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Gary Kroeger
    After graduating from Northwestern University, Kroeger became a founding member of the Practical Theatre Co. in Chicago along with fellow alums Brad Hall and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  This association led to his three year stint on Saturday Night Live.  Since arriving in Los Angeles, Gary has co-starred with George Hamilton in the series Spies, and has appeared in numerous guest starring roles on television, as well as Movies of the Week.

    In feature films, he can be seen in The Big Picture, A Man Called Sarge, Radioland Murders, Carlo’s Wake and The Comedy Team of Pete and James and Movies of the Week, Archie to Riverdale and Back and The Return of the Shaggy Dog.  After hosting Comic Strip Live and the new Newlywed Game, Kroeger turned to the other side of the camera where he was reunited with Hamilton as the producer the George & Alana Show in syndication.  He can be heard on the Comedy Central cartoon Dilbert performing numerous characters and was seen recently on stage in the critically acclaimed Monu-Mental Cruelty in Los Angeles.

    Today, he is the host of the game show, Beat the Clock weekdays on PAX, and can be seen semi-weekly on the NBC comedy Hidden Hills.