Chakrams In History

The chakram was a historical weapon traditionally used by the Sikhs of north India for hundreds of years. The people of ancient Sparta also used a similar weapon. The chakram was also called a chakra and a war quoit (ring). It was basically a flat metal ring usually made of steel but sometimes brass or some other metal. It had a razor sharp outer edge and was 5 to 12 inches in diameter of varying thickness.

The ancient weapon was usually plain but sometimes it was elaborately inlaid with silver or gold decorations or Sanskrit inscriptions. Sometimes, some of the more elaborate rings were imbedded with small holes so that they produced a whistling sound as they spun through the air.

The charkam was held between the thumb and index finger and threw from neck level or it was whirled around the index finger to gain more speed in the air. It could also be thrown underarm much like a Frisbee or discuss. Chakrams were lethal weapons to approximately 50 yards and they could cause considerable damage up to 100 yards. If made correctly, they could even hover in the air over the victim for a short time before striking the blow.

The Sikhs would often carry many chakrams with them, in several different sizes, on top of their pointed turbans. They were also carried around their left arm and then thrown with the right.

The chakram proved to be a very effective weapon for a long time. Hours of practice were spent to master the weapon and it seems that their magnificent beauty could only be surpassed by their deadly purpose.

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