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Contestant Experiences

Were you been a contestant on Beat the Clock?  Did ya win, lose, wanna complain about something?  E-mail me and tell me your story.

My husband and I went to the audition on Wednesday night, Thursday afternoon they called to tell us we would be on the show that would tape on Friday morning.  So that went really fast. Everyone was really nice, we really didn't have to wait around a whole lot, except during the actual taping when they had a problem with one of the cameras and we had to sit for about 20 minutes.  All in all it was a lot of fun.  But we did think it wasn't all that well done.  The games didn't seem to be well thought out, or planned.  It made us a little upset because we felt that if the games had been better done, we would have won.  But, of course, you're not going to throw a little hissy fit and demand things be redone, so we just went along with it.  The funny thing is, though, that we ran into another couple that night who had also taped an episode a few weeks prior to that, and they felt the same way.  But like I said, the people were very nice, which I wasn't expecting really, because I have some tv experience and usually the producers and directors don't give you the time of day, but they were all really nice.  We had fun.


Hi Lee,

My wife and I were contestants on Beat the Clock.  We taped the show on Aug. 23.  We're not sure when our air date is or how we're supposed to find out when it will run.  I'm hoping they will call us or email me before it airs.

We were vacationing with our kids in Orlando and walked through the City Walk around 6pm on Wednesday, August 21st.  As we were passing from Islands of Adventure to Universal Studios, we heard an announcement over the park sound system.  It said something about contestants auditioning for a newTodd Bransky and his wife in the Beat the Clock green room. game show and winning thousands of dollars.  I looked at my wife and said, "hey, let's see what's going on".  We went over to Patrick O'Briens and met two of the contestant managers (I don't remember exactly what their official titles were).  To make a long story short, we auditioned, then were called back for a second audition with the producers, and were then selected as contestants for a Friday taping.

We had a great time taping the show, the show staff couldn't have been nicer.  They all seemed to love their jobs and made us feel welcome and appreciated in their studio.  It was a fantastic experience we will never forget and a great way to finish our vacation.  It also persuaded us to become fans of PAX television.

Todd Bransky
Solon, Iowa

My family was vacationing in Disney world the week of August 12th.  We decided to trek on over to Universal Studios for a day. The funny thing is, I had to convince my crew to go to Universal Studios instead of the newer roller coaster park.  We stood outside the entrance for 20 minutes debating the issue.  My 10 year old daughter wanted to go to Universal Studios while my wife, 18 year old son and 13 year old daughter wanted the roller coasters.  Little did we know, an opportunity awaited us later in the day.

We were doing the Nick tour and Sal Rios (contestant coordinator and my favorite BTC employee) announced afterwards that anyone interested in auditioning for the New Beat the Clock meet outside for details.  He gave a fact sheet and told us to come back at 4:00PM.  We did and passed the first audition and were told to come back at 5:30 to meet with Mark Maxwell, the producer.  I am 39 and my wife (a young 36) thought we were too middle America to be selected.   After we passed the
second audition and were told to come back on Saturday, August 17th at 9:30 am for the days first taping.  We were ecstatic!

If nothing else we would have a great experience.  Well, we get there and have to sign a 30 page contract, with the only caveat being it was up to the producers to either air the show and decide whether to award the prizes. I thought "Jeez, nothing is guaranteed."   We went through wardrobe and makeup, and sound prep and then a quick briefing from Sal and we were ready.  My wife was nervous but I was not.  We had no clue what we were up against.  I had visions of me doing some athletic stunt and winning something.  NOT!   The show started and it was a bit of a rocky road for us.  We were dead last in the scrunge race.  I was to blame.  I could not get it off my face in time.  Then Gary called me the previous guys first name and I said something on air to him about it.  A correction was made later on the fly.   The next stunt of which another couple selected for us was next to impossible.  I had to pick up a box on a chair with a lacrosse net strapped to my rear end.  I am 6'1".  Needless to say I failed miserably.  Nothing again.  Now its the elimination round.  A race to assemble a cot and put covers and a teddy bear on me. And of course we had the most distance to cover due to my ineptness.  The worst part was I had to stand and watch my wife do this one.  She was the best!  She had the furthest to run and was giving away 10 or 12 years to the other two girls.   She beat them and we moved on!  Then we won the right for the first bid.

