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Cast and Crew of Beat the Clock
(In order in which they appear)

Executive Producer - Mark Maxwell-Smith
Host - Gary Kroeger
Co-host - Julielinh Parker
Director - Brad Kreisberg
Producer - James Knudsen
Games Producer - Angelika Bartenbach-Kidd
Vice President of Production - Jeff Mirkin
Production Coordinator - Tom Postel
Travel/Prizing - Jean Arthur
Script Supervisor/Booth PA - Jennifer Hallstrom
Research/Script Coordinator - Charles Dafoe
Associate Director - Tiffani Corr
Technical Director - Darryl Woody
Production Designer - James Luomo
Contestant Coordinator - Melissa Patson
Stage Managers - Dave Allen, Eric Pai
Camera - Ken Kraus, Barbara Drago, James Rush, Randy Shaffer, Fed Wetherbee
Tape Operator - Bubba Cox
Video Shader - Hans Muster
Audio Mixer - Laurence Vexler
Audio - Mark Mitchell, George Moshonas
PA Mixer - Robb Scheetz
Contestant Assistants - Jamie Dasting Nisbett, Sal Rios,
Warm-up - Matt Horohoe
Scoreboard - Jerry Byrd
Production Assistants - Ethan Pisz, Marni Kupfer, Chad Anness
Cue Cards - Sallie Glaner, Elizabeth Blankenship
Lighting Designer - Nick Woolfolk
Gaffer - Russell Curtis
Board OP - Michael Gooseman
Best Boy - Pat Knowles
Prop Master - Richard Swim
Props - Cindy Littleton, Tim Steinouer, Jane Wymore, Jeff McDonald
Post Production Services (BPS Group) - Doug Grover (Post Supervisor), Oliver Peters (Editor)
Scenic - Dave Park, Ken Flanigan, Dave Tier
Grip/Utility - Doon Hubler, Charles Corbin, Terry O' Connor
Stagehands - John Evanko, William McCabe
Hair/Makeup - Gigi Fenster
Wardrobe Designer - Melvaakens
Wardrobe Assistants - Terri Binion, Christine Sonnenberg
Craft Service - Ed Fenster
Production Accountant - Cathy Clouse
Music - Allan Ett, Scott Liggett

Contestant Wardrobe provided by Dickey's
Videotaped at Universal Studios/Orlando, FL
Tick Tock Productions, Inc.
Copyright (c) 2002