and the fate of his NBC show Hidden Hills has yet to be determined, but may return.  A pilot presentation called We'll Be Right Back continues to be shopped around, as well as a feature length “mock-u-mentary” titled The Comedy Team of Pete & James in which Gary has a memorable cameo appearance.  Also in the wings looking for distribution is an independent feature film with Martin Landau called Carlo’s Wake.

    This summer should see the production of new episodes of PAX’s Beat the Clock, which Gary hosts and he looks forward to returning to Hawaii in the fall to host the Mrs. America Pageant.

    All the while, Gary tries to find time to sit in as the anchorman of the twice monthly news magazine, Santa Monica Update on local Los Angeles cable television.

    Due to this busy schedule Gary reluctantly had to sell the Italian restaurant that he owned and ran with his wife.

Beat the Clock - Left to Right:  assistant Julielinh Parker and host Gary Kroeger

The game with Big Bucks and Whammies is even bigger and better than ever!

The Santa Monica Update