The challenge was to have Lisa throw a fish football into a pool and I had to pick up  3 fish with a hook strapped on my head and deposit them into a bowl.  We won the bidding with a 1 minute 10 second challenge.  I was not going to sit and watch the other couple do it.  I was determined to do something for us since I was basically a zero so far.  I struggled for about 30 seconds and then I got the hang of it and hooked 3 with 18 seconds left!  I spiked the last fish football! I hope they show it.  We were OK in the money round.  We cashed out over $6,000 in cash, prizes and a cruise.  They brought our kids on the stage and it was an invaluable experience.

Tony Zambino
Folsom, Pennsylvania (Philly suburb)

Hey Lee!
My boyfriend and I were recently contestants on Beat the Clock.  We had a blast.  We taped the second to last week of taping.  We were the winning team by good bidding!  We are from Orlando and just happened to stumble across the auditions one day at Universal.  We had second thoughts about going to them as the rain was coming down, but decided to go check it out.  Glad we did.  The next afternoon they called us and Saturday morning we were there at 9:30am. The taping took about two hours longer then normal as we had to redo the elimination stunt and change some things and also had some technical problems. After the opening stunt I thought I would be done with quickly.  My boyfriend and I (needless the say) did not do that one well.  Unwrapping a present with socks on my hands.  Though I was not prepared for the box.  Inside the box where the balls were taped closed so that sort of stumbled us at first.  Moving on to the questions and challenge I felt better.  We were the only ones to get our question right and did have the easiest of the challenges.  Well, at least I thought so.  All I had to do was hold a rubber tubing and my boyfriend had to run across the stage and wrap himself in it and then the two of us had to run across the finish line.  Our elimination challenge was covering up gummy bear of the other team and then move over to our partner who had to fish two gummies out with no hands.

Then moved on to the final challenge and question.  Which was done different then the shows airing now.  We were given a topic and could pass or answer the question to be answered and then depending decided on who started the bidding.  Bidding was different as well.  We passed the topic and they got it right so they started the bidding.  Each team only got the chance to bid once and if you bid 1:30 (which they did) our bid would have either been then 1:20 or we had to tell them to Beat the Clock.  Which we did as I knew I was not going to finish in time the challenge.  Collecting pancakes off of a belt and place them on a table from my head in stacks and no hands.  Which the yellow team did not complete and we moved on.  We did well in the whirlwind of money.  It was nice to be from Orlando and have people cheering you on.

Kerry Toner

My name is Kelly Smith and I live in Apopka, Florida.  I read about the auditions on the Universal website and thought it would be a blast to audition.  When I was younger, I tried out for "Lets Make A Deal" so I know how fun a game show can be.  My husband was not too keen to the idea but he went anyways.  We auditioned at a restaurant at Citywalk.  The first thing we had to do was introduce ourselves and then work together to answer some questions.  They wanted to see how well we communicated with each other.  We also had to do some silly games and then we were interviewed by the producer.  They said they would call us the next day if we were picked.  The next day, I must have checked my answering machine every half hour.  After lunch, the call came telling us we were picked and to call back with some information.  I was so excited that day.  We were to go to Universal Friday night for the first taping.  What we did not know that we were picked to tape a 1 hour special that is different from all the other shows.  It was raining that night and our first stunt was to be outside on Hollywood Blvd at Universal Studios.  We were supposed to tape about 9:00 but with all of the rain, we did not get to tape until midnight.  It was a lot of waiting around at Mel's diner with other contestants.  It gave us a chance to meet lots of nice people.  For our first stunt, there were eight teams.  The first six to make an "Ice Cream Sundae" would move on.  I will not go intoJoel and Kelly Smith
detail of the stunt because then it would ruin things.  Needless to say, we were one of the six.  About 1:30, we were on our way home, laughing and enjoying the time we just had.  Saturday, we went back to the studio where we taped the second part of the show.  The six teams were narrowed done to three and then the three were narrowed down to two.  To our surprise, we were in the final two.  It got down to the challenge and the time competing for the final stunt.  We told the other team to beat the clock and we returned Sunday for the final stunt.  We arrived Sunday and the Final stunt
was to be taped at Islands of Adventure.  We did not know where or what the stunt was going to be.  About 9:00, we received bad news.  The ride the stunt was supposed to take place on got struck by lightning.  The IOA people told the BTC people that the ride would be fixed, but it wasn't so we had to
come back another day.  We came back and the ride was working.  All we could do was wait anxiously to see if the other team could do the stunt.  This is where my story stops because I do not want to ruin the show.  This was the absolute best experience my husband and I have ever had.  It made our relationship closer and it was so much fun.  The staff of Beat The Clock could not have been better, especially Jamie.  She was with us every time we did a taping.  We do not know when the show will air but are waiting patiently because when it does, we can see all of the cool things we did.
If anyone from BTC is reading this, thank you for giving us this opportunity because we will remember the kindness of everyone for the rest of our lives!

Hi Lee.

Our adventure began because of rain.  We had taken a family trip to Universal Studios so that our new exchange student could experience the park.  We knew that live tapings were occurring that day but were more interested in the other attractions.  One of Central Florida's infamous mid-afternoon thunderstorms hit.  We saw the sign and thought let's go watch the taping, at least it's dry!  We were sitting in a row with some of the family members of the contestants that were taping.  Which made it very easy to cheer for them.  They even won!  At the end of the taping one of the coordinators announced auditions that evening at around 7.  We went out and enjoyed the rest of the park as the storm had passed.  Around 7:15 we went back to the studio only to find out that the auditions were already in progress.  The coordinator must have liked my pig-tails because she (Jaime) allowed us to go ahead and participate.  My husband is kind of a quiet guy and we didn't think that we would make it in as there were probably 30 couples auditioning.  Once they took some photos and talked with us we were introduced, via a cattle call, to the producers who interviewed us in a line up fashion, about eight couples at a time.  We thought that the death knell was tolling but my husband blew them away with our engagement story.  We had to wait about 30 minutes for the decision.  Sal (the smile guy, contestant coordinator) assembled the masses and dismissed some folks; the rest of us were told that we made it!  Imagine our surprise when we were paired up with other teams and told that they needed us at 10 am the next day.  Our children were so excited and our exchange student was in shock!  The next morning, with children and exchange student in tow, we arrived at the studio at the appointed time.  Jamie briefed us while our children chose to go watch the current taping.  (that would be the last time we saw them until our taping because sometimes the same stunts are used) We signed all the paperwork, got into wardrobe (had to ask for larger sizes!) and got to know our fellow contestants.  GiGi helped us with our hair and makeup, we waved to the tours that were coming through the game lab and waited, and waited and waited.  We were four  hours late for taping because of production and stunt problems with the first show of the day.  Our poor children sat through the whole thing. was our turn.  The experience was like no other.  My quiet and shy husband became Mr. Competitive!  We won the first stunt so we were able to choose our game.  We missed our question but still completed our stunt.  We loved our fellow contestants and it was very hard when we were reduced to two teams.  (we had had all that bonding time)  The other team led the bidding and decided that we should "Beat the Clock" but Wendell wouldn't come out and say the words BEAT THE CLOCK.  He said "You Go Chris", "Go for it!" and everything but... that was a couple of different takes and we were all laughing so hard that it was difficult to continue.  Our final stunt was one of the reasons that production had gone over on the previous taping.  My husband didn't think it would be a problem and he was right.  For him.  I made the mistake.......but I can't tell you how it turns out.  You'll just have to tune in on Jan. 30th @ 6:30 EST to see. Our family was left with many fond memories and our exchange student has lots of pictures and laughs to share about her American Parents when she returns to Ecuador.  Make sure your on time, next time, it's time to Beat the Clock!

Denise & Chris Carter
Eustis, Florida

I had gotten a flier in the mail about the auditions for Beat the Clock and immediately new I wanted to audition.  Convincing my husband took a bit of time though.  We went and auditioned on the very last day, Sept 4.  I am kind of a shy person around new people, and I had a feeling the audition didn't go very well.  So while we were waiting outside, I was sure we didn't make it.  Little did I know, all the couples made it.  I was so excited.  We taped our show two days later.  The whole experience was so much fun.  You feel like you are important for a whole hour or two.  The other two couples who were on our show were so nice.  I kind of felt bad having to compete against them.  Our first stunt wasn't hard, but we didn't do very good.  In fact we were in very last place going in to the elimination round.  We were all blind folded, had to wear an animal head and make the noise of the animal, crawl on the ground and find our partners.  Being the furthest away, I had no hope.  My husband found me in 5 seconds.  I was so amazed.  We went in to the final round, passed the question so that the other team had to start the bidding (this was our strategy) and we decided to beat the clock.  Our challenge was total luck, there was no skill involved.  We had 1 min 20 seconds to do it in.  We finished the challenge as the clock hit zero, no lie.  It was amazing.  Talk about exciting.  I know the other team thought they had it in the bag, so I kind of felt bad,.  The money booth was extremely hard.  My husband did all the work.  But we did really well.  All in all, it was a great experience.  I have always wanted to be on a game show, and now i have!!!

Signed, Unknown